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What Is Your Face Shape? Narrowing it down…

Here is the shorter version, the video. Or, below the video, if you want to read the full version…

Okay, this is a lot to take in, so here is the breakdown from geometric shape it figures with or without extensive length/excessive depth, based on length width, depth and how round-flat the shape is:

Mostly round-like, round-ish (100 % round-almost 100 % round/round heart)

  • a completely round or, “100 % ellipse” (like Michelle Williams)

For more about this person’s shape, to individually identify it, click here on Individual Analyzations…

Michelle Williams Mischa Barton

  • In between, rounder than a round heart shape, not 100% round, like a belated form of a round heart/round heart with belated chin (like  Reese Witherspoon’s)


  • Elipse, with the slightest flatness on bottom, “A round heart“. For more about Michelle’s shape click here. The first article is about how I analyzed, figured out the shape of and how to draw Michelle. You can also see other examples of this shape as well and how I came to find it.

Michelle Pfeiffer round heart

Mostly round, slightly flatter and longer (Eliptic:Oval/Egg-Elipsoid; Elongated Eliptic: Long Egg/Oval)

  • Eliptic:egg, (If it is an egg shape, is it foreshortened (Like Anne’s), regular (Like Daniel’s), extensive length: semi-long (Like Andrew Lawrence’s, Hilary Duff) or oval (Like Cameron Diaz’s)-semi-long, oval (Like Laura Dern’s)) or long oval (Like Kate Winslet’s) or excessive depth: elipsoid, like a capital O. (Like Mandy Moore’s).

Anne Hathaway short egg


Andrew Lawrence egg

This one is a semi-long egg shape. It is labeled regular but you can see the difference between Andrew Lawrence’s and Daniel’s shape, like Daniel’s but slightly longer, semi-long version of Daniel’s shape, a semi-long egg shape.

Hilary Duff long egg

Cameron Diaz oval

laura dern jpark novocaine kw daryl hannah lookalike

Here is a shape between the oval and long oval, a semi-long oval shape. Notice how she slightly differs with Kate Winslet, with a slightly wider, flatter, more oval shape, while Kate’s below, elongates?

Kate Winslet long oval

Mandy Moore wide egg

This one is labeled “Wide Egg”, because it is noticably wider than an egg shape. It has excessive depth. I call it, “An elipsoid”, now because that is an actual, more specific term. Just draw a Capital O and you have Mandy Moore’s elipsoid, full version of wide appearing, “Wide Egg/Elipsoid” shape.

  • If it is a Regular Egg shape like Daniel’s does it have Excessive space/depth only on the bottom of shape/chin? If it is it then it is a belated form?

Elijah Wood

of an egg shape…

RW (2)

of an oval shape…

Jennifer Garner belated1

of a heart shape…

Inverted, if it has excessive width and depth instead of  excessive length and depth, it might be…

Angelina Jolie Jennifer Garner - Copy

Angelina’s shape of lips, like her shape is vastly full and round appearing. It is the widest, fullest roundest form of a heart shape. It is a hybrid of a full heart and a round heart. It is wide and round like the round heart shape, but also slightly longer, more oval appearing too like a full heart. Angelina is the only one I have found with this shape. I call it 100% full heart, so round and full appearing it is 100% wide, full and round or  (100 % full heart shaped).

  • If none of the above but appearing eliptic, how flat is it? Does it look like an oval, but also flat like a heart shape (Apx. Eliptic/Full Heart) like these three similarly shaped faces…

Emma Stone Mila Kunis Jennifer Lawrence full heart

Or if it is noticeably longer, angular narrow in between, slightly round on top & bottom…

  • If it is some form of heart shape is it long and angular (Like Elizabeth Perkins’?)

Elizabeth Perkins long angular

SMG (5)

anna-faris wide heart

Or does it have equal dominance in length width and depth/fullness (not too long, wide, full, round, angular)

Freddie Highmore

If not that, is slightly longer appearing (semi-length), like Leonardo DiCaprio’s. In addition this  diagram of Leo is named “heart”, but specifically is long on the left side, and round on the right side, semi long heart shape.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Does it appear to have a sharp shape diamond like/oval, but either much wider and longer, not as round (in between a belated, elongated, slightly longer than a foreshortened shape)?

Jennifer Aniston diamond

If your shape has cut of short corners, like but much flatter than an egg shape, a round-eliptic shape, but not a flat as square shape, it is most likely a diamond shape like Jennifer’s. So far, she is the only one I have found to have this. This (shape of) diamond is rare, a rare shape if slightly longer, it would look like…

Meg Ryan

Just think a diamond shape, but elongated. It is noticeably longer, neither too flat or wide, but not round, triangular, nor quadrilateral. It is not belated, it elongates from the top. Like a long oval, heart, rectangle it is extended and has the same long length of shape, but is not too flat and not too round. If slightly flatter, it would be like Nicole Kidman’s shapes shown next. So far, she is the only one I have found with this shape, so it might be the one below if long but not oval or rectangular, much flatter and longer.

So, if it is not like Meg Ryan’s kite shape, but somewhat flat long and round? Slightly round on bottom appearing diamond/oval shaped, but much longer? If it is,it is a long heart shape like Nicole Kidman’s (noticeably flatter with sharper protruding sides of angles, on bottom of shape, appearing like a diamond, rhombus/parallelogram)/Amy Adam’s (appearing like a flat oval, long and slightly rounder).

Nicole Kidman long heart

Notice Nicole’s shape is slightly flatter, with more protruding sharper side of angles of shape, of bottom of chin, appearing more like a diamond-parellelagram.

Amy Adams

Notice how Amy’s shape is also noticeably long, similar to Nicole’s shape, but slightly rounder appearing, like a flat oval like…

Isla Fisher heart

Isla’s shape. Isla’s shape is slightly rounder and wider, appearing more long angular/more oval than Amy’s, but it has two sets of counterpoints, on top bottom, left right. Noticeably long on the left, right sides and slightly round on bottom like the long heart shape does.

Whether appearing with a sharp protruding chin of the flattest longest shape, to a flat, more oval appearing shape/flat oval like, it forms just the same. This shows how the long heart shape is formed from longest and flattest to most oval like appearing. In addition that is why Amy is vastly alike both Nicole and Isla, she is in between with the same long heart shape, slightly flatter than Isla’s noticeably longer, more like Nicole’s, but at the same time slightly more rounder and wider appearing like Isla’s shape. They all have the long heart shape and who know’s? You might too.

However, it you find your shape is like that but much flatter on the bottom:

  •  If a little longer than a square but very flat and resembling a quadrilateral, it should be rectangular
  • If it is wider and flatter on the bottom than a rectangular shape, wide and vastly flat, it should be a square,

simnkryderMy Analyzation Long Heart

From my personal experience I have found that my shape is noticeably long and slightly round on the bottom like Nicole Kidman’s shape, a long heart. But, it in comparison, how our shapes differ is that my shape is slightly wider and rounder like the unknown on the far right. Funny enough when I saw the unknown lookalike of me, I noticed she looked noticably like Nicole at first, then like me. So, I looked and notice Nicole and I have the same shape and I am slightly closer more similar to Nicole with the same shape, then the girl on the right with a much noticably different shape of much rounder, oval face and nose. Notice how it starts to morph from long and almost completely flat  (long heart)to very round and much wider (oval)? This is my personal face shape analyzation. I have even lost alot more weight since then, so now my face appears even thinner and longer like Nicole’s. I have yet to take a more recent pic because this is when my face was exaggerated and more rounder, wider appearing, before I lost all the baby fat as seen here in my face.


Personally, I have found my shape is more heart shaped, but long, slightly round on bottom, appearing like a long flat shape, like a long heart and all three of us according to personal analyzation of shape, similar makeup and researching on facedouble and other lookalike sites that we all are similar to these three people: Amy Redford, Kirsten Bell, Amy Adams, with a much longer and flatter or much more oval shape.  For more info on how I found my long-lost twin and who I am most similar to click here…

Anyway, hope this helps. I am working on updating this post in more depth as we speak and I find it is odd that people find our face shapes are like fruit. That may be but it’s not specific enough. I elaborated on that matter. For more about that see, “We Are all fruit”, the title is ironic. But, it made me think more about and inspired me to write it asking myself we might be “all fruit”, in general, similarly shaped. But it is so much more than that. In addition I also explored this in-depth and asked myself also:how, who or what subject does a fruit’s shape have form? Then after I figured out how a person’s shape was formed, I figured out that fruit is shaped the exact same way-similar to geometric figure, with more shape form and depth, differing in dimension: length, width depth, on a scale of being round-flat. Having these same qualities of how they are formed like humans do, I figured people and fruits are formed by a certain shape geometric-a more in depth geometric/semi-geometric, in form, dimension, based on length width, depth, on a scale of round-flat.

Instead of our faces faced like fruit, they are based on shapes not being specific enough, realizing that fruits are shaped like the shapes of people, I then thought- where would shapes of people originate? Well they are shapes, looking at how they are formed, what they are based on the origin being shapes are math geometric figures.

First Mathematical figures are either Eliptical-like”Eliptic”, because there are many different forms and not just one round unit.

Triangular or in this case”Trilateral”. There are many different forms of a geometric shape with three sides but none that best fit, describe how a human’s heart-shaped face is formed. So in general they are a three-sided figure or, “Trilateral”, instead of a certain exact geometric figure, they are based on originate are and appear most similar to geometric shapes in general.

As for the quadrilateral shaped faces I don’t say, “Rectangle” shape because a Rectangle is flatter while a Rectangular shape of a person’s face is slightly rounder on the top and bottom, has more depth than a regular, geometric Rectangle shape. So, it is formed like a rectangle shape or, “Rectangular”.

However I call square a square because it is based on a geometric square drawn, only a more expanded unit, having a slight bend, slightest roundness on the bottom of the shape in comparison to the original. But because like the geometric square based on, it is vastly flat and wide, most shaped like, I just call that a square. I would call it square like, but there are other shapes that appear square, therefore “Square-like” such as the wide heart shape (Like Demi Moore’s below). In addition it is the most widest, closest to square shape with the slightest roundness on the bottom seen below…

Demi Moore

Back to the square-faced shape, I also would call it a cube but it sounds weird and it is too dimensional. For one example there is a cartoon drawn with a cube shaped face.  His face looks like a tv or a computer, too dimensional, more so on the top and middle. This example is Mr. Fredrickson from Up. If you google, you will notice how vastly exaggerated square-shaped, but much more dimensional, cube shaped that he has and that a real person’s square shape is not shaped like a cube, it is much flatter. Not as flat as a regular math, geometric square, but not as dimensional as a cube. It is almost shaped like a mathematical square, but with slight more dimension, specifically, a bend on the bottom of the shape As seen here.

Here’s what a square shape would look like…

Josh Hutcherson square

If you had a square shape, notice how flat and wide it is. But unlike a geometric square, it has the slightest roundness on the bottom, below the dotted line where th chin is. That is slightest deviation, shows how a square-shaped face has the slightest bit of more dimension than a regular geometric shaped square. But it is not as dimensional as Mr. Fredrickson from Up seen here…


Yes they both appear to have a noticeably wide, square like shape but the guy holding the dvd, the real life representation, his shape is slightly rounder than a square shape. If you were to draw a square shape and make the bottom slightly rounder you would get his shape, a wide heart. No matter how many times you trace your finger around his shape of face, it will not form a straight, flat complete wide square. Secondly in the dvd pic of the cartoon. See how his shape is cube like and looks like a computer? Not only did they make the shape a complete square, completely flat and geometric, they added to it and made it more like a box, like a cube. The guy holding the dvd’s face’ is only appearing square-shaped slightly rounder, wide heart, is not square but close and the cartoon is vastly exaggerated drawn with the shape of a cube. A square shaped face is shape like neither seen here and the slightest deviation from a geometric square:flat on top and middle, with the slightest roundness, curve bend on bottom, connected to the top and middle, still confining wide and flat, square shaped. Like Josh’s seen here:

Josh Hutcherson square

A few more examples to clarify…

Michael J Fox

Notice how Micheal…

Diane Kruger square


Susan Sarandon

and Susan… have a square shape, with the slightest deviation, bend curve depth, dimension from a regular shaped square geometric shape? If your shape is noticeably flat, wide all the way around like the four shown above, chances are you have a square-shaped face. Might be confining, but nonetheless defining. I find the most beautiful people don’t necessarily have to have a vast round/depth shape of face but have a defining shape whether round or flat, or a little of both. So, let me know if this helped and if it doesn’t I will try to make it easier. Also, here is a quiz if you want to find out your own or someone else’s shape. Click here for more…

So let me know what you think and thanks for visiting.


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