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January Newsletter 2017

Wow! I didn’t know how many more pages of December I could do-they were filling up fast! That being said…

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We survived another year!

Thank You 10

On a personal note, I am glad to start on a clean slate or should I say clean/blank, page for the newsletter.

New updates!

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LOL Don’t freak out.

But, I am falling a little behind already but catching up on updates. More about that below…

First, I am finding so many lookalikes/combined matches that I have discovered that I can barely keep up, but they are coming. I have two lookalikes now available on the updates page here. I am also considering linking the newsletter of brief updates newsletters to the updates page where you can view and go to the direct links.

Second, Still trying to publish the rest of the links on the updates page for this month of January.

They are coming asap. I lost count of how many I have to finish. Anyway, thanks for everyone’s input!

Finally, I will respond to one more round of comments for the most recent 12/7-12/31 because I did not have the time the previous day. So, for that reason even though it is 2017 I will post and respond to a few more comments as soon as possible.

Thank you so much everyone. I will return shortly and thanks for visiting!

1/2/17 12:30 am

I almost done with the updates for the month, about five to go. I believe I have found a few more since then. Sorry about the wait. I will be responding to comments and be back shortly if not tomorrow. Thank you everyone and the links should no be available and listed under most recent posts. Thanks again everyone for visiting!

1/2/16 7 pm

New updates!

Comments are available for Christmas to the New Years. Thank you all so much for commenting over the holidays as well during everyone’s own busy holiday season! I will be reading comments and posting them for this coming Sunday.  The rest of the linked posts for this month are coming soon and possibly three after that along the way.

New high stats!


Great way to start out the year! 225 views today!

This is so great! I look forward to my readers’ future responses. Speaking of, polls are now available for the new linked posts. You can vote resemblance if interested as well as many other older ones.

Thank you so much again everyone! I will return in the near future not too far from now. Thanks for visiting.


New stats!

6 pm

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two new high stats involving two one wizard character -Daniel Radcliffe and one witch character Nicole Kidman.

Image result for Nicole Kidman practical magic gif

First, I couldn’t believe this one reached high stats!

Image result for nicole kidman practical magic gif

In the past I found that Nicole Kidman (from Practical Magic and Bewitched) who shares the same face matches to me with a long-round shape at the same time starts to look like someone else with an almost more egg-oval appearing shaped face like…



Daniel Radcliffe. I actually spotted in a cartoon first and discovered the combined match of real face by looking at shape which was Nicole Kidman.



Image result for crystal ball harry potter gif


Sorry, no votes yet this is where your feedback really does make a difference. Aka; without you no part 2 (with the results of polls).

Image result for Nicole Kidman practical magic gif

Anyway, it’s funny because I always sensed something familiar, similar yet different between Nicole Kidman and me.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition, there are also some male results I found that look somewhat like the both of us besides Nicole on the page including Noah Silver (from Tyrant).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have found more matches since then and will post them in the future. But, for now while waiting I would love to see feedback on that one as well as many others. To whoever it may concern thank you for the high views with this one! I believe this is a first. Thanks again!



Another one involving the same people at the same time but in reverse side-by-side with each other the famous witch and wizard from Practical Magic and Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe and Nicole Kidman.

Now, I found a certain drawing drawn from this scene looked somewhat like her but then starts to look like him (but not just because of the glasses).

I found a closest match of face with the same very round-almost longer, oval appearing shape like the both of them. Again, this is the first time this scored high views

Outstanding WOMBAT

O for outstanding! Thank you for the high views! I have yet to receive response on this one but, it ought to be interesting as well. Thanks again for your feedback.

6:30 pm

Image result for crystal ball harry potter gif




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It just occurred to me 2 things from these previously mentioned high stats…

  1. Similar interest of posts=most likely the same viewing party
  2. Verification of likeness looking at 2 of the same faces in 2 different ways/examples shown previously above


First, It just occurred to me two of the post involving the same people, even if in different ways=similar interest=same viewing party.


So, for that reason I have a hunch I may have just given thanks to the same viewing party 2x, well 3x the charm my gratitude!

I am glad you are further interested in the examples involving the both of them.

Image result for throwing hats harry potter gif

Thanks for making a difference where it really counts and I look forward to your feedback.

However, if two different viewing parties, I thank the both of you as well for your interest in these two similar examples involving the same 2 faces.

Either way, thank you so much for  showing high interest as well as views therefore making a difference in finding possible results to this post yet to be voted for likeness in the polls of both pages involving Nicole Kidman and Daniel Radcliffe (which can be found here and here in two different scenarios).

How? More about that below in regards to these two posts…

Second, in regards to these two posts…

Looking at the stats of the first listed example including my face and two including Daniel and Nicole.


Image result for nicole kidman practical magic gif

  • I am thinking that either people see the both of us and wanted to verify how close Daniel and Nicole look by looking at another example before deciding.

Image result for daniel radcliffe gif

  • Or, people see a 50/50 resemblance and wanted to see how close again and compare with another different example, looking at their faces again from side-side. 

In conclusion my hunch in regards to the overall recent activity of posts:

  • From this viewed perspective of questioning more of how close Daniel looks next to her, I have a hunch that people will vote me 100%-50/50 Me & Daniel.
  • Now, if that turns out to be true it is most likely due from looking at gender and/or shape which has been true that I have found the way people are leaning in terms of voting female vs. male, gender before shape.

Now, maybe 3x the charm of high views, someone may find the matter

Image result for daniel radcliffe harry potter gif


Image result for hermione raising hand gif

to vote?… (Click next for more)

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