“We’re All Fruit” pg 1

In the past, I have read in a lot of hairstyle magazines and hair websites, “Find your shape”. That concept was meant for finding out what face shape you have so you could figure out what haircut would frame your face best and flatter it. I looked at the different kinds of shapes and I thought, this isn’t accurate. It just “looks” something, sole observation. No measurements of length width depth. They all had shapes based on geometric figures, or fruit.

The contour individually has a different temperament, the head must be proportionate and so following the features within the face must have the same shape the contour and head has otherwise it would be disproportionate. The shape of features are build according to the foundation, the head of the structure in this case, the actual head on a person.This make up of/shape is based upon the person’s own structure and can be similar to other structures (similar structures). Individually, this structure makes the person’s shape their own and no one else’s (like DNA or a finger print).

Based on their qualities everyone is different and have own qualities by movement and direction of lines (directional lines?) around shape (depend on sort of forms) For example: an oval has the form of a square, with a roundness on the bottom. Due to the angles on the bottom the form is without a doubt continuous. Continuous shapes are known to be spherical, it never ends and goes around and around…

I have noticed geometric figures are more precise, no exaggeration, flatter while the face shapes are rounder, have exaggerations up or down being belations/extensions, it kind of bends the rules of being a geometric figure. They do however have the same sides (of angles). Since they are more in-depth than a regular geometric figure, like a geometric when you’re measuring sides, you’re measuring sides of angles, which I call sides for short.

Also certain triangles have certain qualities of length and width so I looked at all trilateral shapes and figured out if they were dominant in length, width, depth, or were coherent in length width and depth. That’s what I mean when I say, “more in length”, “more in width”…depth. I mean more dominant in length width or depth or coherent, equally balanced.

Another is, after figuring out shapes in terms of their length width and depth I thought I have seen face shapes on other things besides faces, natural things. Like-fruit, but more in-depth. It’s not that we all have a face shaped like a fruit. There are fruit that all have one of our shapes.

Like they say in the movie Big Fat Greek Wedding, “We’re all different (based on our own shape), but in the end, we’re all fruit (we all have a certain shape making our structure).

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