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Comments for this Spring Break

Seriously, if I had all the time in the world I would post and address every comment if that were possible. Can’t say enough how grateful I am for the support. Thanks for taking the time to write. So, I thought I’d do something a little special for my readers, something different for a change…

I know, kind of caught you off guard-something different?… Keep scrolling down and you’ll see what I mean.


Spring Break is practically here, for me after today. So, thought I’d drop by a little earlier to say I will be posting comments, extra during the entire course of Spring Break, leaving more time to read lovely comments. Tune in until the end of Spring Break and maybe yours might be posted.




Aww, thank you. I try, but nonetheless you have made my day magical. I am glad you liked it and am very grateful for your comment. Thanks for visiting.




Timeless and classic. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate your input. Thanks for taking the time to travel on down here, dropping a comment and for visiting,




For the next two comments below…

Love the smilies for both-nice touch.


To Yvonne…

Thanks Yvonne. I don’t know if I’ve seen your name before. But, either way thank you for taking the time to write a comment and for the praise. You make me feel young at heart.

You keep smiling as well and have a nice day.





On a similar note-thank you as well Tournoi for making me smile. I wish you luck as well. Thanks for your comment and for visiting.


Thanks ru.index, glad you found it to your liking. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. I think I’ve heard that quote before, that doesn’t make it any less true, couldn’t agree more. Thanks for visiting.


Yeah! Thanks Christine.

You make me want to get up and dance.

Love what you had to say and thanks for leaving a comment and for visiting.



Aww, I’m speechless Opal. Loved it and thanks for your comment. It was really great to read from a nice reader such as yourself. Thanks for commenting and for visiting.



Wow, I love what you said. I think you’re one of the few to post on this. Thanks for your comment and for visiting.



Thanks hk this deserves a round of applause. Thanks for commenting and for visiting.




Thanks, I am glad you want to know more. With this particular subject, sometimes its hard to put in words. But, it can be done and once done is made simple. I do my best to put it in simplest terms as possible, when needed so it is easy to learn for readers intrigued such as yourself. I am glad you liked it enough, find educational value to it. Thanks for reading, commenting and for visiting.


3/27 Happy Easter, Egg-cellent comments. Juggling things at once but, more are on the way. Thanks for commenting.



Thought I was seeing double, hallucinating-lol!  Two of the same comments showed up and loved reading the top one doubt the second time around, the same comment found it just as enjoyable and

There was no way I could eradicate either one of these comments. In addition, the top comment was in reference to the anag a pg 3 featured on the List of Analagous “Lookalikes pg” and the second one was in reference to the most commented page- I would give the title, but it’s too long to name.

Anyway, found both just as enjoyable as the other so thanks for both of your comments , double round of applause and encore to…

# 1

and # 2 featured above as well..

Thanks for making my evening perfectly magical,  wonderful and thanks for visiting.



Wow, thanks Weston. I am delighted to hear that. Sometimes its the little things that brighten your day on an ordinary one. Like, reading a thoughtful comment from people such as yourselves. I am glad you liked it overall using the words “Extraordinary“. Thanks I try my best. Thanks for leaving a comment and for visiting.




Than you gamecoins I commend your effort, stopping by and reading and commenting as well.  Thank you so much. Sometimes people don’t realize it does time and effort, sometimes more knowledge of coding to make pages. But, its worth it at the end of the day.

Cheers, best of luck to the next and for visiting.


Aww, Verfify that is so nice to hear. I especially loved the word choice “Sensible”. Thanks, I try to keep it down to earth, not let my ego get in the way.

Thanks for your kind words and for visiting.

There’s a certain wit and articulation I have found in the comments over the break,  which I believe gives indiction people are really taking time to write me comments and this is worth celebrating. Here are some more for the last part, the long weekend…


For Offorte:

This one snuck up on me, but nonetheless made me smile and brought me joy, also love the smiley Offerte, nice touch! Thanks for your comment and for visiting.



Fiesta! Press. expedia,

You made my day go from…


You sure know how to make someone’s day as well. Thanks for your kind words-you rule!



You’re really on the ball with what you had to say.

You sound very intelligent

and thanks for stating that you still respect others’ views, very admirable.

That’s something rare to find in cyberspace now-a-days. Thanks for your comment and for visiting.


Very deep. I love how you used the words “Twist of fate”, you sound like quite the writer yourself. For reasons describing why I run this blog as well as a quote you might want to use yourself if wanting to in the near future:

Thanks again for your comment and for visiting.

Don’t freak out. I will be displaying the comments until late Monday night. Thanks for everyone’s kind words. It’s been so nice to read feedback over the break.

There’s still the long weekend and I will try to display as many comments as I can week to week. Thanks for your comment and for reading.



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