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Timeline pt 3 Ages are the Stages:Building Memory

Earlier on, I started wondering the reason, origin, looking at the make up of shape, of why and how I could recall to eventually being more aware and recalling faces. Later on, I found knowing the shape on and off screen and film is the best reinforcement, but looked at memory in stages itself leading to the process of recall.

As a result, having a more control of recall on and off paper. Then, I began thinking about the process of memory itself because “recall” is a form of memory, concievable, retrievable and lately I have found even controlable. Then, I began thinking about it more. Looking at memory chances are if you look at something in a flash, you’ll remember it in a flash or you don’t.

Further researching the whole topic of recall itself  which is  a form of memory and here is what I found about memory-aka; Ages are (experience building) the stages starting with:Developing Memory-Recognition-Recall and as a result of  making, comparing and breaking the association while drawing. 

Here is what like to refer to as “Ages are the Stages”, leading to recall.

Memory in research for Cognitive Development

...Says It All
Early-mid childhood @ 85% developed (85-100% just being able, but well-frustrated while comparing several concepts at once/beg of complex comparisons)

Teens-Late Teens Complex enough to be able to compare several concepts at once

Into the 20’s (and counting)-Reached its peak of performance: Recognition-Highly recall-yes, I have found it is possible. More about the process below…

Excited 2

Then, in the process of expanding the cranium

That's The Way I Like It


Afterwards the fact of researching memory…(Including these examples below)

Basically what I learned from all of them is that…

looney tunes

First, when memory is worked on, improved 7x or reinforced 7x that the concept is permanently reinforced. I have found many different examples or reinforcements that help without even thinking/trying too hard (because they are on-going/ continuous) to help remember-identify recall a face on, not of cue by recalling and not recognizing it. This inspired me to write the whole recall post.

Second, writing the post in the process I was inspired by the concept of the film Hugo

and realizing how the mechanics of time, how visual reinforcements of faces are all around us

such as photos or film and they are remembered and stored in the vault of our subconscious and brought back to life or simply forgotten. But, don’t be disillusioned-just because you don’t see something, even in this case remember seeing it at all doesn’t mean its not and was never there in the first place. 

So, I found writing the posted timeline and thinking about the topic of memory while researching it that people usually recognize rather than recall. I found this is because it is usually of, subconsciously, not on cue and that people normally have to be reminded. But, it is possible to remember something quite the opposite consciously, on and not of cue, that they don’t have to be reminded and can find the person in memory just by looking at their shape and starting by drawing it. 

Drawing a conclusion of the concept, finishing up the post I have found that…

The trouble is way may have problems pinpointing or recalling. Still, I found it is possible to recall 9/10s if reinforced enough. I have found that there is an overlooked mysterious wonder of the power of association/recall yet to be used.

 By Using it or Losing it: Utilizing by looking closer at the concept



That’s a start but 3 actually.

  •   First, we are capable of remembering over 90% in a time of place, but in the case of recognizing.
  • Second, drawing helps reinforce the fact even further because not only you are viewing but utilizing the concept.
  • Third, I found if recall is trained enough just by looking closer, at shape of face-drawing it exact while looking and thinking about other ongoing timely reinforcements that we can indeed trick our visual memories rather than our visual memories tricking us and so we aren’t misled into associating one face for another.

From there I have found during the writing of my blog and graduated from Associating face-recalling multiple faces at once-more than one examples showing one after another time and time again, resulting facial recalled timeline.

Association of face-Disassociation/Comparing shape-Disassociation-Identifying shape:

I have found these work hand-in-hand while identifying someone whether or not on intention we may associate one for another therefore draw them that way later on unintentionally. For this reason it helps to disassociate by identifying shape.

Disassociating-Identifying-Drawing: I have found utilizing this skill helps disassociate the person seen therefore drawn, just by comparing shape. 

More Controlled Recall: From looking closer at faces as I have in the past by disassociating-comparing-identifying-drawing exact I have found matches of people and compared them to one another to eventually combined ones, more than one face at once from more than one time frame compared.

After finding multiple matches my recall has been building-eventually a correlated facial timeline of examples going back in film from the 60’s to today. 

So, from the earliest stage of memory becoming more aware-expanding recall (in this case developing a facial timeline).

Now, just a quick review of recognition and recall than further going into the concept of that for more… Click Next for the next part: “Part 4 From recalling by cue to recalling on cue”.

Click Back for the previous post. “Films are Timeless…”

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