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How Do I Get Started On Writing-I’m Stuck! Pt 2

Just a few more ideas/tips to help…

That's The Way I Like It


Another tip, personally I do everything better with music and find instrumental music helps speed up the creative thinking and writing process. Personally, I find it stimulating as well as motivating, beneficial in more than one aspect:studying, taking tests, analyzing, drawing things.

In addition, here is a list of names, personal favorites, recommendations of instrumental scores that seem to work best:


John Williams-

Commend the Effort

Harry Potter,  Angela’s Ashes, Catch Me If You Can etc; Few best words to describe:


Heartwarming associations/connections making the whole experience an inspirational enjoyable one. It is stimulating as well as therapeutic therefore overall in every aspect making it an instant classic from whatever movie album it was released on-the list is endless.

James Horner (RIP)-A Beautiful Mind, Titanic, Legend of the Falls etc; A mere writer of the soul, you can hear a little of him, his story in it


by portraying the,contrast of the darker dramatic moments of struggle, heartbreak, testing one’s character

and the lighter moments of instant triumph and the moments you long, are searching for in the creative drawing/writing process

of epiphanies/revelations

OMG 3x



Danny Elfman-Oz, Batman Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice etc; Basically most of the Tim Burton directed films.


Couldn't Believe My Eyes

Jump In The Line Beetlejuice Dance

Brings out the creative spark and channel it into something more constructive. Very unique with the darkened more mysterious themes in a genre similar to rock and electronic.

which might be labeled as more eccentric

Thank You 12

but is really more misunderstood, a theatrical, much darker  version of John Williams, like him is also classic.


Howard Shore-Gangs of New York, Big, The Client. But, most known for Lord of the Rings.

In my experiences, has played one of the most unforgettable, impacting instrumentals


that you subconsciously end up humming or end up getting stuck in your head.



Whether painting imagery of a the quest of the journey along the way having flashbacks or foreshadowing, or even in the imagination. Whatever scene painting, mood set, it stays with you, whatever part of the instrumental is playing to set the scene.

Hans Zimmer- The list goes on and on,another inspirational musical genius painting scenes of different multicultural aspects, more complex of sociological interaction towards one another


feelings influenced-which is probably the reason why he is know for his dramatic war-like scores for movies such as: Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes etc;


As a result, this tends to bring  foreign concepts I have found from my personal experience to life gradually through the whole experience of the drawing/writing process and the duration of the battle sounding scenes make me want to persevere, keep going, working, analyzing and improving, very motivating. He also has the lighter moments of innocence outside of the war-sounding scenes as well with music from The Holiday and Spanglish.


Also others:Trevor Rabin-National Treasure score, the perfect mix of contemporary, rock, techno and orchestra upbeat instrumentals best suited for what he normally does: Action/Adventure sequences.

Commend the Effort 14

The list goes on and on or should I say, playlist goes on and on but if you browse amazon/itunes should feature musical scores composed by many other artists and to actually find a specific score name/artist from movie so you can listen to it while writing/drawing, IMDB is also a good source to find out that information too.

Also here are some other artists that make good instrumentals too. Click the link below to listen to each. Other ones above can always be found on itunes/online as well.

Classic Style

Elliot Goldenthal-Heat

Carter Burwell-The Rookie,

Alan Silvestri-The Robert Zemekis Film scores,

James Newton Howard-One Fine Day, Peter Pan (2003),

Randy Edelman-While You Were Sleeping, The Mask

Patrick Doyle-Harry Potter 4, Great Expectations, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Sleuth.

Nothing else in this instance comes to mind addressing the big question..

Sorry/Oops 2

“How do I get started?”…

To go over previous tips you can click Previous.

Or, if not finding the answer you’re looking for on this page, I hope the tips in addition to help get started helped as well. For more FAQ click Back to FAQ.

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