Timeless Faces- Works of Art? Page 1

They all look like a person I have either drawn, seen in face shape. I even looked back at the original person they bared resemblance to. The resemblances were uncanny and came very close.  This technique made me remember them, then the face with the name, which is how I do remember people.

These unforgettable faces are timeless, the face shape, proportion of could be a work of art.  Could it be possible they had another life before, or another similar face looking like their’s were in another life, might’ve been their face double?

First, this person really has a unique, original, timeless face from one of the first works of art, the bust of Woman From Brassempouy. Now, you can’t tell the whole face at first, seeing only the nose has been drawn, and slits for eyes and somewhat of a hairline.

But still judging by proportion and of the shape itself. It can be referred back to, one of the earliest works looking at where the head starts and ends, outside of facial features, which is where I normally start, you can see the almost enclosed unit of head, formation of shape more distinctly sculpted than features itself, can start to tell the shape.


It is vastly wide-round which is what most works during the Paleolithic Era are shaped like. Also, the proportions of face are not seen as distinctly but still some indication they are there, with some of the features.

You can tell by looking at the wide-round shape of face itself, it is 100% approximately symmetrical, of a shape. Almost 100% symmetrical vertical, horizontal and almost completely round. The shape itself also almost completely round, is a round heart shape. Vastly round and then wide, not as flat, more round. Then if you were to take the shape and draw the features this way (one way that can be done), or apportion the shape drawing features according to,  which I have done for the same shaped, formed face closest to Wilendorf, it is closely shaped to…

Michelle Pfeiffer…



Also, in a separate discussion, in different class before Wilendorf  I was in a class discussing about proportions of face and the closest most symmetrical, almost 100%

before Angelina Jolie…

michelle pfeiffer grease 2

was Michelle Pfeiffer.

Besides Jolie, she is another person with an almost 100% symmetrically shaped face, round and wide/round heart shape, almost 100% round and unlike Jolie, she has the same length, width, depth dimensions, formation of shape of Wilendorf while Jolie’s shape is much fuller-rounder and not as wide-square appearing.

Actually, drawing Michelle starting out drawing the features, the outline would look like Wilendorf, with the exact same shape…


Quicksketch Michelle Pfeiffer (3)

closeup Michelle Pfeiffer quicksketch



Just another version, most recent shown of Michelle Pfeiffer done in color. (In addition for this one, It’s funny how this almost turned out looking like stone with the blue-gray colors I used. But, this is the most detailed of Michelle Pfeiffer I did so far. You can see the same formation of shape as previous, just filled in and colored).

I always thought Michelle had a timeless face, something you can’t forget, the similar shape of face, proportions of Pfeiffer can be traced back to the beginning of time, of the Paleolithic Era being the Venus of Brassempouy. Maybe she had another life in the Paleolithic Era?


Quicksketch Michelle Pfeiffer (3)


You can certainly see the resemblance within the closeness of same round heart shape, same almost 100% completely round and symmetrical proportions of shape, with features shaped to face in same place. I always pictured her in a movie, another time, life either playing someone Egyptian or more Prehistoric. She definitely has an original, proportionate, wide-round, round heart-shaped face, timeless and so does Venus of Wilendorf.

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