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Ask away! The Magic Crystal Ball Question: “What is so-and-so’s face shape?”

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Hopefully your future becomes a little clearer with your face shape reading/fortune of whom you want to know more about, in addition a little more about my inspiration and the process of seven ongoing reinforcements further utilizing the concept face-to-face, time after time. More about that below…

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For starters, I have mentioned in the past how this topic is considered taboo and people would love to discuss but don’t know where to start. (Which is probably why it is not discussed that often, even blogged about).

What face shape does so-and-so’s have?”  

A question regarding a whole new language. Where to start right? The shape. The only problem is people can’t seem to identify it leaving the question unanswered and an unapproachable underutilized “Taboo” topic.

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It wasn’t so much asking the question, it was finding the answers begging the question-left unanswered. After asking this people start speaking a whole unexplored lost-in-translation language of concepts or “Taboo”.

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But, it still begs the unanswered question…

“What face shape does so-and-so’s have?”  Be

I have found the answer.

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Utilized in a whole new language, there are as many as the alphabet 26 I have found, but can be grouped, easily remembered.

After all, we learned to remember all of the alphabet and our native language right?

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So, basically this is my whole process finding the face shape. There are 26 (more about that here) but, once I narrow down, figuring out what it is, identify-draw the face shape with later shown examples.

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This considered taboo topic is in a sense a fortune, yet to be told answering your question, “What face shape does so-and-so’s have?”  

How did I come to discover this?…

Know the shape know the structure. Next, in terms of drawing you can start by just looking a little closer…

Face it: Whether up close and personal or viewed from afar of a famous person, people come in so many shapes and sizes, scale and proportions.

Now, if we are drawing people, it helps to understand them in this case, of exterior of shape before drawing them. I have found  seven constant visual reinforcements relating to the face. How?

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  • For one example, all of the visual examples on site in general introducing the concept.
  • Second, the diagrams in the face shape galleries identifying and demonstrating the face shape, its exterior formation.

  • Third, of analyzed face shown of drawings, drawn in great detail looking at shape.

  • Fourth, how it can be utilized by viewing/drawing the concept and identifying shape in form of whatever person.

  • Fifth, reinforcing the concept even further not only by identifying and drawing shape but by starting to identify similar compared examples of face up close or “Lookalikes”-even more than one at one time, of different gender. (For more about that click here).

  • Sixth, the whole visual, conceptual and kinetic process of drawing the face itself including the Trial & error period of misinterpretations vs. the 100% analyzed drawings drawn of person according to shape.

  • Seven, looking at faces I refer to films which in itself I have found is another reinforcement itself-timeless visual memory charm called filmography, reinforcing the concept of faces during the entire time of viewing the face, first introduced-identifying-drawing-recalling-comparing-retrieving/finding matches. In my experience,after finding matches I have began to retrieve or “recall faces” by looking closer, identifying analyzing and drawing it accordingly as intended.

“Hey use it or lose it right? “

In my experience, I have found utilizing all these concepts, starting with the first and especially the seventh final reinforcement makes the concept more identified, unforgettable and timeless rather than local pulled from memory if you will. How far back/way back when?

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The question is now how far back/way back when? But, how and not when because

Image result for limitless show gif

I have found looking at faces hold limitless possibilities 

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of utilizing to the point of when. They are timeless and can be referred to identifying a person, his/her face shape back and forth in time.

Image result for hugo jude law

How exactly? Just by using the previous process including the final seventh, looking at faces in film I have been able to retrieve, facially recall rather than recognize from memory, on-cue not of cue

Image result for hugo jude law

or basically as one my readers stated on their blog”Find the point of interest”,

Imela Stauton, Celia Imrie, Judi Dench from 1990s-recent.

refer and backtrack to faces even before my time, from recent to about the 1960s (and counting). I have even in the process discovered films are timeless looking at faces, retrieving combined, female & male gender matches back and forth (For more about that, click here).

As you can see not only can be explained and utilized and reinforced in multiple ways, showing examples, even utilized by finding closest, multiple of gender face matches as you have seen and as it has been shown and done in the past. But this topic all starts with one questioning, an opening…

Just asking one question, simply one click highlighted and underlined with the phrase

What face shape does “” have?

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Consider this page the crystal ball site of answers for the question everyone wants to know and their face shape fortune reading what face shape a person has. What this page is all about is actually answering the question whose face shape someone has.

Where to start?  There are a few ways this question can be answered in terms of getting a reply.

First, you can ask me about a personal face reading on tumblr or even below in the comments I will reply to your comment a.s.a.p. I recommend commenting on the homepage or the sidenotes page, or even tumblr.

Or, the second choice is receiving a famous face reading here. More about that process below…

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You can start by clicking on whichever question referring to who and what their shape is hopefully answering you magical crystal ball question…

“Who has what shape”? 

Then, after the question is clicked on you can read in great detail . How and what about exactly?

Image result for luna harry potter gif

First, the reading will provide a diagram visual showing the shape ( you can also find in the face shape galleries here).

After that reading, I will provide in more detail even more answers if you wish to read of how I have come to find this for each person through my entire experience of questioning myself trying to identify/draw a person-who has what shape” utilizing the constant reinforcing visual techniques including diagramed face shapes, drawings and lookalikes, the steps 1-7 (previously mentioned above) how to identify-draw a person aka; know the shape-know the structure.


Image result for harry potter crystal ball gif

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don’t despair. In the unfortunate circumstance, a name you are looking for is not up here…

let me know in the future and I will add the name to the list as soon as I can.

No really, it’s that easy and no typing necessary.

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Just a simple click away, a virtual crystal ball

awaiting the fortune of question waiting to be answered.

Click a question below of which  famous person’s face shape you would like to know.

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Image result for tom felton gif

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Then, you will receive a face shape reading/fortune answering your crystal ball question.

Image result for all good things come to those who wait gif

This is a quick introduction and preview. 

Currently, below these are all the listed famous names I have for now. 

All of the links below are coming your way very soon. 

You can quickly view/preview future fortunes and by looking at some of the gifs will sort of give you a hint what the face shape reading will be while waiting. Hopefully these face shape fortune readings will answer your crystal ball question in the near future of…

“Who has what face shape”.

Meanwhile, I will be adding the links and names to the list a.s.a.p. 

Thank You 3

Thank you for your patience while I am adding to this page. Let me know what you think and thanks for visiting.

What shape does Aaron Carter have? 

What shape does Aaron Echart have?


What shape does Adam Sandler have? 

What shape does Alec Baldwin have? 

Image result for Alexis Bledel gif

What shape does Alexis Bledel have?

What shape does Alison Brie have? 

Image result for will fredelle gif

What shape does Alyson Stoner have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Amanda Bynes have? (84)

What shape does Amanda Seyfried have?

What shape does Amy Adams have? 

What shape does Anna Faris have?

What shape does Andrew Lawrence have? (Coming Soon) (33)

What shape does Anne Hathaway have? (Coming Soon).

What shape does Angelina Jolie have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Ashley Judd have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Ashley Olsen have? 

Image result for ben affleck gif

What shape does Ben Affleck have? (Coming Soon)

Image result for brad pitt gif

What shape does Brad Pitt have? 

What shape does Ben Savage have? 

Image result for ben stiller gif

What shape does Ben Stiller have?

What shape does Bette Midler have? 

What shape does Bradley Cooper have?

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What shape does Brendan Frasier have?

What shape does Brie Larson have? (Coming soon)

What shape does Cameron Diaz have? 

What shape does Casey Affleck have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Cate Blanchett have?

What shape does Catherine O’ Hara have? (36)

What shape does Catherine Zeta Jones have?

What shape does Chad Michael Murray have?

What shape does Charlieze Theron have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Cher have? (Coming Soon) (37)

What shape does Chris Evans have? 

What shape does Chris Hemsworth have? 

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What shape does Chris Pine have? 

What shape does Chris Pratt have? 

What shape does Chris Rock have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Christian Bale have?

What shape does Christian Slater have?

What shape does Christina Ricci have? 

What shape does Christopher Plummer have?

What shape does Daniel Craig have?

What shape does Daniel Radcliffe have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Danny Glover have? (Coming Soon)

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What shape does Dave Franco have?

What shape does David Hyde Pierce have? 

Related image

What shape does Demi Moore have? (Coming soon)

What shape does Denis Leary have? 

What shape does Denzel Washington have? (Coming Soon)

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What shape does Elijah Wood have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Elizabeth Banks have?

Image result for elizabeth montgomery gif

What shape does Elizabeth Montgomery have? (Coming Soon)

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What shape does Elizabeth Perkins have? 

What shape does Emma Roberts have? 

What shape does Emma Stone have? 

What shape does Emma Watson have? 

What shape does Emily Blunt have?

What shape does Emily Deschanel have? 

What shape does Eugene Levy have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Eva Green have?  

What shape does Geena Davis have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Glenn Close have?

What shape does Goldie Hawn have? 

What shape does Harrison Ford have? 

What face shape does Hayden Panetierre have?

What shape does Heath Leger have? (Coming Soon)

Couldn't Believe My Eyes

What shape does Helena Bonham Carter have?

What shape does Hilary Duff have? (Coming soon)

What shape does Hugh Jackman have?

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What shape does Jane Leeves have? 

What shape does Jeff Goldblum have? (Coming Soon)

What shape does Jessica Chastain have? 

What shape does Jennifer Aniston have? (Coming Soon)

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What shape does Jennifer Garner have? (Coming Soon)

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What shape does Jennifer Lopez have?

What shape does Jeremy Sumpter have? 

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What shape does Joaquin Phoenix have? (Coming Soon)

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What shape does Joesph Gordon Levitt have? (Coming Soon)

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Don't Freak Out 34-Home Alone Trademark

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big tom hanks penny marshall

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What shape does Woody Harrelson have? 

What shape does Zooey Deschanel have?

Image result for zoe saldana gif

What shape does Zoe Salanda have? (Coming Soon)



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