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Lily & Snape=David Boraznez

Image result for lily and snape

So, what celebrity did I found they both look like?

David Boraznez.

(Pictorial is coming soon).

Image result for lily potter

Image result for lily potter

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Personally, I think even if given a brief time frame within the franchise,

Image result for Harry Potter parents gif

Image result for Harry Potter parents gif

Image result for Harry Potter parents gif

they did a pretty good job casting and showing a timeline of Harry’s mother. Obviously different, yet somewhat like each other. A common trait? They all have a somewhat long-round shaped face. You can start to see as Lily Potter ages, her face shape gets narrower and longer appearing and her chin starts to protrude a bit more like a few female actresses with red to brown hair including:

Image result for gillian anderson

Gillian Anderson.

Image result for julianne moore

also with the red hair and almost heart to oval shape, starts to look a bit like Laura Linney to Bonnie Wright/Ginny herself

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Related image

Image result for lily potter

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(which was kind of the intention as it has been stated in the past, “Most men tend to marry someone like their mother“.)

But, this is not the only family resemblance, of female relating to brief cameos in Harry Potter-more about the men below…

Next, the male resemblances,  also like Lily very brief cameos of Harry’s somewhat like him yet different, but contrast instead of having a long shape, much wider to almost square

Image result for james potter gif

Image result for james potter gif

Which you may start to see in the two, having a close to square shape, close face matches somewhat like

Image result for Bill Pullman gif

Image result for robin williams gif

Image result for colin firth gif

Bill Pullman, Robin Williams and Colin Firth (far right).

So, you can start to see a bit of Lily-James Potter in Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe having an in between long-wide and round appearing shaped face.

Related image

Image result for daniel radcliffe gif

Image result for james potter gif

So, in my opinion having a shape in between the two was a pretty close match, pretty impressive given the time they had to cast parents even if for a short amount of time.

But, what if Lily had ended up with Snape too and Harry had a half-brother he didn’t know about? It wasn’t written that way but a bit of unintended fan-fiction,

had the story been different, I found a male match, somewhat alike yet somewhat different of who he would look like.

He even had the similar matches including:

Somewhat similar to Jude Law and

Image result for michael fassbender

Michael Fassbender with a somewhat long shape to round shape and not too far off from Daniel’s cartoon lookalike from long-round shape, of Pitch from Rise of the Guardians.

Image result for pitch rise of the guardians

Who was this dark, mysterious character I found looked like both Lily and Snape?…

David Boraznez himself, the dark angel from Buffy and the FBI agent turned Swat member.

Related image

It’s funny much earlier or recent, I start to see the contrast, the dark and the light of David Boraznez.

How did I come to discover this? More about this below…

Related image

First, I found that David starts to look like Lily Potter with the same length of long to almost egg-oval shaped face.

Image result for david boreanaz gif

Then, in width of shape he starts to look like Snape with the same width of much narrower and flatter, almost quadrilateral shaped face.

Image result for snape always gif

In addition, like the younger-older Snape

Image result for snape always gif

I found they both have a somewhat similar long-round shape to Sam Riley from Maleficent

Image result for Diaval Sam Riley movies

Image result for Diaval Sam Riley movies

Also notice the similar dark eyes, chin and long, crooked somewhat round shaped nose?

Besides having the same male matches somewhat of Daniel’s shape round-long like Lily’s and of Sam Riley like Snape, David even has dark hair, eyes and fair skin with mysterious and dark demeanor yet somewhat lighter and laid back like the both of them.

Anyway, just when I start to think I see one more so, I see the other, 50/50.So who do you think s/he resembles more so?… I would love feedback on the poll. I would love to hear others’ perspective, feedback with the polls and/or comments. I will be elaborating the combinations page. Thanks for visiting.



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