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Based on Shape of face, in more depth Configuration-Demonstration, of similar elements:

In a Timely Fashion-Seeing similar faces: Does is stand to reason?… (For more about that, click here).

nksb (8)
Correlations/Similar Structures in General-Okay, you have seen the term, “correlate” a lot. By this I mean more in depth, up closer, not as noticeable…. (For more click here)

Quicksketch Mean Girls Cast

Analyzing Multiple, Analagous Structures and Being Able to Sketch Them– The hardest challenge is drawing multiple structures in a sketch. It’s hard because certain people may be easier to draw than others for whatever reason…(For more click here)


Showing Correlations:When 2 People Represent Each Other 50/50- the key is to take people who have some similar features, shape of and together they unite and work together really well… (For more click here)

Happy Valentine’s Day-Coming together, face to face Countdown: Here are the top pics of on-screen couples who could’ve been, who their kid would look like. Love is in the air, whether of cynic or not of the holiday, I had fun making this one for your entertainment.

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

Combinations A-Z- Sometimes when I have observed, even glanced at a person, and I see familiarity of  two people at the same time… (For more click here)

closesttomesimnk simnkryder
My Closest Matches in Shape, Journey Seeking A Long-Lost Twin-I guess there is a reason why the expression is, “Long lost twin”… (For more click here)


So who is my lookalike?-Ever wondered who you look like?…(For more click here)


People Similar in Structure In General-Different Types-But, ever wonder, see someone who has your face or someone else’s? That there is just something vaguely-apparently familar?… (For more click here)

List of Analagous Structures-Here is one example shown below from a list I made having very close, or analogous structures, listed a-z referred to as, Look-alikes”


(For more click here)

List of Somewhat Similar Structures-At a perspective, more noticeable differences than likenesses, but sharing some physical proportion, or physical trait with each other…(For more click here)

List of Animated Structures- the list for characters is endless. Therefore, I am making more as we speak. So I hope you enjoy this segment. The lookalikes made are mine, but pretty much all of the animations drawn by others the fan art…(For more click here)

Trans-gender Structures-based on similarities, even if similar, in the other gender…(For more click here)

Morphs Based on Similar & Analogous Structure-The ones near the beginning of the morph may or may not have a likeness to the ones near the end but at the very beginning and very end of the morph, the structures look more alike the original structure… (For more click here)

Guidelines for Similar/Analogous Structures-Type of face shape, width of face shape… (For more click here)



Most Recent Updates (To be continued from this linked page month to month).

If questioning about the progress of updates the site,

and looking for most recent one. Here they are listed month-month, continued from this linked one, April and so and so forth…


So who is my lookalike?…


Comments Questions or Concerns?…



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