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January 2016 Newsletter

Drumroll please…



 The year has come and gone-aww, bittersweet. Looking back…Here is a quick preview of the stats for past 2015-Thanks! Click for more if interested.

Moving on…

1/1/16 12:00 am: I am so happy myself! Thanks for everyone’s support. I actually noticed the past few days of this month there was a lot of response. Thanks again for your kind words, comments.

Been cleaning house but have stopped to read your comments and have enjoyed them immensely.

Sorry about the delay in updates. I have been working on drawings in new medium. There are many more to post of eye shape in coloring pencil and I found a few more to add for the combinations page.  Taking down the tree today so will be back much later.  Thank you all for your support and for visiting!


I found some interesting poll results over the break involving examples that can be found on the combinations pages. More about them below…


This one was pretty interesting. It actually changed overtime. It originally said that Faith Hill looked more like John Travolta. I guess people are looking more closely giving it more thought?

Either way this was very interesting, almost 50/50. If it doesn’t change this will be one of the few out of many where I will looking for a closer match in the future…


First, this said Chevy Chase when I put this up.

Say again?…

This is yet another one that has changed overtime, with most recent results shown. However, unlike the last one has changed from 60-50/50 of resemblance.


This one also had more of a 60/40 resemblance of male changing to 50/50, but of Kirsten Bell in this case. It says here, most recent of poll results that she resembles 50/50 of Charlieze and Matt. Whereas before was more of Matt Damon. I guess people could see the similarity of almost more square form of shape of face, jaw. Then, noticed how much longer-rounder her face is more like Theron

Couldn’t believe it myself. But, you be the judge…


This one actually showed more of a resemblance of Frankie at first. Then, it changed to both most recently.

OMG! Malcolm In The Middle moment-say what?!

LOL-wonder what Malcolm would say in his monologue about this…


This is the first time people have taken this particular poll. In short, thank you for voting on the Thank You For Smoking movie’s lovechild. I actually found this resemblance right before I went to bed-good thing I didn’t forget to write it down before blogging about it-lol!


This is not most recent, but not the oldest. Still, this is the most recent of results, first time it was vote for. I guess Reba being the one of the most played shows on TVland brought up the concept. But, omg!

looking you can definitely see a country Jim Carrey in Steve Howey. Surprised he never impersonated him on the show. According to the polls he definitely could pass for a younger Jim Carrey.  In addition, I will see if I can find a closer match in the future.


Originally this said Liv had much more of a resemblance. But now, people are starting to see a little of both in Anne.

So, thank you all for voting. I was really intrigued by the response. I look forward to, would love seeing more response particularly in this area. Thank you all for visiting. If finding a closer match for all, there will most  definitely have possibilities of having a part two for these in particular-thanks so much for your support, for making this possible. Keep on voting!

Also, I will be posting comments of the week by Sunday-Monday. Looks like this New Year has been a great one so far. Even with the busy bees back to work, there still has been a lot of buzz-over 250 hits the past 3-5x from last month-this month…major increase of views/visitors. Thanks so much for all of your support.

I will be back later and thanks for visiting.

1/9/16 2:00 am

Wow, over 1,000 comments in less than 3 days. Thanks for the input, would love to see input in the polls more so as well would love to hear what you think in that aspect. Also, been busy updating site with a bunch of new pages including animated, combinations and much more. Also, have made a bunch of new gifs/animated files, pretty much done just have to upload them all Also, I made new color drawings of people with their defined face shape yet to be updated.

I know, a lot hit ya with at once.

But, getting there, reason why I haven’t responded to comments or updated this newsletter recently.More about that below…

I haven’t yet read them, but will be heading over there soon before Sunday hopefully, if not latest Monday-before end of this week, counting towards 2nd week of January.   Getting there…

Thanks to my fellow readers, fans, followers, viewers, visitors etc; for visiting. Love the support. I will be posting comments by the end of this week.

Right now, going to retire or put it to rest and will be back later this week, busy week ahead. See you later and thanks for visiting.

12:30 Pm

Here is the list of updates, quick preview coming soon, of newest posts…

I know sorry to hit you with that last minute. Alot of last minute stuff, trying to catch up with the holidays, new year and all. But, the links should be available by the end of this week, still in editing. But, will be looking at comments today and love the input. Will be back later with personal favorites to post. Thanks for visiting.

1/13/15 3:00 am

It is going to be a next busy few weeks. I am still working bit by bit on updates and

Don’t freak out. Trying to stay well this season . If I get under the weather, reason being future reference why the site will be behind on updates.

Also, I had time to read some comments today. Thank you so much, was overflowing with response today. I noticed there was a comment-10 every 1-5 minutes-crazy! Thank you so much.

I will be back later hopefully with finished newest updates for the month and thanks for visiting.

1/14/16 12:30 pm …On further note, I should have said much later. I will be starting a drawing class-harder than it  seems from the sound of it. Also, it might leave you with the same way I’m feeling right now-like this…

A little overload, lot to take in right now. So, for this reason I apologize for any slow updates in the future. I enjoy feedback and will try to post 5-15 this Sunday if not, next Sunday. Thanks for visiting, love the input.

1/16/16 12:00 pm

Doing drawings on the subject being eggs for class. This is where knowing the before you draw it in this case, egg shaped would help. So, taking a breather in between. to read the comments, love them.

Thank you so much for viewing, commenting.

On further note, had to be said II noticed that the highest view page is an Alan Rickman one. In latest news,  past away yesterday.  There is actually one new post I haven’t yet released but involves him. Alan Rickman was inspiration like others to some new posts whether involving lookalikes, drawings etc;

He was a very interesting character himself, most of the time knowing how to get down , play a dark character/hard-core  villain, but most known for Harry Potter as Professor Snape.

His performances were absolutely

He may be gone but he will be missed.

Alan Rickman, R.I. P


OMG, realized I haven’t been back in a week. Sorry, about that.

I have been super busy finishing up animations for the site and if any more found will be added to the site. I also realize I am behind on updates for this month, the newest posts with previews not yet available. They should be available by the end of this-beginning of next month.

Also, I am enjoying the feedback in polls and comments. There are no new polls taken but they are changing for the better, closer in general and I am picking the rest of the comments for the week.

I realize I am a bit behind, sorry again about that and

Thanks for the support. I love to hear/read the comments from my readers.

I will be back as soon as I am on the ball, trying to get a hold of things.

I will be back later this week and thanks so much for the support.


This is the reason why updates have not yet been made yet…

Or, trying to be-lol! Working on two main drawing projects at once. So, for that I apologize I have not made updates yet. But, there are new discoveries yet to be posts, therefore more previews of posts  added to the newest updates pages.

But, I am also immensely enjoying reading comments on my break and will put the ones up for this week by late Sunday-Monday worst case scenario. Thanks for reading. I enjoy the feedback and

hate to make this possibly not short and sweet. But, overdue for rest, will be back later. Thanks for visiting.

1/28/16 4:00 am

Never take the time of taking a nap for granted, took a long one and slept through tthe night. Then, I woke up later, saw the response- more than 150 viewers in the past half of day!

Thank you so much! Sorry about the long pause. This was me in a nutshell this week trying to finish schoolwork…

I am so glad to be back and am about to head over to read the comments, post them for this week.

In the end, I love hearing what my readers say. Not only does input help, but I love to read them as well. Thanks for visiting and am keeping my readers in mind. As soon as I am done with comments, I will be catching up on Janurary’s updates and can’t believe the month is almost up already.

Thanks for visiting and will be back asap.


I’m all right, don’t worry about.. the updates. They will be posted on time for Sunday. I loved reading the feedback and today has been a really good day. I will be back later and thanks for visiting.

1/29/16 10 pm:Back even if for a brief moment. Thanks for voting on the polls. I noticed


But, apparently, readers agreed that she looks like both 50/50.

Place your cursor on each animation file to read each outgoing message…

Thank you so much. Comments are picked for the week and this is one of the more brief updates, the other are longer yet to come. Thanks for visiting and especially in this instance for your input. I will  be back later this weekend.


Here are some more poll results…


I found some new results for the polls and this one was very interesting. This one was never voted for a while to begin with. But, then it was voted, received of both.

I wonder how Fletcher from Liar Liar would react-lol…

But, people see 50/50 and I always saw something familiar in Cody Linely, Hannah Montana’s former boyfriend. Thanks for voting!

Here was another one that was interesting as well…

You can see a little Cameron Diaz with the blonde hair and very round appearing shape But, apparently people see more of the dark side, of Dorian from the Mask in Emma Rigby. Either way, she is still a very pretty version, could-be daughter of Dorian in my opinion and (Spoiler Alert): Stanley came to the rescue…


Thanks for voting.


This one was interesting too. This was one of the few cartoon ones, results of. This one said that Blake Lively looks more like Jane.

Jane might be shocked to hear that herself.

The last two were fairly new and I will find a closer match. Thanks for voting, I love to know my readers’ input. Speaking of input, comments picked for this week will be up and running today-tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.


Comments for this week are now available.

Thanks for visiting and will be back today-Monday.

Still updating, “Back to business”…

I’m about 1/2 way through making updates for the Janurary Newsletter. Also, the Feburary Newsletter may be a day or two late. Thanks for visiting and will be back later this week.

2/1/16 3:30 pm

Loads that I brought with me, to do. However, almost done with updates for January. So far none for February. But, also have a lot of drawings to upload on pages for examples. Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoyed the previews on the updates pages. I will be back tonight.

2/3/16 5:00 pm

Slept in and got started a little late on updates but almost done with them. About two more to go for last month and will be caught up. I am also enjoying comments and will be checking polls-love the input. Will be later. Thanks for feedback and for visiting.

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