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Animated Lookalikes pg 20



Mila Kunis-Angelina Jolie unknown lookalike Joanna the Lizard in Rescuers 2 


Disney’ s Milo in Atlantis the Lost Empire (Both are somewhat similar to Michael J Fox and Daniel Radcliffe)-Once again, spitting image of Daniel but an exaggeration of Michael J. Fox, the original inspiration. Funny, I always saw Michael in Daniel…


Megora (From Disney’s Hercules Lookalikes)– Here is one example I noticed looks like the original Susan Egan, and her exaggerated character, her cartoon…


Mikey from Recess Mike from Mike & Molly


Mr. Incredible in The Incredibles

Mr. Incredible Bill Mauhr


Mufassa in The Lion King


Natasha Richardson John Smith’s from Pocahontas’ fraternal sister 


Natalie Portman Cat in 101 Dalmations (Animated and older one)


Nathan Lane’s Cat-cature Snowbell and the Real-Life Snowbell– I can just hear Nathan when I look at the two saying, “What do I look like a fanny pack”. They both don’t look too happy Stuart steals the Little’s attention.


Nathan Lane Jerry in Tom and Jerry 


Neighbor in Home Alone 1 Jacque in Lady and the Tramp


Nicholas Cage Character in Brave 


Nick Nolte; Gorilla in Happy Madison (Adam Sandler) produced movie:Zookeeper-This is his caricature, but I do see his face…


Nuka in the Lion King 2 TJ Thyne

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    Somehow you make time stop and fly at the same time. Incredible! This is just what I was searching for. Interesting blog. Great article and straight to the point.


  2. I shared your blog on Facebook. You should be incredibly proud of yourself. You appear to comprehend a lot about this. Superb! Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one.


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