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August Newsletter page 2


Its funny I had a new query searched today stating…


Its funny because Riley and Leo never did a movie together but you can see a little of them in each other…

They both have a long-egg (semi-long heart shape), green eyes and brown-blonde hair. For those reasons one may be able to see the likeness. In addition, there is a post related to this:  For more click here.

Now, don’t forget to please vote. There can be no part 2 relating to posts like the link above, with posts having examples like this. Your votes really make a difference.

Also, whoever searched this query-thank you.

I will be back tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.



A few announcements…

No, but might be  changing things around, a bit of digital Feng Shui…

First, in terms of comments seeing fall is right around the corner and everyone will be back-to-busy, I will be posting 5-at most 10 comments.

Also, here is another announcement, query searched…

In the past I had received a query searched for two people including: Jared Leto and Katy Perry looking alike. Now, since I posted these two links here and here including pictures of Jared, I have gotten this new query-coincidence?…

It seems like after those two pages, people have noticed that not only Jared looks somewhat like Katy, but afterwards, also like Daniel Radcliffe in this example.


Whoever searched this item-thank you. This is a first. There is also a poll regarding that in more depth of the second link above the query. Thanks for your question or, query.

Here is also a new drawing available for this month. It is not all the way finished, but practically there.


Here is a new one of Jonathon Taylor Thomas. You can see if it is him with his regular heart shape: Not too round-wide or long-quadrilateral either. I have yet to work on and finish more drawings to release. I will also be making updates his month as well…

5 pm

New results posted for the Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks poll:


This poll most recently changed from 50% Both-Julia to 75 Julia and 25 both. Another 25% went to Julia. So far, people are looking at same gender or find Emma closer to Julia in

shape, almost rounder-longer rather than long-round like Tom Hanks.

hugh grant julia roberts anna scott merry christmas everyone nottinghill

Either way, thank you so much for the votes.

I will keep an eye out for this one in the future.

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