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Pitch from Rise of the Guardians this unknown




Here’s a dark secret, this just-in Pitch-pre boogieman transformation as human, before crossing over to the dark-side lol. But, I could definitely see that myself with the similarities.

pitchalike2 pitchalike3


Originally, I found other matches for Pitch looked closest like this person on the far left and somewhat like Jude Law who it was originally drawn from on the far right (for more about this particular visual, click here-coming soon).

Back to this visual in particular…



I found that the unknown in the pics below left and right next to the cartoon looked just like him pre and post transformation, before and after crossing to the dark side. How? More about that below…

pitchalike2 pitchalike3

I found he is the closest match yet, like the cartoon closest from Noah-the original inspiration Jude, having a long-almost rounder, egg-shaped face. He even has the same hairline, medium-dark hair, cleft of pointy chin, troubled expression. He even has the same dark brown-light hazel-green eyes.

Just a little older and change of wardrobe he could definitely pass for the character who gave people the ability to have nightmares.

It’s funny, I knew their was something familiar about this character in terms of real and animated/dream world. You might say that he could pass for a nightmare from looking like having one-becoming one. Maybe Pitch had the worst nightmares that became his reality? Just food for thought.

In addition, I have found other matches yet to be linked here and here-coming soon.

While waiting see if you can find who else this unknown resembles, non-cartoon under the newest posts. Or, even guess to see who he resembles closely in shape yourself.

So, let me know what you think and enjoy the visuals. Thanks again for visiting.



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