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What is Emily Deschanel’s face shape?

Sorting through the answers…

Image result for sorting hat gif

Image result for crystal ball gif

Hmmm, I’m getting something… 

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I see…

Image result for emily deschanel gif

Image result for emily deschanel gif

Square shaped.

For starters, Emily has a very “Wide appearing” face shapeso where to start with if you wanted to draw it right? 


I have found in the past that shapes of faces can be identified by:

  • First, figuring out if it is elliptic, trilateral or even quadrilateral (and in some cases semi-geometric/free formed).
  • Second, by length and width
  • Finally, how round-flat it is.

Image result for emily deschanel gif

First, looking at Emily’s shape the first thing you may notice is how wide and flat it is.

You may see that at first, However, do you see how the chin is also flat and square too?…

The reason why I ask is because not all wide shapes are always completely flat all the time.

Some have more of a slightly elongated, rounder trilateral chin which I like to refer to as a wide heart shape.

But is it wide heart shaped or…

Is the chin along with the top part of the shape, altogether wide and flat, square?

How can you tell the difference?

Image result for emily deschanel gif

If you were to trace around the face you may notice something about the chin itself…

That instead of the chin having more of an elongation and trilateral quality the chin starts to 

connect along with the rest of the square form finishing the square form?

Allow me to elaborate on that…

Image result for emily deschanel gif

First, looking at the top to bottom part of the shape of face

you may start to notice how there is no protruding, elongation or roundness of chin at all.

Then, looking back at the whole shape of face how box-shaped it is with the chin connecting around it,

like flat, folded in corners, finishing the Box shape”,

finishing the bottom half, closing it and

connecting the unfinished top part of shape before the chin.

Image result for emily deschanel gif

Finally, tracing your finger around it looking at the chin

and the shape together, you can see

how box-like it is with a square form, vastly wide and flat 

Image result for emily deschanel gif

with a square form, vastly wide and flat aka; Square shaped it is.

If the chin/whole shape itself was longer and not completely flat but vastly wide, it would be a wide heart shape,

which is a very close call.

However looking at the chin to the whole shape it is formed even flatter and vastly wide aka; square shaped.

So, basically, you can see the difference and how wide and flat it appears at first. 

Afterward looking at the chin to the whole shape itself finding it is box-like, 

Image result for emily deschanel gif

vastly wide and flat aka; square shaped.

If you are still a little confused about this face shape and/or how I found it you can see other examples here.

So, one face shape reading down a million to go and your crystal ball question hopefully answering your question.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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