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Cruella DeVil Unknown

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It was very hard to find a high quality pic of the original classic cartoon Cruelle DeVil. So, I found fan art to make the second lookalike made. I will provide the link for the original fan art as soon as I find it. Back to the concept of the cartoon lookalike…

I always thought and apparently so does Disney that someone who looked like Naomi Watts, Glenn Close, Rene Zelleweger, Jennifer Lawrence could be a good choice for casting Cruella DeVil in a Disney remake, all with the exception of Disney did not think of, Jennifer Lawrence, being the youngest. Personally, I think if Jennifer was a little older, could pull of Cruella.

Anyway, like Disney I always thought anyone with a round-long shape, dark eyes and fair skin could play Cruella. Then, I found this unknown model, also a little younger version of, who looks like a mix of all the above. First, she looks alot like Rene Zelleweger-Jennifer Lawrence, with a very oval appearing shape. Actually, in this case her shape is oval. But, her oval shape is slightly longer, almost more heart shaped like Jennifer’s. Then, I thought like the character Cruella she also starts to look a little like a younger version of Glenn and Naomi.

In addition, the eye color of both is almost green, more bluish gray-hazel, very dark. Whoever this unknown model is, could definitely pass for Cruella. Just give her a wig, fur coat and the evil laugh. Also, her eye color, skin color even expression is similar to the character Cruella. The instant I saw her, was a spot on resemblance of Cruella, like Cruella with a round-long shape, somewhat also like Glenn Close, Naomi Watts, Rene Zelleweger-Jennifer Lawrence. So, I will elaborate if necessary, thanks for visiting. Let me know what you think and enjoy the visual.




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