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Once understood and demonstrated, identifying each person drawn, you can manipulate the person, but keeping its identity and exaggerate the smallest portion of the face without tampering it’s structure. Another way of manipulating a drawing in a good/positive way… Even, embellishing it. Or if you wanted to manipulate it a little more, keep the same shape and features, but exaggerate the shape of the nose.

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Once you change one feature, it is exaggerated, not 100% the person you intended. Then another feature, the more features changed, the more the identity of the person is changed. Finally, if you wanted to change just the shape of the facem that changes the whole person’s identity, leaving them completely different than the figure than you start out with. The more you change and manipulate, the more the figure will be changed, and further away from what you started out with, which was what I was unknowingly doing.

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Now, realizing that I know the shape, doing some pre-study and dissociating the figure so it I know the person’s identity, making them nothing other, I result in demonstrating them 100%. Now sometimes, if never drawn before, I realize I might overlook the structure and/or associate them for someone similar. For one example, one time I attempted a first try to draw Bradley Cooper and it ended up not him, but someone very similar. The person most similar, almost not 100% him was Ralph Fiennes.


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Recently demonstrating this, I realized, yes I associate the two, but my drawings are more detailed, much more concise than they used to be demonstrating how much more I understand the configuration of a person’s face than I used to. Re-examining Bradley’s shape, realizing it was slightly wider and rounder than Ralph’s, dissociation him from Ralph, I drew him again and succeeded. I even wrote a paper for college about the whole experience.


So, to many drawing is not easy. Especially people, I have taught myself, I have gone through different stages of learning experiences and study of shape, figuring out how to draw them, their own identity, being their own shape.

Illusion-Loophole in that Theory:I Can See Right Through You HA HA

Danielle Fischel Face Shape:App. Elliptic (specifically, almost oval)


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Now perservering, I have broken the barrier in the process from my own experiences of drawing people in the past to recent.

On The Grid-Literally

Sketching 2

My experiences and vast study have helped me and I hope it will help you too. So, that’s my experience, the inspiration for this blog and how it all started.