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King of Queens Drawing

It’s funny because Carrie on the show mentioned how she had found she had a big forehead. Yes and no, if you look at it alone it is big, but not massive and yet proportonate, not too big. Looking at whole face shape it is almost more oval. While Kevin’s is long angular. Funny how the cast, pre-Mike and Molly, how Mie from the show with his later wife Molly like Doug and Carrie both have a male with a long-round shape. Then, a female character with an oval appearing shape. Simlilar casting crew?…


Image result for king of queens football reunion

Image result for mike and molly

In addition relating to the concept of association I found this drawing below which looks like Billy but almost starts to look like Kevin. This is where knowing the shape helps. They even have a similar haircut lol

Related image

Image result for billy gardell on king of queens

(This colored drawing is not mine. Here is the original link).

Image result for billy gardell on king of queens

So, let me know what you think. Enjoy the visuals and thanks for visiting!



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