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Mikey from Recess Mike from Mike & Molly


I was watching Mike & Molly and what you know?!… the character Mike’s cartoon lookalike looks most like another character with the same full name, Michael, but Mikey for short, instead of Mike-what’s one letter more or less, just a nick name? Anyway, these two young at heart are both very similar in face shape among other aspects in addition. First, the both have a long angular-rectangular, more conic shape. They both also have a similar expression, small dark eyes, even similar color of skintone and hairline, shape of chin. The only difference is the clothes and the age, but they both have a baby face, could pass for very young. In addition, I found someone else on the cartoon Recess, their character looks 1/2 like Mikey, like Mike and wouldn’t you know-Molly!

Tune in to see who, or guess who ahead of time and see ahead of time if your guess is right. More about that in this post…Anyway, let me know what you think, enjoy the visual and thanks for visiting.




About keh1016

I am going to Greenville Tech, majoring in Design, have thought and studied technical, analytical, full-proof methods/techniques for 20 years on the subject and consider every angle before publishing my posts. Then, utilize them in a fun, personal way using engaging activities critical thinking, up close and personal level on the subject-even using my own pictures for a comparison, on the subject of faces. Face it-when it comes to drawing the people, study compare and draw or utilize in a different way. Hey, use it or lose it right? Also, you can contact me via comment or the tumblr page available on the bottom menu. Thanks for visiting.

I will approve or respond to your comment as soon as I can. I appreciate the input. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment and for visiting. Love the input!

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