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Personal Favorites-for Celebration of Anniversary pg 2

Other Movies/Tv Shows Animated Lookalikes:

Camille from Stuart Little– All the sudden it hit me, like Camille, this unknown did look a lot like Jennifer Tilly at first, then somewhat Demi Moore. She has the cute button nose, similar shape and could definitely pass for Camile as a human. This was a lot of fun considering it was the first lookalike to be made of Camille, of Stuart Little by me. Normally lookalikes are made of Disney or famous shows (like the ones below). This being in an underated children’s cartoon was a lot of fun to make as well. Even the wrinkles if looking closely fall below the eyes, exactly where the whiskers would be drawn.

Fred Flintstone from the Flintstones-I think George Wendt was either still filming Cheers or Man of The House. Either way, I don’t think he would’ve played Fred due to scheduling conflicts. But, I noticed a little John Goodman and also, like him Fred Flintstone in him-like John, with a much wider shape brown hair.

This was a lot of fun to make too considering both are on very famous shows and look a little like the real life version played of Fred. Small world huh?… They yabba dabba doo look alike and I had fun making this one as well.

James MacAvoy & His caricature Arthur Christmas-This one was really cool. Originally this lookalike far left was taken and to be compared to Bradley Cooper, I can see it but not vast, somewhat more of Hugh Dancy just like James MacAvoy.

His caracature in the middle looks somewhat like this lookalike, somewhat of Bradley more like Hugh Dancy-James MacAvoy. Then, the real James is far right. Notice how the gets wider and wider? I loved making this one especially since this cartoon drawn of James looked alot like him to begin with. Also, it was hard to find one of James with a hq pic, full smile-reason for his silly expression. But, it was still worth it, alot fun. This is one of the more complex ones and the ones being more than two I have yet to give a name, to refer to, of a more special diagram.


Nina from Braceface-It’s funny what you remember, refer back to. I always thought Jessica looked like Nina from Braceface.

This was so much fun to do! Even without red hair, they would look like each other. Nina’s just missing a cleft of chin. But, Jessica’s also missing an extra piercing. This one was really cool to do.


Real life Pinky from Pinky & The Brain-On the subject of brains it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out who this real-life Pinky from Pinky and the Brain looked like. OMG! I saw this and was so excited to makes this one.


Spongebob Squarepants as a boy– I didn’t draw the fan art, but somebody drew Spongebob as a person and I found it looked alot like Cody Linely. The only difference is sometimes the cartoon looks younger, older, depends on perspective, but he definitely looks like Cody. This one was really fun to do and if they ever made a live version of a human sponge bob movie, Cody could definitely play him. He would just have to raise his voice and do the nervous laugh-dah ha ha hah ahha ha! This one was funny, fun to do as well.

Daniel Radcliffe & Noah Silver-Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this lookalike of Dan, also looked somewhat like someone else. For more about that click here. I would also make sure it wasn’t biased and looked under closer observation, side by side. Also, as soon as I made that post, published the visual, it was most viewed three days in a row. In addition, I have yet to have votes of resemblance, how much, about that, but the post is fairly new, less than a few weeks old.


He definitely could pass for an American Daniel Radcliffe, even from the side (for more about the two, click here). This one was so fun, so surreal. It looks so much like him, but somewhat different as well. I was quite astounded when I noticed the similarity of them and of the other person he starts to resembles just as much, as well. It was one of the most interesting ones I have done in a while. Also, now I could see what Daniel would look like with brown eyes and more elongated shape like someone else familar. This one was one of the most interesting ones yet.


Josh Hutcherson & Taron Eggerton from Kingsman Secret Service- The whole time I was thinking, reminds me of Jude Law, but also a spitting image of British version of Josh Hutcherson.

You can see the slight differences side to side with similar square shape, dark eyes and hair-even expression. This one was a lot of fun to do as well.

Bradley Cooper & Frank Sinatra-I could see Bradley doing a biopic of a famous singer, with an Italian heritage. He is Italian and he can sing pretty well too from what I have heard. Also, I found this young pic of Sinatra looks like Bradley Cooper.

I actually thought it was his yearbook picture. But, then I realized it wasn’t Bradley-uncanny! Talk about change of the times, in the slightest. This time transition one was pretty fun to do as well.

dr and as is_ekaterina-vilkova-1 anag seyfried julie dawn cole sim hurd wood do pic

This Russian lookalike of Amanda Seyfried- I found this lookalike, who also started to look somewhat more like Daniel Radcliffe with a much rounder shaped face. Which is funny because I always saw a little Daniel in Amanda and vice versa. For more about that click here. She also looks like she could’ve played Veruca Salt which is funny because she looks somewhat like the original and in the remake, Anasophia like Amanda, looks somewhat like Dakota Fanning, with a slightly flatter shape, more like Amanda. It’s funny how she looks similar in character, to not just Amanda, but to others, even of another gender. This was a lot of fun to make too.

Nashville Lookalikes:

Daughter from Nashville Lookalike-Where do I start? They are even wearing the same shaped glasses, square but also longer and rounder. One is from Nashville while the other was on the Hallmark show Home and Family. This lookalike came out interesting because the negative space, in between the two faces, also have the formation, of shape of face-heart shaped, not too long, wide round, shown in the gray colored formation, in the middle. Also, it unifies with the gray background pretty well. This was one of the best turn-outs in my opinion. I love the show Nashville, but I even like making art relating to it, whether fan art or even these lookalikes. There are also two more of Hayden who plays Juliette on the show, below.

Hayden Panetierre & Unknown– They both appear to have a very round shape, but one’s is more elongated. Also, this one was super fun to make-they even had similar expression emphasizing the fact that they are alike.

Hayden Panetierre & Susan Sarandon– These two are noticably different. However, you can see a little Susan Sarandon in Hayden Panetierre, the similar square formation, even if more elongated. Also, she reminds me of a mean version of her from the Client, on the show Nashville with a similar voice. I even found, in some instances that Susan looks like Hayden.

I have yet to find who else Hayden looks like just as much, 50/50 as Susan. But, she definitely reminds me of a younger, more dramatic, blond Susan Sarandon. This one was fun as well too!

Josh Hutcherson & Nathan Gamble– This one was most viewed this and last year. I even made a matching card game for a project involving lookalikes, of these two being matches. This was the second Josh Hutcherson lookalike that was really fun to make and also apparent to anyone who found, searched it on google numerous times. My mother even said while I was thinking just the same, “Isn’t that the kid from Terabithia”? Yeah, if he never aged-how many years ago was Terabithia-a long time ago? He could definitely pass for a younger version of


Josh Hutcherson. I have yet to figure who else he looks like just the same. But, this one was uncanny, a lot of fun discovering as well. Notice how the shirt and neckline, blend into each other. I love the way that came out! It really shows how the mind works-associates one similar element, even of face, within another. The trick is to identify each by shape. But, this is one of my favorite ones done, also most popular by visitors-thanks!

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