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Elizabeth Mitchell & Judge Reinhold=Jodi Lynn O Keefe

Apparently, Elizabeth didn’t know she could be looking at a younger, possible conceived version of herself with someone else who resembles the cartoon just as much, who she actually worked with in the very same film? More about that below…

It would never happen pretty much having PG themes and happy endings, being a Disney movie. But, what if in a more PG 13-R version, during a Parent-Teacher conference, Judge Reinhold’s character got to know Elizabeth Michell’s character the principle a little too well, chased her around the desk? There would be a be a big scandal and their lovechild-who would he or she look like? Just food for thought…


First, I noticed looking at the caricature drawn of her by Charlie in the movie, started to look like someone with a much rounder-wider, round heart shape…


Then, I noticed they both look somewhat similar, noticably different to each other and did see a little Elizabeth in Jodi Lynn O Keefe. But, Jodi started to look like someone else, 50/50, just as much who actually was in the movie, part of the Santa Clause 2 Cast-Judge Reinhold.


So who would Elizabeth Michell and Judge Reinhold’s lovechild look like?…

Jodie Lynn O Keefe

First, I noticed a little Elizabeth in her. They both have a similar length of shape, at first, round-wide. But, Elizabeth’s shape is much narrower and Jodie’s shape is slightly wider, being like Elizabeth, but even, more egg shaped-round like Judge Reinhold, similar to his width of wider, almost egg shaped face.

Altogether, with the combined length of Elizabeth and width of Judge’s their App Egg-oval face, their lovechild’s face shape would be very round-wide almost egg-oval, being very round, and ever so slightly flat and elongated.In addition, the eye color is between the two being blue-green with a little gray in it like Elizabeth’s, but at the same time, much darker like Judge Reinhold’s. In addition, I could picture her playing their kid, being about the right age, around high school around that time and she could definitely play a younger Elizabeth Michell, even darker and more dramatic like Elizabeth and at the same time kind of silly and eccentric like Judge Reinhold.

Anyway, Just when I start to think I see one I see the other. So let me know what you think, I will elaborate if necessary, enjoy the visual and thanks for visiting.



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