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Me & Chris Pine=Emma Watson


Right away, I saw me, then Chris Pine. First, I always saw the slightest bit of Emma Watson in the both of us. We are both somewhat similar in shape to Christina Ricci and Jennifer Jason Leigh with a long-much almost wider-round shaped face…

Christina Riccijjl2

In addition, the first pic above should read, “Long Heart shape”. But, Christina is actually closer to me with a long, flatter shape and Jennifer Jason Leigh is closer to Emma Watson with a much wider-rounder, semi-long, like Emma’s, almost egg shaped face.


So, I always so the slightest resemblance somewhat. First, we both have a similar length of long, somewhat round shape. But, Emma’s shape is much wider-rounder, in comparison, almost more egg shaped, slightly more elongated like Chris Pine’s. In addition, even the eye color is in between, not as dark as mine and also not as light as Chris’.

Just when I start to think she looks more like one person, she looks like the other. So who do you think s/he resembles more so? I would love to hear personal perspective! If interested, there is a poll, after clicking the back link, under the link to this post. Anyway, thanks for reading, let me know what you think, I will elaborate if necessary, enjoy and thanks for visiting.

(Here is more info below, in relation to this, intro to a new post, yet to be made, a quick preview)…

In addition to this post, I got feedback from more than one individual, in form of chat that Emma and I look somewhat alike. If you look at the face shape, you can see it, but slight differentiation-notice how much narrower my face shape is while her’s is almost more egg shaped? I will provide more info about that in the future. It’s funny because I saw that, but then start to notice a difference too. Also, when she got closer matches to me they were of Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth McGovern, Amy Adams who I have see a little bit of me in all of them, have had similar matches to them-makes sense if you think about it-when she looks more like me, has closer matches to me, in the past.



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3 responses to “Me & Chris Pine=Emma Watson

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    • keh1016

      Owner;Creator;Producer;Specialist of face shapes 101 in reply, (not full

      actual wordpress main site itself) in reply,

      Congrats! You are the first to not only to view but comment on the matter!

      It’s funny because I started to see a bit of me. I’ve even had friends on facebook discuss with dark straight hair she looks like me instead of the other way around. But then I look at her and start to find Chris Pine just as much.

      It actually took me a while to find a pic of the two but was so enchanted to make your acquaintance.

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting.


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