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A round of applause goes to my readers, commentators. Awesome! To see my response for each scroll down…

Wow! Thank you Neal. You deserve a digital pat on the back aka; a gif party

with a special theme of cartoons.

Thank you. I try to keep it together.

and getting there gradually…


Thank you very much. A little kindness goes a long way. Thank you for deciding to spread the word and glad it helped.

Here are the newest animated lookalikes I made, a quick preview…

I enjoyed your comment and thanks again for visiting.

Michel Love the smiley-nice touch! Blue is my fave color, royally grand! Anyway, thank you so much. Personally, Kristen’s not one of my fave actresses, not my fave but not the worst.

Image result for twilight gifs

But it would be nice to know for other people what face shape she has and well-draw on that, even if it is a quick-sketch.

So, whether you’re a fan of Bella or Edward here are some twilight starts gifs fye…

Image result for twilight gifs

Image result for twilight gifs

Wow! Your comment was something I could really sink my teeth into.

I love your passion as well as enthusiasm. Thanks for making my day a little less grim. Thank you very much and hopefully…

Image result for twilight gifs

BTW loved the comment!


Yeah, Thanks Adrian. I’m trying to break it down because its a broad topic

So many hours so little time. Anyway…


Thank you for keeping an open mind as well as ears and I enjoyed your comment.

Here are some free-bies more, mos recent drawings you might enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for visiting.


Nickolas It’s funny you mentioned book because I am starting to think of this as a book and now

…well maybe, just maybe and more like an encyclopedia.

But, again

book, bound and determined but by bit.

Thank you for making believe I can achieve the impossible, for your support, love the input and thanks for visiting.

Perfectly composed?…

Image result for John WIlliams gif

Image result for John WIlliams gif

Well I’m no John Williams

Image result for John WIlliams gif


Image result for indiana jones john williams cd

Image result for Angela's Ashes john williams

Related image

Image result for witches of eastwick gif

Image result for witches of eastwick john williams

Image result for catch me if you can john williams


Image result for Catch Me If You Can gif


Trinidad (Sorry no name, but this one has a nice ring to it). Glad I could exceed expectations.

Here is my musical MOG of your comment at 2:13-3:40- of this clip…

On the subject, perfectly composed you made quite a “Score” yourself.

Thank you for your classic, unforgettable comment and for visiting.


Picture perfectly,

developed comment and Kodak moment worthy, absolutely captivating and beautiful!

Thanks Dustin for taking the time to read and leave a comment, how thoughtful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I enjoyed the sites, here are some you might enjoy, some free-bies. You might recognize some of them. My personal fave are the Carpathian Mountains.

Last but certainly not least, Jessica.

Image result for Mulan gif

Image result for Mulan gif

How noble and gracious indeed like your name, Jessica.

BTW I always liked that name.

Image result for Mulan gif

Certainly not a usual, simple duty/obligation. I cannot thank you enough from the heart.

Image result for jessica rabbit gif

Here are a few Jessica gifs for you in honor of noble deeds in form of a thank you note…

Image result for jessica chastain gif

Image result for Jessica Simpson gif

Image result for jessica alba gif

Image result for Jessica Biel gif

It’s funny most of them have an oval appearing shape.

Image result for Jessica chastain gif

Anyway, beautiful thank you for your comment and for visiting.

If your comment hasn’t been posted yet…

Related image

Image result for you make me so angry enchanted gif

Related image

Don’t get mad, keep smiling there’s more to come

It’ll be here next week before you know it.

Thank you all for your support, for reading and for visiting. See you next week.



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I will approve or respond to your comment as soon as I can. I appreciate the input. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment and for visiting. Love the input!

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