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May Newsletter 2017 pg 2


First, IKR what some of you are thinking in terms of demographics, of

Image result for mean girls gif

a popularity contest

Only 12?

Personally, I think that’s pretty good , two new followers in the past week

considering I don’t have a facebook page-yet.

Image result for oz movie

It looks like the site is really starting to take off. Thanks to my new and old readers including followers

I give a warm welcome.

Welcome my new followers!

Thank you so much for keeping this site in mind and in your hearts

and thank you for your feedback and ongoing support as well.

Second regarding these two bringing up the concept…

Image result for snatched movie premiere

Its funny I was just watching the trailer for the great Goldie Hawn who has returned to the big screen this past year with her on-screen daughter Amy Schumer. I see it, but I don’t which is kind of the point. So, for that reason I guess you could say there’s a bit of Goldie in her.

Image result for Goldie Hawn snatched

and was thinking on topic of real family resemblances afterwards in reference to a post I made including her real-life son Wyatt Rusell.

Image result for goldie hawn and wyatt russell

Personally, I think he is the spitting image of Kurt, but almost starts to look like Goldie

with blonde hair and almost greener eyes. I was just thinking about how the lookalike I made hasn’t been viewed yet and then…

The hits keep coming lol (Nothing against Bette just the perfect gif moment)


I found that Goldie and Kurt’s son Wyatt Rusell (on the bottom on the right could pass as the next generation of athlete jock/actor in Home Improvement. Looking at him, he starts to look like Zachary and the women who he got engaged to played by Maggie Lawson…

Image result for wyatt russell young

Image result for zachery ty bryan and maggie lawson

Image result for zachery ty bryan and maggie lawson

From one generation to the next, 90’s Goldie Hawn to Home Improvement, her son Wyatt Rusell, I found the similar connection in this tv flashback.

No votes last time I checked, but can’t wait for response.

Still on subject of polls, “Fixing”

Image result for home improvement gif

to head on down to that section there to see if there are any other polls taken. Thank you so much for everyone’s participation as well as support. I am working on more posts to finish for this month and will be back later this week with more news.

See you then!

OMG 3x

OMG 3x! Commens have been coming in, 300 instead of  the usual 100 at a time. At first, I thought it was going to be spam but for the most part were actual comments and 3x as much

Awesome! Now due to this tremendous outcome, I will be adding more comments gradually over the course of 2 weeks instead of one on two seprate pages. Since last night, I have been getting ready more posts for the end of this month which I usually reveal at the end of the month but really, lately you guys have been awesome and all totally deserve some freebies for your support. Here are some new upcoming posts including…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I bow down to everyone’s effort and thank you all so much ttyl! You guys rock.

9 pm

New high view!

In the past in 24 hours I had just released a post. Actually, it is a month too early? Why release it early? Actually, it was supposed to be released already but I accidentally forgot to send, publish it. But NBD within 24 hours it already had received high views.

More about that below…


Nashville’s stars, Layla and Avery aka; played by Aubrey Peoples and Jonathon Jackson

were both in a few scenes together. The only thing standing in the way was Juliette. Now, they obviously had a thing for each other. If Layla had his child without Juliette knowing, she could definitely pass as…


Image result for what dreams are made of hilary duff gif

a brunette

Image result for what dreams are made of hilary duff gif

Hilary Duff for the next generation of Nashville.

Image result for what dreams are made of hilary duff gif

Image result for hilary duff guitar

No votes yet because I just uploaded the poll as well. I look forward to the votes from my readers. Thanks, you guys rock and are an awesome audience.

Image result for what dreams are made of hilary duff gif

I will be back with more news ttyl.


Awesome, I think this is a new one and something worth treasuring the moment.  Digging through the demographics archive-aka; web page activity including high views I found this one was highly viewed.

Image result for Diane Kruger and Nicolas cage

I hunted down two matches, one earlier female one of

Image result for Sara Paxton gif

Sara Paxton who I found looked like Diane-Nicholas. Then, his later one following, of Tom Felton.

Image result for Tom Felton gif

Considering one is average looking to the average and the other is not as well known, but Hollywood’s past Helena of Troy, not too bad looking a couple together huh?

Image result for nicolas cage and diane kruger

Thanks for the high views. Since then, I have found more Hollywood matches and counting. No votes yet. Nonetheless, thank you for everyone’s support. I will be responding to comments posted on the comment page now and will be doing so until the 21st.

Drawing Notes-Just in Case

Then, back to the drawing board to finish my mother’s portrait-ttyl.

5/11/17 4 am


Image result for you like me you like me gif

Another follower in the past 24 hours wow! Thanks so much guys for your support. I am reading more comments and releasing more comments as we speak. Ttyl you guys are awesome!

3:30 pm

You may have noticed that there has been a bit of delay on posts month to month. I am catching up and any links not featuring on the Updates archives main page I will add if forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten, you may have notice of schedule, recently there have a been a few, unannounced posts. If that happens to be the case, the off-schedule ones are old ones I meant to release in the past and just plum forgot


such as the Nashville Aubrey Peepoles & Jonathon Jackson =Hilary Duff (and also Wendy Crewson & Adam Sandler=Brittany Snow post).

Uh duh lol

But, NBD just thought I’d give you a heads up

so you’re not like whats with these random unannounced posts. Thank you everyone for your support and back to the drawing board for me.

Thanks for visiting ttyl.

Sorry, was sick for a while and then afterwards when finally able to fall asleep it was like…

Image result for Ariel on bed gif

Ah the little things we take for granted.

Anyway, here were a few stats I found this week so far…


Wow! High view for Keira Knightly’s face shape

Image result for keira knightley gif


Second, the Updates pg has been highly viewed and commented.

Image result for so i got that goin for me which is nice gif

I am so glad the page is working out. Originally, I designed this post so you can flip through the updates and they are better organized. If any links after clicked on the pages following them are missing…

I apologize. I am going through to making sure all of the links are there.  Thank you everyone for your partcipation. As far as feedback goes you guys deserve gold stars

and speaking of feedback I am going through comments until the 21st, but am thinking of even extending it for the end of the month-we’ll see…

Anyway, thank you everyone for your feedback. I am off to check for polls as well and more face shape crystal ball celebrity readings coming your way. They will be available soon. Thanks for visiting!



Its so funny because I found out recently Alison Brie has my mother’s side of ancestry which is probably why I see a little of her in my cousin on my mother’s side lol.

Anyway, I was just thinking about her face looked somewhat like my cousin

Image result for community alison brie gif

when this query high stat including her popped up.

Thank you so much! Thank you for sharing the love in this online community.

Onto the next…


Looks like I’m “Taking care of business” with face shape reading of Wall Street’s Michael Douglas.

Image result for Michael Douglas gif

Thank you so much for your support. Brings a smile to my face, um in this case a not-so sinister one.

Some more good news, more stats including other newers posts of…



Image result for rupert grint ben foster face shapes 101

I found together

Related image

we looked like Ben Foster from Get Over It and most recently, Hell or High Water.

Related image

Here is another one including a cartoon conspiracy

Image result for who is vitani

Final one in the great circle of life I found the circle indeed continues with Vitani who could pass as Sarabi & Scar’s daughter-what would Simba think?

Image result for simba gif

but whether or not he knew it wasn’t as much of a big deal. Still, hate to say it but it looks like these true roots don’t run too deep in the great circle of life.

Here are the last two I found, more of an extended find…



First, I found both Emily and Nicole had similar face matches somewhat alike yet somewhat different. Also, she even worked with Jim.

Image result for riddler and chase meridian tango

But, later I found together Nicole looked somewhat like him, Jim both with a long-round face yet at the same time starts to look like Emily Deschanel.


Didn’t release it long ago and it got high views.

So far, no votes yet as well as the others.

Image result for riddler and chase meridian batman

Riddle me this: Who do you think each one looks like? Votes are now open for this one. I can’t wait to see and awaiting response…


Finally, The timeline post has received high views.

Basically, showing more than one connection one after the other, face to face.

Here is one example I used…

Image result for bones cast


Image result for shane west a walk to remember

Flashforwarding back to the now. Thanks for the support and thanks for visiting ttyl.

5/17/17 I promised myself I wouldn’t return until I got some posts done today but couldn’t resist looking at the stats/web page activity and am so glad I did!


Image result for amy adams flower made of iron

LOL It’s like you guys are reading my mind, or following similar interest because

harry fx at o-matic

I was just looking at old pics of me yesterday and she was in one of them.

Then, I head over to the stats and found this post including her who I found look liked the both of them was viewed the highest.


More about this one below…

American Hustle love child

Image result for OMG Bradley cooper gif

This is so awesome. Its funny in the past watching

Image result for amy adams flower made of iron

both Amy and

Image result for bradley cooper


movies I felt something from the heart and close to home. I didn’t realize until later that there was some “Relative” connection

Image result for bradley cooper and amy adams

until later when I realized that together they could pass for my cousin who I found starts to look a little like both of them at the same time.

harry fx at o-matic

American Hustle love child

Please vote, dare I say, not just American,

Image result for american hustle

but wherever you’re coming from

Image result for flags gif


-a little more Hustle please?

Image result for OMG Bradley cooper gif

I would especially love to see votes for this one.

Thank you so much for the high views. You can view more like this on the A-Z combinations pg. Tune in for more soon ttyl!


Okay, you caught me on a late night and had to make more time for my readers. New high views/stats…



First, I found that Michelle and Kevin together both look like…

Image result for Kevin Bacon gif

…Daniel Radcliffe

Image result for Michelle Pfeiffer gif


The second one I found was…

Image result for maggie lawson gif

Image result for Nicole Kidman gif

Image result for jonathan taylor thomas gif


and finally Tina Fey & Will Ferell=

Image result for tina fey and will ferrell megamind premiere

Image result for Emma Watson gif

Thanks so much for the high views! I look forward to the high votes and thanks for visiting!

5/22/17 5 pm

First things first…

Image result for times up amanda bynes gif

Hate to come of blunt or rude, but comments for the two-weeks period are now closed. It is the 22nd and I stopped for Sunday the 21st. I may be adding old ones from the past. But, other than that pretty much done with the two week period.

But, don’t worry b/c its already less than a week before Sunday.

Also, because of the day delay between Sunday-Monday, this coming Sunday I will be responding to comments Sunday-Monday instead of Sunday.

Image result for minions typing gif

to even out the weekly schedule.

Also, some good news I will be working on publishing some more face shape crystal ball readings this week. Slowly adding and planned to be done a few weeks ago but things happen every once in a while. Thank you for you understanding and patience.

Image result for minions typing gif

Thanks so much for everyone’s participation as well as support and for visiting.

5/23/17 6 pm Comments may be closed-doesn’t mean I won’t be responding back to ones physically on the comments page as well as others. More about that below…

I just found I can physically leave mogs/gif files with a reply on comments-how cool is that?

So, be on the look out because during the week outside of the comment/sidenotes page

I could respond to your comment with some mogs. Just look for the phrase” “Owner of face shapes 101, keh1016 in reply”.

Commend the Effort

Thank you so much everyone!

and off to snooze for a while and ttyl.


3:30 am

Related image

Image result for daniel radcliffe gif

Been gone for a little while . Don’t worry comment for the week will be posted tomarrow. Also, with the labor day weekend I will be releasing the posts for the month and more to come including future face shape readings. In regards to the two greeting gifs above, more about these particular two below…

Hmmm… Looking at the 1st one there was a Harry Potter movie on today which might explain the attention brought to the Daniel Radcliffe post above.

Image result for harry potter gif

Either way…


Image result for Amy Adams Daniel Radcliffe

First, some more stats this week I found including high views most recent including Amy Adams and Daniel Radcliffe. I found that this unknown from the canceled show Frequency

Image result for Frequency cast devin kelley

looks like the two of them.  Any votes yet for the resemblance?

Image result for amy adams gif

Image result for daniel radcliffe gif

Only time will tell and it’s up to you-who do you think resembles who more? You can vote for this one where it is featured by name under A-Z, in this case A starting with Amy.

Second, I found one of a post released about a week ago including high web page activity of Vanessa Hudgens.

Related image

Thank you so much for the high views and more like this coming your way!…


Another one! Found some more stats including these two from Men In Black II (far left-middle)

Related image

Basically I found that these two characters would look very close to Alison Brie (right) but closest to her lookalike Zoella (left).


Out if this world! Thank you so much! I don’t think there’s been any votes yet.

Image result for men in black

For that reason, moving on to another case. Thanks for your support!


Related image

Movin’ on up! Released this after the Vanessa Hudgens face shape reading one and this is also high views. In case you haven’t noticed I have been releasing shape-by-shape so I can release a bunch at a time. But, once done with those posts I am looking forward to more feedback like this. And my congrats speech to my readers as well-awesome work guys keep it coming!

But, once done with those posts I am looking forward to more feedback like this. And my congrats speech to my readers as well-awesome work guys keep it coming!


Who can forget the timeless classic of The Sound of Music with late Charmian Carr (R.I.P) and her late-night beau/solder Rolf from The Sound of Music? I found the two together, like a fairy tale reminded me of another fairy tale including

Image result for sound of music liesl rolf gif

Image result for sound of music liesl rolf gif

Peter Pan, including Jeremy Sumpter.

Image result for jeremy sumpter peter pan gif

No votes yet, but viewing this one was well-magical as well!

Image result for tom felton gif

(My future apologies for any Draco/Tom Felton fans)…

And the hits keep coming! lol

Image result for that felt good hermione gif

Related image

Thank you so much everyone for your support! If there was a magic spell to zap these posts finished I would because you deserve it. I will be working on them through Memorial Day Weekend and thanks for visiting ttyl.

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