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Sam Huntington & LeeLee Sobeski=Eva Green


So who would their lovechild look like?…

Eva Green.

WTF right?..

More about how I found the two below.


I found the two looked somewhat alike besides the expression. They both have a somewhat long-wide and round shape. Sam’s shape is slightly wider, heart-square and LeeLee’s shape is much rounder, oval shaped, not too long-wide. Eva’s is in between, almost narrower-square like his but at the same time much wider-rounder, not too long to wide like LeeLee’s.

More about how I found she looks like the two below…


First, I found she looks like Sam with the same length of trilateral-square shape not as narrow, somewhat wide having a square form on top, somewhat round on the bottom. Then, in width of shape she starts to look like LeeLee with a much wider shape having a round form, like her oval shape. In addition, her shape is even oval. I am predicting people may vote LeeLee based on shape and/or gender because they both have an oval shape unlike Sam. Also, voters looking at three might vote based on gender before shape which has happened in the past. We’ll see-it’s up to you. Please vote for a part 2 post (More about that later). Anyway…

had there been something else going on in LeeLee’s character Karen’s upstairs bedroom, a sequel in the making including their daughter she would look like…

Eva Green. I know right?…

In addition to coloring and demeanor: She has fair skin, natural brown hair and dark blue-almost green eyes like the two. She is also somewhat mysterious, eccentric, dark and dramatic and has done mostly dramas and action sequences like the two above.

Anyway, just when I start to think I see one more so, I see the other, 50/50.So who do you think s/he resembles more so?… I would love feedback on the poll beneath the link, leading to this page. I would love to hear others’ perspective, feedback with the polls and/or comments. Thanks for visiting and I will be elaborating the combinations page. Thanks again for visiting.



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