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Browser Part 3:The research and results concluding the main problems of browsers having issues on my site

After announcing thinking in this perspective, narrowing down by judging-solving the problem,

I put my thinking cap on, thinking in that perspective, researching the topic based on the “Mean girl approach” , it’s known well-known character combined with confirmed research.

I have figured out all in all, how to research what browser are the best out there. (If you would like to cut right to the chase, figure out vis-a-vis browser, scroll until you see “In a nutshelll”, with the Ted and Mark Walberg gif).

Recently, while researching I have realized what it comes down to is when people expect productive results…

aka; efficiency:

I have found when researching what is most efficient you look at it in terms of

Quantitative Research & Qualitative Research: People’s overall labeling perspective (like a survey) combined with most popular $ product (like a line graph). More about that below…

Quantitative Research: is the line graph method showing of profit or lack of profit due to activity marketing sales.


Qualitative Research is the survey method, showing most preference due to browsers’ most frequent outcomes for others.whether productive/counter-productive.

Here is the list showing the top five that have been most utilized, mentioned to find my site (according to readers comments that have been made by readers, reporting issues with the browser).I have come to the conclusion which browsers are best-worst during 2016 to therefore figure out how they tick, narrowing down the problem by those browsers.

Based on these results according to multiple sources revealing similar rankings of browsers from using one or both of these methods of Quantitative


Qualitative research.

  1. Chrome- It is pretty much the bell of the ball  and when people hear it, normally rings a bell, used the most. Basically, most preferred, productive and most utilized.

2. Firefoxnot the most reliable

fish out of water being the only browser with problems on my site which readers have complained about mainly that site specifically having scripts run off the page while Chrome was occasional and/or uncertain. used.Mozilla has been having issues with pages aka; scripts running off the page and has even addressed that as well. Other than that is one of the top choices, beating Chrome.  However, since Chrome has had less issues of compatibility with PC and mac and no script issues as much as Mozilla, you might want to stick with Chrome to avoid that issue.


3. Internet Explorer: Since chrome, people have practically banished the notion of existence,

don’t acknowledge and/or use it next to Chrome in comparison. It was not the top preferred choice or even the second choice according to all of the sources.


4 & 5) Safari & Opera: For the most part-“You’ll get nothing (and be obligated to) like it.

They are very advanced built for later devices such as MAC and mobile ones.

This is the most and sophisticated out of the five, therefore temperamental.

It lacks in support and doesn’t always have the most productive results.

It is only compatible therefore used and preferred on more recent devices which are mobile or, MAC computers.  Since its’ preference and benefits of these browsers are controversial and debatable, it is not the most reliable.

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to stay with something simpler, less complicated so you don’t come across problems of compatibility issues worrying if you are using it properly on a device.

These are the top five used to find my site which have experience problems in the past every once in a whole according to my readers who have found this to be an issue, problematic every once in a while.

There are other browsers as well I haven’t look into because there have been no complaints about them currently and compared to the others they are fairly new, not as familar.

So, I have narrowed down the problems of browsers to these top five that have been addressed problematic while finding my site, under each one. In this list explaining more about the browser, therefore what might be there issue.

In a nutshell:

First, Chrome is least suspected to have issues, most people prefer and use it.

Second, Mozilla Firefox is not as good due to scripts and is the only browser with the worst reputation for scripts.

Third, Internet Explorer has a lot of compatibility issues for whatever being an older browser and people prefer Chrome more than it.

Fourth and fifth, Safari and Opera, are more advanced and tricky, most complex so most people don’t prefer them.

This might help figure out what is the issue for an example of each to help clear the matter up, or at least stop making this face of surprise and confusion…

  • First, if you are having a problem with ChromeIt is most likely just a compatibility issue whether with the browser or device, usually minor-otherwise if a major problem then people don’t prefer it. Most of the time can be easily rebooted, reinstalled or resolved.

  • Second, if you are having a problem with Mozilla, it is most likely a problem with the screen due to  a problem with scripts and/or compatibility which may relate to that as well.

  • Third, if you are having a problem with Internet Explorer, you probably may have a compatibility/plug-in issue that needs to be updated because it is older and prone to more problems.

  • Fourth, if you are having a problem with Safari and Opera, 

    That is common, it is has too complex issues asides from usual compatibility/plug-in issue and there may be an other issue at hand being more advanced and sophisticated.

I hope these tips helps. Had I not looked into a certain Mean Girl perspective, I would’ve never come up with a ranking list because normally that is too judgmental. But, in this case it really helped narrow down browser by looking in different perspective, judging the character therefore deep down its issue of each while researching them as well.

 On the other hand if it is an entirely different issue at hand, more of a plug-in/device itself not working…

Don’t worry.

I have also figured out how to address and solve that problem minus the judgmental Mean Girl approach.

For more click here.

Here are all of the original sources I used to conclude the quantitative and qualitative research…



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