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Other reinforcements besides film-use as an alternative


  1. Anecdotes-Language including: oral, conceptual

Not at first, you’d have to be some kind of memory savant. However, the details of the story remembered makes a difference so it is remembered for next time utilized.

For one example, I have found that the formation of someone’s shape in the past, is formed like the first letter of their name-D: Almost round, somewhat flat and not too long-too wide in shape, or “Egg shaped.”

Now, I have found pneumonic devices, told as anecdotes helps me as well as others remember the shape of face. That way I can refer back to it without thinking about it. Because I found a pneumonic device in form of a reinforcement.

2) Shape of faces and making other pneumonic concepts easier to understand by utilizing language, visual and conceptual examples like ones I have found such as:

Analyze-Identify-Demonstrate shape of face shape:It helps to think of pneumonic concepts to be able to remember therefore apply/demonstrate someone’s face shape. How?…

Let me spell it out for you from a-b giving you examples of the alphabet…

First, I have found 26 shapes total for the face by looking in more depth, exactly how formed round-flat. Now, the alphabet has 26 pneumonics as well.  (I have found that there are no more than 26 just like they alphabet.)

Off the top of my head from roundest-flattest and I will stop when I hesitate…

(4)Ellipse, Round Heart with belated chin, Round Heart, Ellipsoid,

(5) Ellipsoidal, Long Ellipsoidal, Long Oval, Semi-Long Oval, Semi-Long egg shape,

(4) Oval shaped with belated chin, egg shape with belated chin, Oval shape, Egg shape, egg shape with belated chin, heart shape with belated chin,

(5) App elliptic shape, long angular, conic, semi-long heart shape, kite shape, diamond shape, regular heart shape,

(4) wide heart shape, square shape, rectangular shape, Combination of app elliptic & wide heart shape (Angelina Jolie’s  face shape)-Phew, I checked myself in the end but, I believe that’s 26 or I am two short. Still I remember them by keeping myself in check that like the alphabet, they are 26 and are drawn roundest-flattest.

So, I have found and referred to what shape of face someone has from remembering the total of the pneumonic concept is 26-just like the alphabet, from 1-26 (For more about that click here for list of face shapes).

Who knows? You might surprise yourself and remember all 26 after looking at the list.

But before I get too off track the next example of reinforcement…

3)”Back to the drawing board-literally: Using what methods?…

1)Drawings 5-10 faces in about 1-5 minutes according to shape drawn exact 100% (Or,  as like to refer to as “Analyzations”-for more click here). I found this more accurate method takes 1-3 time maximum, 7 maximum. I find when you don’t identify shape it takes much longer, more like an era using this second method which I refer to as:

2) Trial & Error Period(s) resulting in Misinterpretations. (Both of these are not just visual examples, but also a kinetic as well).

4)Analogies/Venn diagrams 1-4 at a time max found, compared, demonstrated  and discussion of topic. (This is an oral and kinetic example as well). Most likely if something is discussed out loud of how people differ in face shape will be like “I never noticed that before, I will keep that in mind”. For example, it’s one thing to post a lookalike for entertainment which is cool, but another to be able to refer back to telling who is who due to further discussion and comparison of for future reference…

This is what the mind tends to do associate one for another. What the mind doesn’t do is disassociate-it’s kind of good visual exercise to do, so you don’t do that in the future. Plus, I don’t mind finding and making my own lookalikes in the process because its fun too lol

(For example, you can see Nathan’s on the left shape is slightly rounder, almost more egg shaped and Josh’s shape on the right is much wider and flatter, more square shaped-For more about that, click here).


According to my readers, they have found this very helpful and the vast majority comment on them that they want a part 2 and/or further explanation. They want to know more feeling that is worth discussing. Off topic for one moment-thanks guys, glad you want to know more and glad you have found it useful. Back on topic this is another type way of reinforcing faces into memory. Even here, looking at Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence I was able to figure out due to comparing their shape side by side who someone in between would look like. In addition, the results might surprise you-for more click here.

Taking notes on the subject?…

Not saying you have to but it helps for another example of further reinforcing faces into memory. I keep a log/list of visual examples/updates that were recalled on intention back in time. I have so many that I have to do this or I might lose track, or forget to mention one. More about this below…

5)  I am writing/typing out the ideas and writing/blogging them down as well. (This is also an aural and kinetic example).

In Conclusion: I have utilized these examples, but my memory did not expand in terms of recalling, pinpointing faces until I became more aware from stages starting from recognition-recall

Altogether total reinforcements based on personal experiences  equal @ 30 different kinds total

All of these reinforcements including: Pre-Reinforcement, viewing-analyzing-demonstrating face shape, writing the concept down by identifying shape and comparing to others with shape:Language 2x, (Recall) helped me develop more in terms of memory. 

Yes,ongoing pre- reinforcements helps,Whereas glancing at a face you are not as aware of the face in mind and they are just like simple reminders


“Like noisy little calendars”-Blanche Deveraux from The Golden Girls

“The little reminders” may/may not get your attention and keep in mind due to interest, from how much emphasized and as a result may/may not be remembered later on in terms of recalling, pinpointing faces.

Basically, of all the reinforcements, the best way to remember them are on-screen/film not because of how many times they are reinforced in the process, but because they can be tracked back in the film archive imdb database by face name and filmography. There are other alternatives just in case, I would also recommend to help boost your recall to intentional, on cue, but I go back to films because they are timeless. So, for this reason film is the best reinforcement, timeless and can be tracked at terms of intended recall.

However, what helps the memory resurface much more likely is by looking at even more or analyzing it. You can do that by not just analyzing the shape but also analyzing-identifying-drawing according to shape 100%. In addition, track down the name by researching it on imdb and/or log down the faces associated in the process dissociating them. Now, It sounds hard but not impossible. On average it takes 7x but doing this I have found I can draw a face on intention by 1-3 times and later recalling on cue from this.

Once analyzing face on film and drawing it, I have found afterwards most likely due to these on-going most in-depth reinforcements, most applicable that it is recalled much faster, more and more frequently, having more control to eventually on cue. In short, from-on cue, from subconcious-concious on intention.

More about the subject of recall-you may be starting to doubt the whole process.

back to the future michael j fox not ready kids are gonna love it

Time will tell…

But, if we are more aware looking at faces, we might just remember them over a period of time. I have found how memory builds over time making this possible.

Where to next?…

Either way below these two links will lead you to the final actual facial recalled timeline:

Click back to go back to “Films are Timeless”.You can view the timeline there clicking the link. Or, go back reviewing previous posts.

Or, if you would like to view the timeline without going back, one step forward rather than back, click next.

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