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Awww 2


Thank You 7

Commend the Effort 24

You make me feel like I’m

Thanks for making my day a little brighter. Fantastic, thanks for your comment.


Yeah, I believe people should discuss this more, one of the reasons I had to blog about this topic myself.

Thanks for referring to it as non taboo. I loved your comment and thanks again for visiting.



Aww, thanks Timothy I’m stunned.

What a nice comment.  I love the enthusiasm


Short and sweet, it seems less taboo each day with the nice feedback I am getting such as yours.

I send my best to you, thanks for your comment.

and you are one of the reasons why I had to comment.

Train pulling out come again soon. Thanks again for your comment and for visiting.




You’re more than welcome. Thanks for thinking of it as pretty. Sometimes it feels like I’m experimenting with the pages…

Throwing it all on there, hitting the highs and

lows when freaking out and nothing is working out right lol

Don't Freak Out 22


And hoping for the best, publishing the pending post.


I guess I did something right when I have encouraging feedback


Ooooh Jiuicy

such as yours. Long story short, you gave me something to look forward to, a happy ending.

All the best, thanks again for your comment and for visiting.



Overjoyed and speechless

I'm Leaking

This calls for a…


well deserved round of applause.

Commend the Effort

You make me feel like I am helping others as well as yourself, truly noted. How thoughtful and thanks for your sentiments.

Thanks again for commenting and for visiting.



Well what can  I say?…  Congrats to your ongoing effort, in commenting and wanting to start an e-book.


Personally, I am not sure where to start with that, but I wish you the best of luck.


It’s nice to know I can make a difference after reading feedback like yours.


It’s nice to stay educated,

but doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. Have lots of fun starting on your e-book.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have reading your comment. Best of luck to the next. Thanks again for your comment and for visiting.


Aww, I’m so excited

Hercules the Hero Dance

and just can’t hide it


Whee-The Mary Poppin's Penguin Dance

Wow! You’ve certainly raised my spirits, make me want to get up and dance.

I love you used he phrase, “Outstanding”, and to you as well.

I commend your effort. Thanks again for your comment and for visiting.


Gone global! This one took me by surprise and it might not have been in English but it was clear as crystal and worth commending as much as the others as well. More about this comment below…


Here is the translation from English-Spanish or vice versa depending on the personal preference of language:



Worth rewarding,  pat yourself on the back. Good job indeed

Very enthusiastic and outgoing. What a nice comment and gracias! Thanks again for commenting and for visiting.



Way to go, two in a row! I will address each one by one below…

Aww That's Sweet

Music to my ears. I am pleased to hear it.

I'm Leaking


Tears of joy

Such a wonderful comment, I try. Thank you for noticing and glad to help.

Thank you so much for your comment and for visiting.

Thank You 9

Thanks for using the words, “Pleasant pattern”. I love the compliment using that alliteration.

Great comment, had me excited while reading it. Thanks for your sentiments and for visiting.


Onto the next…




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