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My personal facial recognition results

These are just my memory results in terms of faces, comparing, association in a nutshell. I have yet to find more tests online and receive my results.


What I know and what I learned in the process from before and after taking all of the tests including the facial ones…

What I know:

  • For the usual average person usually takes seven times just to reinforce something into long term memory, like visual concepts (in order to recall) including faces. 
  • I have found it does not take me seven times, only about 1/2 of the amount (1-3x) to reinforce more than one face.
  • Then, I even confirmed that I am on the other end of the spectrum after taking these tests

What I learned in the process:

  • Before taking tests and finding out results, I have found if I know the face, I know the name like a mental name tag association.






  • After I took the tests finding I got very few wrong they were of famous/political figures way before my time whom I have never been visually introduced to on screen/in the media therefore highly “recognized”, or recalled at all.
  • Then, I found that I can remember 2-3x as much 7-10% off base in terms of faces. For this reason, I always recheck and confirm results with polls and software-quantitative and qualitative results (which have been 50/50 90-93% of the time most recently). But, I find it all goes back to looking closer at face and shape using different reinforcements.


In the beginning, I took this test for the fun of it on facebook. So, I was skeptical at first. 


Then, I went on Harvard University’s testing site where the have a few different tests.

There were other tests not of faces, but relating to observation of:


What were the results of each?…(For more scroll below)



1. Association/Finding matches of Shape (In Addition Numbers)





2. Comparing Concepts





The third one I took one was of famous faces…

Now, this one wasn’t some silly, skewed random test I took on facebook or some other quiz site. I actually took the test for Harvard University’s research test of “Facial Recognition”. I decided to do it so I could see what my results would be. I print screened them and I will see if I can find the website link where I  tested and provide it below.


The actual quantitative facial recognition results:




The only problem was I didn’t know how many questions there were, but at least it sorted my result and ranked me in comparison which was nice. The rank it gave me was 90% higher than the usual. Although, still a bit skeptic and thought it was because I remembered the names from seeing it in the credits and hearing it in the media (For more about that whole process I found to be true, click here).

For that reason after that, I took in on testmybrain’s site displayed these results including unknown participants in research having their picture taken and later used for the test.

What were the results?…

I will see if I can track back the history and find the print screen. However, I kept the results on file below.

Face match results: 13/14 right and 1 /14 wrong (Aka; about 93% right and 7% wrong) .

It stated that 93% recollection which is exceptionally higher of other 93%. Now, how many does average remember? According to the other side of spectrum at least 7 maximum at highest according to the scale.


My response to Harvard University after taking the test:

I do realize human experiences including gender and ethnicity do impact memory. I find if I know the shape, I know the structure, whole, the identity of the person. Even twins in their own way are physically different as well. I really enjoyed this experiment knowing most of them, excited to seeing some familiar faces on the test while other disgusted and just a figure of speech of course would “Love to forget them” lol. I wonder how many faces my brain can and have actually retained and no what if but how far back I can remember. This was a fun experiment! Thank you.

In conclusion, comparing results  in terms of how much I remember of faces:

  •  According to the Harvard site research test of recalling famous faces I scored 90% higher than the average.
  • According to the trainmybrain test of unknowns I am the  1/10 people that scored the highest on the 93-100% memory and I take 1-3, less than 7x to remember 1+ faces.
  • The average that scored 7% in terms of “Recognizing” or highly recalling faces, it takes them 7x to reinforce one face.

Coincidence? Maybe it would help to remember faces better by looking closer at shape, more reinforcements would help remember faces and comparing them? It seems that has done the trick in terms of boosting my recall creating this timeline.

Click Back for to Timeline pt 4 (link to)



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