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Before During and After Release of Films Reinforcer ex

Throughout the whole process from beginning to end… 

PreRelease including:Entire time of promotion of the Film/Film Franchise itself, during the official preview.

During including: the actual film, showing name before to after of the same face shown throughout the whole time of film

Finally, can be referred back to anytime of the face of actor/actress. The face can also be checked in a film archive online database by looking up the info such as: Its cast members and time period the movie was filmed.

All of these examples giving pre-post release viewing the face on-screen can be tallied up in 7x (minimum) total ways alone to start of being visually reinforced-more about that below…

First, they are promoted for the theatre and later on to own on demand, on video.

Tina played by model turned actress Cameron Diaz around the same time Boy Meets World came out guest starring...

We don’t think about it but how many times do we see a commercial for the film for the official release or played on a station for a long period of time. They loop it all month.

Second when you physically see it for a very long period of time whether a whole 2 to several hours of the faces shown that entire time or an ongoing multiple franchise continued for several years to a decade such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc; We “Grow Up” watching films.

Lindsay Lohan introducing the original Mean Girls cast :Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert.

It has happened for such a long period of time that after the final film, everyone is much older. But, the same identity of face has been reinforced the entire time watching the film.
Third, the names are also reinforced before and after the faces seen in the picture

Also featuring Kevin Bacon and Tom Cruise from Far and Away next to...

which are known as beginning and/or ending credits depending on the movie. We don’t think about the beginning or ending part with the names and take a bathroom break or get the popcorn.


Sometimes we sit and read the names but only half the names that are familiar from before they begin to stick.

They are played before and after seeing the face which reinforces it once and again.

Also, chances are if you watch a movie with an unknown in one movie and another one to follow where the same name and face are featured in the one to follow, even though you are not as familiar with their films never seeing them before, something will stick for it has already been reinforced subconsciously in memory once again.

For example, I watched The Box and Dave one before the other in the same day on-screen once and noticed the same name with the same face to follow who was Frank Langella.

Several years ago, I didn’t know who he was before, but looking at his face with the name already reinforced I saw his face and name in the Disney Channel Movie-Now You See It. “Oh, so he was familiar all along, I saw him in something before I just didn’t realize who he was at first”. I knew his face but could never remember his name until that happened, until a second film from beginning to end credits reinforcing his name-face helped reinforce the concept.

Fourth, the full film (franchise) itself, altogether with the faces are shown the same time as the names

promoted before and after which are examples using visual, written and conceptually reinforced at the same time. In the coming attractions before watching a movie/tv show, a person usually wants to be familiar with the actor/actress, so they dwell on the members of the picture promoting it. They will put the name under the face and then put the logo of the movie at the very end of a trailer. This is like labeling something, putting a cinema sticky note on it so you won’t forget.

21 Things You'll Do This Summer, As Told By "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants"

Fifth, the person/people first introduced/viewed on-screen in by someone watching the film, viewing the face. Normally, when you see a person on-screen you will remember the first film you saw them in, even if it was the very first film they were in. If you forget, chances are it will be viewed again in the future, with that face reinforced once more-even if it’s not realized at first.

Christina Ricci from Casper released the same time as the Mask featuring...

Sixth, the people and the connections therefore correlations with one another leading to another film with one of the people reintroduced, continued, reinforced into memory in the future.

Nicole Kidman. During that time, another fresh young female on screen named...

For example, Kevin Bacon has worked with so many other actors from the 80’s-90’s leading from one famous face to the next. First, he was in A Few Good Men with Jack Nicholson who was in a film with

Michelle Pfeiffer?…

Now, back then, I didn’t know who Michelle Pfeiffer was until much later watching a few later films of hers that was not Scarface, but were made way after that including Hairspray and Stardust.

Seventh, the peoples’ filmography are even on record in digital film archives, in writing, can be tracked back in history, to the first appearance they made/were first viewed on-screen.

These filmographies of people found in the digital film archive can be found on imdb. For example, I know when they came out, when I saw them one face introduced before another, growing up watching films.

However,I may not remember the exact number of year all of the time when they came out.

For example, at the top of my head (and forgive me if I miss some or if they are not in exact order):

DiCaprio’s filmography 

starting from Earliest from late 80’s to most recent (For more, click here).

Now, I may not know the exact years for every single one of them off the top of my head.

For this very reason, it helps to look it up on a movie database like imdb which has the actor/actress from the movie’s film on record. (More about that below).



It has the full names of the entire cast, the year it was filmed and the whole filmography of the entire cast which can go back as far as the 1940’s-Early 1900’s, like an archive.

Not only it is a good way to confirm and research in terms of checking names and dates but this is another reinforcement. to find out if indeed the face you spotted was associated for another or not.

Afterwards, watching the same actor/actress more than once 1x+)=Visually, Recognition, not in-depth, subconscious form of visual which is why it takes multiple attempts, uncertain of when the face will be reinforced, drawing it based on trial and error rather than analyzing-identifying-demonstrating shape of face exactly (which I refer to as “Analyzations-for more click here“).

Here are some examples of specific instances, least to most frequent, viewed from films from most recent all the way back to the late 70’s  including…(For more click next)

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