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Home Page pt 2-Hello Returning Readers

Welcome back, returning readers:

 I made a few tweaks, some modifications to make the site more user friendly. More about that below…

I noticed the scroll bar’s on the far right of the main page’s size was heading towards being practically microscopic and that the pages were getting overwhelming, heavily crowded!


So, I lightened the load by redoing the homepage.

Don’t worry, everything is still there.

Home Alone Grid Version expressions sketch scared aah emotional

 I did not dispose any of them and am still adding pages, links as we speak, in a more gradual form. All of the linked posts still feature the main logo on top and the comments for each linked post, with the same bottom main menu. I only changed the navigation, being the main, home page. to be able to make it much easier.

Hmmm 5

Hmmm 7

Why the sudden change? I knew in the future I would have to change the navigation after awhile, I hope I didn’t leave you too surprised.

worry the rescuers dont worry disney

Everything is still here, just less crammed.However,  if you prefer the regular, older version showing recent/new-oldest posts, click here.

Click the main faceshapes101logo on top of any page you are to head home and start fresh (which can also be accessed on the bottom menu). Or, head to the Are You Lost? or FAQ section.

Lost In Translation

The main pages are mapped out for you and featured on the home page. To see the home page, click back.




About keh1016

I am going to Greenville Tech, majoring in Design, have thought and studied technical, analytical, full-proof methods/techniques for 20 years on the subject and consider every angle before publishing my posts. Then, utilize them in a fun, personal way using engaging activities critical thinking, up close and personal level on the subject-even using my own pictures for a comparison, on the subject of faces. Face it-when it comes to drawing the people, study compare and draw or utilize in a different way. Hey, use it or lose it right? Also, you can contact me via comment or the tumblr page available on the bottom menu. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. you’re awesome, write more on this.Ubersuggest girl .


I will approve or respond to your comment as soon as I can. I appreciate the input. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment and for visiting. Love the input!

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