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Trick? Or Treat? pg 2

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Sketching 2

  1. Complete List of Posts– I have to update the list. So many posts, so little time. But this has been clicked on a lot. Thank you for your interest.

Lost In Translation

2. Home Page Hopefully making navigation a little easier-lol! Hope the journey has been a good one.

WTF:Why The Face?

3. We’re All Fruit– Well the title says it all but the gif above applies for all. Including these two below…

4. Who is My Lookalike– I have updated this in detail and have started a tumblr account link from there. The interest has gone. However, no responses have been received in tumblr so far. I have been trying to figure out the problem. But, the tumblr account is now up and running and thank you for your interest.

5. What is My Face shape? I think it two weeks to edit the navigation alone. If I were a math wiz I would’ve been able to figure out ahead of time exactly how many possible outcomes therefore a given estimate how many posts to make and how long this would take. Anyway, there are 26 total I have found and thank you all for taking this quiz.


6. Winona Ryder & Charlotte LeBon-People have been viewing this non-stop. Could you picture the real Winona Ryder in A Hundred Foot Journey lol? Anyway, people have been viewing this non-stop daily. Thank you so much!

Katherine McPhee Sophia Bush

7. Katherine McPhee Sophia Bush-People have also been commenting on this one a lot. I think because the image is high quality and the overall color is so close from left to right, like the concept alike on the left but somewhat different going to the right. In addition, the eye and hair color is close at-a-glance too. Thanks for reading this all my readers.


8. Pfeiffer-Seyfried Lookalike-The start of something new-could it be a timeline? You can see how the faces get longer-rounder and younger and they all look somewhat like each other left to right. Brain pain right? Think you can identify each person? (Hint: Try looking up close at the shape or, for more click the link.) Thank you everyone for chatting about this one the most too.)


9. Rachel Weisz-Brooke Shields– A preview actually, there are more faces within the linked post. You can see it by clicking on it. They are alike yet different and you can see the changes in shape, how they relate to other similar others as well. Can you guess who is who to start? I believe this is the second year that this is the most popular one. Thanks to all for your interest.

10. Dimitri Lookalikes including Chris Pine and Kevin ZegersThese two are one of the newers ones. The Chris Pine oneis the newest and the Kevin Zegers is older, not linked but can be found like the other featured in the animated lookalikes. These were fun to make and the concept was fun to think about. Who would play the characters in a real-life Anastasia? I have found lookalikes, but only of real actors for Dimitri. IDK about Anastasia, but definitely found some potential actors to play Dimitri. Anyway, thank you for viewing this the most everyone. I will see if I can find more Dimitri lookalikes in the future.

11. Daniel Radcliffe Lookalikes including Noah Silver and 12. Asa Butterfield as Harry Potter– Another lookalike one found and done and another animated. But, would the world be the same with another person viewing the world through Harry’s eyes? Anyway, they could both definitely pass for Daniel/Harry.

Okay I’ll discuss my favorite ones now.

My Personal Favorites/Recommendations (Top 10):

Bette Midler Lovechild

Combined Matches “Combinations/Lovechildren Include:

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson Me

  1. Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson=Me

Both of these below include me and are yet to be voted. Looking ahead, I am guessing people will be influenced and vote on gender before looking at shape. Then, change his/her mind in the future. Either way, I look forward to my readers, reading and voting.

Below I have found that my shape of face and matches are long heart, somewhat like Amy-Isla’s long heart shape. Yet, somewhat different like others who I found later on with brown hair and brown-green eyes with very fair skin. In addition, all of the people in both examples featured before me I have found look somewhat like members of my family. So, I guess they do look somewhat like me. How much? I won’t know until I count the votes and am looking forward to it. If you would like to read more and/or vote feel free I would love to hear your perspective, feedback.


2. Isla Fisher & Jack Black=Me


3. Amy Adams & Ben Stiller=Me (Coming Soon)


4. Kate Hudson & Jack Black=?

I was so excited making this one and recieving the results. I got poll results for this one within less than 1-2 months. A quick preview about this one… Can you “bear” the thought lol! People voted this 100% as soon as I released this of these two from Kung Fu Panda 3. Hmm, I guessing really good visuals and to the point. Anyway, thank you for your input and I look forward to future readers voting the polls as well. For more click the link above…

5. (Personal favorites) Drawings: These are not yet available but are featured on the Monthly Newsletter August-October 2016. I will release them in the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Lookalikes Including…

6. Personal Favorite Animated One: Mr. Incredible in the Flesh-The real one almost starts to look more like John Goodman doesn’t he? Anyway, I had fun making this one the most out all the animated lookalikes.


7. Personal Favorite Analogous Lookalike:


Josh Hutcherson & Taaron Eggerton-I found these two look so much alike, even more than the Nathan Gamble vs. Josh Hutcherson one (which was the highest viewed Josh lookalike last year). It seems like the Josh Hutcherson lookalikes are very popular. Anyway, I found these two Taaron and Josh are so close. Both of them individually even have a square shape which makes it even more confusing. As you can see this is kind of what the mind does, gel them together. I had a lot fun making this one and may be using this visual in the future for some activities.

8. Somewhat Alike:

cooper-mcdorman (2)

Bradley Cooper-Jake McDorman

I could not find an enough hq pic of the one in the middle. However, I do remember where I saw him and will see if I can get a screencap in the future. I like how this one changed from color green-blue, which can be found in the eyes as well as jacket. This is of the two from Limitless. For more click the link above.

9. Timeline: Afterwards, in addition most of the ones linked were the highest viewed such as the people featured in the gif: Daniel Radcliffe & Evanna Lynch coincidence?… Anyway, the gifs above say it all themselves. For more, click on the link. Not all of the links on the connected posts are done. However, the posts themselves are available. This was such a phenomenal discovery of facial recall including 50 linked posts correlating to one another and I had so much fun making this one as well.

Finally, hope you enjoy, pig out on candy and thanks for visiting.

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