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September 2016 Newsletter pg 2

9/6/15 3 am:

I am done with about 4+ new drawings, yet to be scanned and added to the drawing gallery. Most were never drawn before and even added on, embellished. For example, I added a teeth (shape), changed the expression angle from side to front etc; Now, some need to be colored. But, shows the difference between knowing shape and not. Right now, one step closer to realism with a better control of color even if the scanner doesn’t pick all of it up. Anyway, I will be finishing them up tomorrow, be doing more until the end of the week.

I will also be looking at comments seeking my technical advice. If wishing for an asap answer FAQ is also available on the bottom menu.

Sorry about the wait-still working on big post featured on the main page (more about that here).

I am having trouble with the finishing touches on the video but its getting there. So, for that reason the video will be available after the posts which I am working on as we speak as well. At least when one door closes, another opens in this case the posts (which are more important) will be released before the videos (which is one part of the post, not as important as the whole post altogether).

9/6/16 4 pm

Here is a new poll result…


All I have to say is LOL to OMG-Wow! According to these results if Michelle Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson from Tequilla Sunrise had a lovechild she would look like…

Melanie Griffith from Working Girl.

According to the poll results: It says she is a perfect 50/50 match as their could-be daughter from the movie.

It’s funny how the two movies Working Girl and Tequila Sunrise came out in the same year. I don’t find that a coincidence. Anyway, people have noticed since the beginning she has brown-blonde hair like the two and a somewhat flat-round, almost square-longer rectangular shape, altogether like the both of them. Wow! Thanks for the votes guys.

In addition, there is also a newest match and poll most recently asking their resemblance to someone from the Mean Girls cast-think you can spot who?  (For more about that, click here.)  I would love to see feedback in poll results for that one as well.

Also, right now I am in the process of uploading some drawings. They will be up momentarily on the updates of before and after drawings previous to this page. Thanks for your votes, comments and for visiting. I will be back later.

9/6/16 11 pm

I will update the list if another main point is left out. But, so there’s no further confusion in the future about what is mainly featured on the newsletter here is a bullet list of what is featured:

Status of activity of website including:

  • When new posts will be available with details about it (such as drawings, a new face added to the face shapes gallery, a lookalike or new combined match refered to as “Combinations”).

  • Poll results mainly from the combinations page (You can see previous examples in the previous pages).

  • Stats including search terms leading to a post affirming the matter searched that I refer to as “Affirmations”. (Which can be found throughout the newsletter).

  • Also, actual numbers of Stats which can be found on the Statistics page on WordPress. (Which can be found occasionally throughout the newsletter).


11:30 pm: Wow, beyond my wildest dreams! Couldn’t believe these stats from yesterday.



The highlighted bar had about 200 views at once which was for yesterday. I am not even on 12 am and I already have about 20 visitors/views. Thanks so much days. You’ve made my days so wonderful. I will be back later this week.


Wow this is a newer post and the visual for it received one of the highest views today…


No seriously, not being punk’d Ashton from his trademark of a show, mtv’s version of Candid Camera, Punk’d along with real-life wife Mila Kunis

I found together look like Kevin Zegers. So it seems this visual has intrigued and  has been capturing attention of readers from last-this month especially today. Thanks to you readers, this has visual has received the most views today-cannot thank you enough.

So who do you think he looks more like?.. (In this case, not “Lovechild”, but combined, a mere combination of the two)?…

Feel free to vote below.

I have yet to receive feedback of resemblance from the polls. In the end, if this is 50/50 voted than this ought to be a new one for the generation lol!

Another highest view includes a post I published less than a week ago: I guess less is more? Anyway, more about that below…


I just released the post titled Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt=Eva Green for the combinations page. (For more about that click the link above).

Here is the poll if you would like to vote below.

Thanks so much for the high stats for my new posts. I guess all updating within the past week paid off . Thanks for such positive influence of comments which is where I’m headed. Afterwards, signing off and will be back later this week.

9/10/16 OMG! High stats for this newest lookalike…


Thank you so much guys for your support! For more about this lookalike, click the link here


Today is a bittersweet day. Sad and yet there were so many posts that I have created not too long ago with high views/stats. Sad day for the country but chin up. My sentiments for all of the victims on this day. For more, you can see the comment, little note I left here in regards to that on the sidenotes/comments page here. Yes, I realize that dedication is a day late, but it doesn’t matter when you refer back to something. It’s important to acknowledge the fact you do, preparing you for the future.

Speaking of moments in history and refering back to…  Something to lift your spirits also. The Timely Fashion post is coming soon. (For more about is click the link for the intro).

More about stats below…

Also, timely fashion  intro post (link is now available) is one of the highest viewed today (The second highlighted).

The one previous to, first highest viewed was Peyton Meyers & Rowan Blanchard=Max Theriot

As for the rest…

Amy Yasbeck & Jim Carrey=Alison Brie

Chris Pine as Dimitri from Anastasia


Emily Deschanel & Dr. Sweets from Bones=Olivia Wilde


Christina Applegate & Brian Deneby-Kate Winslet



Not votes for these examples yet. But, its nice to see my newest are one of the highest. I would love to see feedback on those examples as well as others.


Comments are a day late posting-was sick, so just behind with those. Thanks for your feedback, support and I will back later this week.

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