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Combinations A-Z


Alec Baldwin & Geena Davis=Alyson Michalka– At first, I accidentally drew Geena for Aly. They both do look alike and then I noticed she started to look like Geena’s co-star Alec from Beetlejuice.

The votes were at first of Geena, but now are tied 50/50 and have not changed since establishment of post. People have been viewing this alot the past few months.

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci– I recieved so many compliments on this one and others related.

I had done this post much earlier, but it was a while before released. Once it released, the hits kept coming from readers.

Clayton Snyder Ashlie Brilault Ralph Machio

Ashlie Brilault & Clayton Snyder=Ralph Macchio-This was most viewed, commented, top rated of pages.

Also, the more people voted, the closer resemblance. At first, was more of Clayton Snyder. I guess this particular post is opening people eyes to resemblance of other gender, just the same.


Brendan Fraiser & Maria Bello=Josh Hutcherson/Kate Beckinsale– This post was more gradual and you can start to see a little in both. The fans started to see it and comment, view it alot in the past few months. I guess adding personal visual of self spiced things up. It also helps to go in more depth like this. I have yet to go into more depth like this, but delays post release for quite a while. I also tried to break it up visually with horizontal bold lines. It took me less than a day to right this so I was quite surprised of response it had once released.


Heather Graham & Ed Helms=Danielle Panabaker– I still have yet to recieve votes, still new but it is most viewed and commented on. Also, I just recied query within the past month that Heather looks like Danielle according to query searched, found and clicked on here.

It seems like the Danielle Panabaker result of combinations, of post recieve the most feedback of the combinations pages-that and the Christina Ricci ones, whether or not voted.

Jake Gyllanahaal Anne Hathaway danielle panabaker

Jake Gyllanhaal & Anne Hathaway=Danielle Panabaker-This one was most viewed, visited and voted for the past several months. After watching Love and Other Drugs, I discovered Danielle having 1/2 resemblance of both.

The readers noticed it as well. This one was one of the more well recieved, concived example of post, on combinations a-z page.


Jason Bateman & Amanda Peet=Drake Bell-I redid this post, of closer resemblance and received more views than the previous-it was obviously a closer match.

I have yet to recieve votes. This is one of the newer posts less than a month old. But, people were very interested in the post, visual once it was released.

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson Me

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson=Me– I made this a while back, not too long ago. But, not most recent either and people voted 50/50. I accidently hit the button and voted for Josh.

But, since the 50/50 other people have voted. it has not changed for a long time. I am waiting for newest results. But, I guess I outdid myself, it was not just biased, in more depth of observation.


Josh Lucas & Emily DesChanel=Sara Paxton-This poll changed recently from Josh-close 50/50 resemblance. People have commented and viewed this one alot the past few months.

It was interesting to see the poll change, to almost 50/50 over time.


Paul Walker & Piper Perabo=Rachel McAdams

This released shortly after the Wedding Crashers/Aloha lovechild post. Apparently afterwards, I saw a little Rachel in Paul, vice versa, just the same as Piper. This one after that post, most viewed goes to show from more than one instance that Bradley and Rachel both look somewhat like Paul Walker, specifically 1/2. I have yet to recieve polls here too. But, this was viewed just as much, right after the release of the other post-coincidence? …Either way it seems like readers see it as well.

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