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Robin Hood Bradley Cooper


It’s funny because I saw how fox-y he looked in this case, like a real fox and then an animated one. More about that below…

Image result for Bradley Cooper smile

I saw this picture of a real-life fox and looking at the shape of the cheek and chin and finally altogether, I found that this fox has a similar face shape to Bradley Cooper in reverse.


Now, I wasn’t sure at first. But, in the past I found Bradley’s animated lookalike characters are usually animals. Now, you are probably like what? A real animal? wtf…

Image result for Robin Hood animated gif

To add after the fact, I saw this fox started to also look like the fox from Disney’s Robin Hood with the same trilateral face, proportions of the cheeks, chin and eyes, nose and mouth.

Image result for Robin Hood animated gif

Image result for Bradley Cooper hangover 1

Then, I looked at pictures of the Robin Hood sly fox himself and found that he looked like Bradley and vice versa. More about the two below…


First, they both have similar same proportions, features shaped according to the face. They have the same shapes eyes, nose, mouth, teeth shape, cheeks and even ears. You can also see the similar curvature of trilateral shape on the very bottom from the bottom past the cheeks to the chin.



In addition, they both have similar expressions and his wardrobe and it’s funny how the background most of the time have the same green-blue colors as he has in his eyes.

There are few differences: First, Robin has no hair except for the scene when he was wearing a wig.

Another is Robin’s shape is slightly wider-almost square. Still, Bradley’s face shape is close to square. Sometimes you can see the bottom-to the chin, even the whole shape looks almost wider-square. Even the demeanor is similar, very dramatic, adventurous but somewhat silly and funny too.




It’s funny because all in all Bradley has a similar face to a lot of the fuzzy furry friends from the past generation of Disney and Dreamworks (including RJ from Over the Hedge, last animal above). He even played a raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy so maybe the animators of that movie saw that themselves. Anyway…


Could you picture Bradley as the animated, or even a real Robin Hood?

Image result for bradley cooper wedding crashers gif

Do you think the American Sniper actor should trade in his gun for Robin Hood’s bow and arrow?

Image result for Robin Hood fox animated gif

Image result for bradley cooper wedding crashers gif

It could happen because he’s done drama, comedy and intense action/adventure films.

Even though Taaron Eggerton from Kingsman Secret Service is going to be the next live Robin Hood doesn’t mean it’s not guaranteed Disney or another studio won’t remake a Robin Hood animated movie with/without the same animal characters. Anyway…

So, that’s the end of that. Let me know what you think and enjoy the visuals. Thanks for visiting.



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