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Updates Pgs Main Archives

Forgot something or missed an updated new post for the month?

Don’t sweat it.

You can find them all right here. More about this page below…

Here is a preview from first to last, showing the most recent past two months of finds





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More about the updates shown above…

They feature all of the lookalikes including the combined ones which usually take up the majority of the space (because I find those lookalikes the most often in the process of looking and drawing the shape of face of a person).

Anyway,  here is a listed archive, sorted page by page, month to month where you can view the updated new posts from most-least recent/opposite the order of the preview above.

Updates 32 (Updates for the month of June2018)

Updates 32 (Updates for the month of May 2018)

Updates 31 (Updates for the month of April 2018)

Updates 30 (Updates for the month of March 2018)

Updates 29 (Updates for the month of Februrary 2018)

Updates 28 (Updates for the holiday break from December-January).

Updates 27 (Updates for the month of December 2017).

Updates 26 (Updates for the month of November 2017).

Updates 25 (Updates for the month of October 2017).

Updates 24 (Updates for the month of September 2017).

Updates 23  (Updates for the month of August 2017).

Updates pg 22 (Updates for the month of July 2017).

Updates pg 21 (Updates for the month of June 2017).

Updates pg 20 (Updates for the month of May 2017).

Updates pg 19 (Updates for the month of April 2017).

Updates pg 18 (Updates for the month of March 2017)

Updates pg 17 (Updates for the month of February 2017).

Updates pg 16 (For the month of January 2017).

Updates pg 15 (For the month of December 2016).

Updates pg 14 (For the month of November 2016-Jan 2017).

Updates pg 13  (For the month of October 2017 ).

Updates pg 12  (For the month of September 2017 ).

Updates pg 11 (For the month of August 2016).

Updates pg 10 (For the month of July 2016).

Updates pg 9 (For the month of June 2016).

Updates pg 8  (For the month of May 2016).

Updates pg 7 (For the month of April 2016).
Updates pg 6 (For the month of March 2016).

Updates pg 5 (For the month of February 2016).

Updates pg 4 (For the month of January 2016).

Updates pg 3  From November-December 2015 ).

Updates pg 2 (Continuing from the first page during October-November 2015).

Updates pg 1 “Preview” (Starting from September-October 2015).

I hope you find this list helpful. I know after clicking back and next after a while, you lose track of what page is what. So, for that reason I made this all-in-one spot main archive.

Finally, I would love to see your feedback in form of polls and/or comments on these. Thank you for visiting.

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