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Clover from Totally Spies Cameron Diaz



I remembered watching this Animae/old ABC Family cartoon show known as Totally Spies, played way back when on know-then as, “Fox Family”. It was like a combination of Charlie’s Angels, Kim Possible and Mean Girls, but one mean girl. Anyway, Clover was my favorite out of the three. It’s funny because there was  something about Cameron Diaz, well familiar about her anyway, not just being similar to other celebrities. But, later on I realized, whether younger, older, hair shorter, longer, whatever expression, similar demeanor, she reminded me of Clover from Totally Spies.

First, they both have a similar form of oval shape-notice the similar v on bottom with an almost more wide-square form from hairline-bellow nose, before the chin? Also, they have similar blue eyes that almost look purple, having more of a colorful, blue-gray color. In addition, they have that similar widespread smile and similar teeth shape. Also, even the both of them are very upbeat, outgoing whether more comedic, happy or mean and dramatic.  Even the eyebrows are very thin with the similar shaped curve.


cloveranag - Copy



Anyway, let me know what you think, enjoy the visual. I will elaborate if necessary and thanks for visiting.



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