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Sound of Music Drawing

This was the first drawn scene I had of these three characters. Originally I started from drawing one to more, to eventually a whole background beginning to paint a scene of the Sound of Music. The grand living room is in the background. First, a young Christopher Plummer is on the far left. It’s funny because he almost looks like Ewan McGregor but with a longer face which is exactly who I found exactly who he looks like. Still, you can see it is him just the same with the semi-long heart-shaped face, long-round, but almost longer-rectangular. Second, is Julie Andrews in the middle. It’s funny because it is her with the same almost egg-oval shaped face. But, the expression the original Julie makes which I have drawn here looks like Edward Munch’s Scream face=lol

Image result for Edvard Munch scream

Back to the drawing…

The third one on the right in profile is Liesle who was played by the late Charmian Carr (R. I. P.)

Image result for Charmian carr gif

with the same long-round shape.  Also, if you look from Lisle to Julie you can begin to see I lightly sketch in Julie Andrew’s side profile. I had the most fun with this one and this one was the one where my drawings started changing drastically in terms of certainty, drawing face after face within a scene time and time again.

So, let me know what you think. Enjoy the visuals and thanks for visiting!



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