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Kate Winslet Alex Breckinridge


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Recently, my mother mentioned that Alex Breckinridge most recently in This Is Us looked somewhat like Kate Winslet.

Image result for Kate Winslet gif

I didn’t think about it before.

Image result for Kate Winslet gif

Image result for Kate Winslet gif

But then I thought yeah, I do see it a bit. Not vast, but they do look somewhat alike yet somewhat different.

For one reason, I always thought they both looked somewhat like Christina Applegate and Kate Winslet herself I found sounds and reminds me of  Christina Applegate herself when she speaks and American accent.

Its funny because my mother share similar perspective of viewing faces because she sees Kate Winslet.


Whereas I see Christina Applegate in Alexis Breckinridge. Alexis on the left in both pics above, looks like both of them in both cases, somewhat alike yet somewhat different.

Image result for christina applegate kate winslet

Even the two my mother and I compared Alexis to Kate and Christina themselves somewhat alike too.

(For more about how I found Kate and Alex look like Christina, click here and here). But, in this

But, in this case,  of Kate and Alexis I found that both of them have an in between round to long shaped face. A quick comparison below…

Similarities: They both have a long-round shaped face, fair skin, natural brown to blonde hair and fair skin and a similar face match of Christina Applegate who also has a long-round shape.

They both have blue to almost greener eyes. They both have done dramadies.



Kate has a closer to oval shaped face, long oval, much rounder but a longer version of oval.

Whereas, Alexis has a much flatter, trilateral version closer to Christina Applegate’s and unlike Kate, has a much wider to flatter more like …

Image result for alex breckenridge evan rachel wood

Evan Rachel Wood

Image result for alex breckenridge evan rachel wood


Kate Hudson, on the right (For more about how I found she looks like Kate next to someone else, click here).

Alexandra Breckenridge - She's The Man Premiere

and Emily Deschanel.

Image result for emily deschanel


Also, Kate has much brighter blue indigo eyes and Alex has medium to darker, gray to blue-gray eyes.

Kate has done much more dramatic roles and Alex has too, but has done more comedies.

You might recognize her from brunette to blonde, in these two Amanda Bynes movies including:

Image result for Alex Breckenridge Big Fat Liar

Big Fat Liar in the early 2000’s

Related image

and She’s the Man

Related image

Related image


in late 2000’s.

In addition, Alex has a face that looks like a lot of different people and those are the ones I found so far ranging from a round-long, flat-wide and square shaped face. I will display those posts, part two if you will later.

Finally, I haven’t found the male she starts to look like the same time as she does as Kate. If I do in the future, I will keep you posted, a part three post if you’d like to call it that.


So, let me know what you think of the visuals. I will elaborate if necessary and enjoy!



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