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Harley Queen



Altogether, I found she definitely looks like one to another from Harley to the evil queen and yes, couldn’t believe I found a good name for the Harley Quinn-Queen lookalike. Anyway, more about this below…

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I found this image thanks to

For have I not have found the photo, I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to make this post.

I found Laetita Casta had the same female matches of: Eva Green-Emma Watson), Amy Adams, Debra Messing, Emma stone, Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis. Basically, from long-almost rounder, much wider face shape.

Image result for Elsa froze gif

I looked back and found she almost starts to look like Elsa in terms of animated lookalikes. But, not as close-not because of the hair or eye color, but because of the face shape.

Also, I started to consider Maleficent,

Image result for Maleficent

but her shape is much wider to almost rounder like…


Image result for harley quinn arkham city

Harely Quinn

Related image

and the wicked queen from Snow White

At first, I found it starts to look more oval like the Harley Quinn character. Then, second and somewhat close she starts to look like a younger version of the original evil queen from Disney’s Snow White having a heart to almost more square shaped face appearing somewhat round. In addition, she has naturally brown hair like the both of them, in between almost lighter green to darker blue-green “turquoise” eyes like the evil queen.  Wouldn’t she make one mean queen or Harley Quinn?

She definitely has a wicked expression and knows how to pose for a photo like the both of them being the super-bad model she is. But, could you picture her playing either one of them? Your thoughts below, let me know what you think. I will elaborate if necessary. For now enjoy the visual and thanks for visiting!



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