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Emily Deschanel & TJ Thyne=Alexis Bledel

So who would their lovechild look like?…


Alexis Bledel.

No really, you can see a little of the Deschanel side in her.

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First, if you google Alexis Bledel and Zooey Deschanel who is Emily Deschanel’s sister they come up as similar. All three including both Deschanel sisters and Alexis have a heart-square face whether rounder or wider.

You can see a little of Bones character played by Emily at first. More about how I found this below…

Emily Deschanel After Sketch-Who knew the skull would turn out so well? First of all, skulls appear more elongated but like the live version of head, the face if you look closer after the extention of lines, the space how they formation of shape is occupied round-flat you can tell what shape of face the person is like Emily here with her square shape. Just like the real Emily from Bones I start to see similar others such as Alexis Bledel-Sara Paxton both with a wide-almost rounder shape, her sister Zooey Deschanel and somewhat like Bonnie Wright and Olivia Wilde with a much wider, flatter shape. Blending the color really helped because in the original photo there was too much yellow going on so I improvised having a better control and created a gradient from yellow green-blue gray using black and white and color at the same time.



I was finishing my Bones drawing and its funny how the skeleton from behind looks like a face, but from far away in the manual copy it looks like a skull. Personally, I would’ve loved to do the sketches-no problem Angela I’ll take over your job from here lol

Anyway, I was finishing the sketch and noticed a bit of Alexis Bledel not just in Zooey, in her sister as well. Next to Emily who plays Bones they both have a wide-like shape. But, she started to look like someone else, somewhat alike yet somewhat different. Who?… another lab member in passing or as they are refered to by Booth as “Squints”.

bones 2x09 emily deschanel temperance brennan jack hodgins

WTF right?… Allow me to shed a little light on the subject of how I found she starts to look like not like the Deschanel sisters but also like Emily-TJ Thyne as well.


First, I found she looked like Emily Deschanel with the same length of wide-square shape. Then just the same…

She starts to look like TJ Thyne with a narrower-trilateral width of shaped face.

In addition, she even has natural brown hair, dark blue-green eyes like the both of them and is very laid back and soft spoken, but also dramatic and could be just as crazy just like both of  their characters as well.

Just hypothetically speaking Bones -no, not that would ever happen lol.

Anyway, just when I start to think I see one more so, I see the other, 50/50.So who do you think s/he resembles more so?… I would love feedback on the poll beneath the link, leading to this page. I would love to hear others’ perspective, feedback with the polls and/or comments. Thanks for visiting and I will be elaborating the combinations page. Thanks again for visiting.



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