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Time After Time-Looking in Different Perspectives

Looking back at the concept of the timeline the whole process after Pre-Reinforcing to Reinforcing faces into memory  had I begun backtracking/recalling more and more,  further and further to eventually going the other way around, even at one time aka; alternating forming a facial timeline. More about the timeline establishment below…

The timeline includes more than one matched face, one to more from one time period and one to more in another time period at the same time, alternating while thinking, viewing and analyzing the person, the shape of face, the concept of not depending on the visual of the person is in front of my face. In addition, most of the time it is not. It is basically a recalled associated chain linked from one to the next, correlating of face by looking closer at the shape and comparing to others similar in shape found in a person in a film made before or after that specific time.

Now, at a glance the timeline looking at it at first maybe a little overwhelming seeing there are 50 different intervals at once. For this reason it can be looked at it different perspectives: As a whole and individually-more about that below…

Viewing as a whole in a nutshell

5 Eras (50 indv total to about 5o years) split into 2 Patterns found throughout all 5 Eras themselves including:

  • Part 1: Consecutive Intervals:As it sounds, from 1978-recent. (To view the image closer, click on image below).


  • pt 2: Alternating Intervals: (To view the image closer, click on image below).


Viewing timeline as individual parts (all 50 intervals)

Now, individually, they might be traced back to a different time, but in some small form can be correlated by face from one scenario to another-even in forms of groups based on my experiences of the films watched around that time period,  close together in terms of 1-5 year difference and drawn of the faces earliest to latest. For one example, I found most of the people from Harry Potter (2001) look somewhat like Buffy-Bones, (1996;2005) The Mean Girls (2004) cast looks like the Buffy cast and vice versa. The Bones (2005) cast including guest stars also look like people from the past or in the future, somewhat like Emma Stone (2008), Mila Kunis (1997), Jennifer Lawrence (2008) and the Limitless cast (2015-2016) and then back to square one, the people from Limitless look like where I started-the 70’s.

First, from ’04 involving HP;Mean Girls;Bones traced back to Buffy.6)Early-Recent inc HP/DR;Buffy-Bones;Mean Girls Cult & Sci-Fi
7) Recent-’78 (Retrograde) p1 1 Bones-HP/DR;HP
8)pt 2DR-Buffy;

After that, once able to trace back over a decade, recall faces reinforced watching their movies while drawing them, not only was able to trace all the way back but go back and fourth in time, like the timeturner in Harry Potter, creating an example of Eiditic memory. Here are some examples to start…
9)Regressive & Progressive
Recent-HP est of (2001);HP (2001)-Mean Girls (2004); Mean Girls(2004)-’88;
HP/DR (2001)-Mean Girls (2004); Mean Girls-’87;HP-’78

In parts individually such as…Click here for more 

Or As a whole all 5 eras more in-depth including:

Part 1:Consecutive Intervals:As it sounds, from 1978-recent:

1) Kevin Degrees of Separation (From 1978-1990)When the origin, earliest person found who is Kevin connects by social networking with 6-8 others in the same time period including: Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell.

2) Configuration Surfacing Pre-Harry Potter (From 1990-2001) Analyzing shape drawing-Shane West, Christina Ricci, Cameron Diaz, Buffy, The Mummy, The Parent Trap, Enemy At The Gates, Harry Potter Franchise. (To view the image closer, click on images below).



3) Awakening-The Magic Begins with Harry Potter Era (2001-2004 Since HP most frequent)- Harry Potter Franchise, Charlotte Church, Zooey Deschanel, Sara Paxton, Mean Girls Cast, Bones Cast. (To view the image closer, click on images below).



4) Recurrence of Faces-Configuration from Recall of Previous (2005-2007)-Post Buffy-Bones, House Bunny with Emma Stone. (To view the image closer, click on images below).



5)  From Pre-Hunger Games-Recent “Dextrous-Limitless” (2008-recent)- in terms of Regressing and Progressing (To view the image closer, click on image below).

Part 2: Alternating Intervals:The Magic Continues until the end: like a time turner-including discoveries with Harry Potter-correlating while backtracking decade-decade regressive including Most recent-Bones;Bones-Mean Girls;Mean Girls in the end backtracking further and further eventually all the way back to the origin:1978.

Just a guide of how to view from different perspectives. Here is the whole thing below. You can click to zoom in closer viewing from one visual timeframe to the next.



If clicked on, you can see how this all comes together starting and ending from 1978-2016 and eventually in the very end from 2016-1978.

I will provide the video in the future. Click Previous to go back to “Conclusion”.

Click Back to go back to Main page Facial Timeline pt 1

I hope you enjoyed the timeline visual. Sorry, it took so long to upload. Let me know what you think and thanks for visiting.

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