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Jude Law & Julia Roberts=Jeremy Sumpter

 I have found that Jeremy Sumpter looks somewhat like Devon Sawa-and so does Tom Felton.


(From far left-right:Devon Sawa-Jeremy Sumpter. The middle is an unknown)

 Tom Felton Devon Sawa

(From left-right is Tom Felton & Devon Sawa).

Then, I found that these two look alike Jude, but somewhat different.

First, Tom Felton himself looks somewhat like Jude (but later on more like the other woman he worked with in the film, Julia Roberts with a slightly longer shape and Tom looks more like Natalie with a wider shape. Natalie migh tbe shocked to hear that herself.

Okay, a lot to take in I know-lol

But, quick preview below…

Closer Lovechild #1




Closer Lovechild #2



Notice the combined similarities, both of Jude and Julia-Natalie like Jeremy-Tom, somewhat alike yet somewhat different-Small world isn’t it?…





In addition, for more about the Natalie & Jude part of, who their kid could look like-click here…

Back to Jude & Julia…

 So, in more specifics in this case of how I found how the two side-by side Jude and Jullia look alike, the combined differences or in simpler terms “Together”, combined that is, a possible lovechild in the film.

So, who would their lovechild look like in the film?…


Jeremy Sumpter.


 In addition,  all three of the above shown have heart shaped face. Julia has a semi-long face shape as well, but it is almost more oval, egg shaped while Jude’s is slightly narrower, flatter in comparison.

More about Jude vs. Jeremy below…

First, looking at Jude I noticed he looks somewhat like Matthew McConaghey, like him having a similar length of shape and Jeremy Sumpter has a slightly wider shape, also somewhat similar to him even played a younger version of him in the film Frailty.

So, I noticed these two looked somewhat like McConghey, therefore similar to each other in face shape.In addition, even the two both sounded somewhat like McConaghey. When Jude spoke an American accent, sounded like him but not as thick and Jeremy sounded a little like McConghey when he talked in his similar accent.There were even times when I almost misinterpreted Jeremy’s face shape for being longer like Jude’s when first drawing him.


But, the two Jude and Jeremy are similar, yet somewhat different to each other in face shape. Unlike Jude’s face shape, Jeremy’s face shape is slightly wider. Differs in width, much wider-rounder, it starts to look like Julia’s similar width of heart shape, much wider-rounder than Jude’s almost more egg-oval shaped.


So, together I found that someone with an almost longer-rounder face shape, almost egg shaped, but also heart shaped-square, equally balanced, of a heart shaped or “Regular Heart Shape”, looks somewhat like Jude, with a similar length of shape

and at the same time similar in a width of slightly wider-rounder, almost egg-oval shaped face, in comparison than Jude’s, much more like Julia. Also, his eye color is even in between, blue like Jude’s but also slightly darker with almost more green in it (like Julia’s hazel-almost brown) quality of eyes.

 Anyway, just when I start to think I see one more so, I see the other, 50/50.So who do you think s/he resembles more so?… I would love feedback on the poll beneath the link, leading to this page. I would love to hear others’ perspective, feedback with the polls and/or comments. Thanks for visiting and I will be elaborating the combinations page. Thanks again for visiting.



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