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July Newsletter 2015

Sorry about the stand-still the past few days. I turned around and it was July!

How time flies!

There are a few more comments to pick for posting them on personal favorites of the week.I will publish the post this week and the videos are on-hold more in-depth, might be split into several different videos, being more instructional, note-worthy for future reference.

I will keep you posted when the video(s) are finished, mentioned in the previous letter. Also, probably before the release of the videos, I am working on other posts as well, in-depth, but not as long to finish as the videos themselves. 

Also, a quick preview, one new lookalike will be available soon and there are some new additions to the combinations/love-children page…I noticed the past few are 100%. I will look into them and see if I can spot a closer match and repost.

However, a lot of the un-voted, older ones are now getting 50/50 votes, or changing from 100% to 50/50-thanks for the input.These are all the newest. I am done with diagraming the old ones and the ones below were just discovered. Also, I have a few more pending after these being quick previews below…


Batman & Robin Lovechild (Uma Thurman & Chris O Donell)


Batman Forever Lovechild  (Nicole Kidman & Val Kilmer)


Cider House Rules Lovechild (Tobey MacGuire & Charlieze Theron)

Tina Fey Mark Walberg

Date Night Lovechild (Tina Fey & Mark Walberg)-Again, no photo was available-one with them next to each other anyway…


Double Jeopardy Lovechild 1 & 2 (Angela from Double Jeopardy & Bruce Greenwood, Tommy Lee Jones & Ashley Judd). There was no extra picture available to post for the other pair. But here is one pic shown above…

Faye Dunawayvictorindunston

Dunston Checks In Lovechild (Faye Dunaway & husband Victor from film Dunston Checks In)-Sorry, believe it or not there was a photo available of her and every male co-star with the exception of the one who played her husband in the film…

Endless Love-child (Brooke Shields & Tom Cruise)


Footloose (Original) Lovechild (Kevin Bacon & Lori Singer)


Friends Lovechild (Emily from Friends & David Schwimmer)


Home Alone 1-2 Lovechild (Catherine O’ Hara & John Heard)


Nashville Lovechild (Clare Bowen & Jonathon Jackson)


Me & Daniel Radcliffe=This unknown-In the past, I looked at a few people, who up closer look like Daniel Radcliffe, more so, closer in face shape, more than mine according to the votes. So, I examined further and posted this one here….

I will be back with the available links for each, just need to finish linking them. So, let me know what you think and enjoy!

7/4/15 3:00 pm The links will be available shortly. Also, a preview of the newest lookalike made below…


A younger Christopher Plummer...

11:00 pm:

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Have a few posts pending, one-two videos and on post featured above along the way. Thanks for visiting and now thanks to readers like you making the blogging experience more enjoyable, in both cases, now I am taking a break and going to kick back and enjoy the fireworks! Thanks for visiting and will be back tomorrow with the new post, and few favorite comments picked for the week-can’t believe it’s practically Sunday already! Thanks again for visiting.


7/6/15 10:00 pm

Here are some new posts…

of Animated Lookalikes from Recess School’s Out…


Michael Keaton James Wood’s principal character in Recess School’s Out


Ms. Spinster from Recess School’s Out Betty White

and and somewhat-alikes: Rachel Hurd Wood-Zena Gray


7/8/15 3:00 pm: New update today for the combinations page. I found this unknown drawing, with a link of the fan art-not mine, nonetheless, beautiful work. They intended to draw Nicole Kidman with a similar face shape, much longer, and similar glasses. Also, this is from the photograph of her in Eyes Wide Shut. But, it starts to look like someone else with a much rounder shape being Daniel Radcliffe. For more about that click below…


Nicole Kidman & Daniel Radcliffe= Unknown

Also, more about the minor updates, more recent…

Minor, not major, more brief, recent updates are taking place while the more in depth posts, videos are pending.


Just incase you had trouble looking for them…

Just a sneak preview, there are a few more like this one above, featuring different people, yet to be listed on the a-z page, newsletter here. One is way more recent, was discovered from one of the most recent Oscar nominated films- Just a hint, Not going to give away too much, bust just a quote from the original release as a hint:”It’s a bird, plane, it’s…”

More about the videos already posted…

So far, I believe I have uploaded about 10 videos so far. What’s funny is the most viewed on site of lookalikes, almost 100% of the time are the ones featured on the video, for the most part, the last few featured on the video. Funny, someone once told me when I had to take a Speech Class for school credit, “Go first and people will forget, go second-middle and something might stick and if you go last, the last concept is remembered the most“,

I’ll take that into consideration for next time because that definitely occurred here. Thanks for watching the videos I posted so far.

More about the major updates…

I am not overwhelmed in terms of updating, is a working progress, has slowed down a little bit, still processing. To elaborate, The videos will take a little longer than I thought.

Say again?…

Yes, thought I’d let you know about that and sorry about the wait. Also, seeing they are in a lot more depth than the past videos posted and will be released about the same time, Basically, they depend on each other in terms of being released around the same time, reason being they are going to take a while.


Don’t worry, good news, there’s not too much to wait for,only few-several more to go!  Meanwhile, clean up crew-me is going around and performing maintenance on site, such as fixing broken links, spacing out/narrowing down pages, tweaking, if you will. Also, I have to find room on my passport, backup device before making too many new visuals. I think I’ve done several in the past day or two already, the one above the previous two paragraphs being one of them.

7:00 pm

Thanks for visiting and I will be looking at comments, for top picks this week. Also, they won’t be post definite Sunday, but more earliest being Sunday-latest being Monday ,I figure what would really help my readers schedule, if that helps accommodate both people who work hard as well as play hard, can’t wait to end of the week being Sunday. Or, even more aspiring of workers,who can’t wait for the start to the week. It’s debatable whether to end or start the week with the comments posted, so I came up with a balance of the two, in b/t that time period, if that helps. Thanks for visiting.

Here are the comments for this week on the comment page.

7/12/15 8:00 pm: Getting closer to finishing one in-depth post. I think I had to split it into three parts. I plan to release it within the end of the week-weekend. Also, a few more will follow. I will keep you posted, let you know when I finish it on the newsletter. Also, the comments of the week, mentioned  above are now available and thanks for visiting. Will be back, later tomorrow and thanks for reading.

7/12/15 11:00 pm:A quick preview of something to look forward to, the post pending release…

Normally, when drawing faces, it helps to remember shape, but shape was derived from literal, drawn, concluded, experiences, memories of. So basically,it all goes back to memory, whether or not a visual aid to be drawn from is present, people refer to the concept of drawing as, “Drawing from Memory, or as best as they can, from memory (perception of, derived from memory). So, it all goes back to memory questioning whether or not such a thing , of visualizing the concept of memory, in terms of drawing, of reinforcement, of perception of, visual of, refered back to in terms of longer expansion, retention of time of another kind of concept of more in-depth memory, yet to be more developed that has been argued in the past of existing or not existing, use as just a phrase of remembering things referred back to from memory, over a period of time, in more depth, to the originals referred to as…

Photographic Memory -Does it or does it not exist?…


So, yes or no?… 

I will discuss the matter of Photographic Memory even further in the near future.  For now, enjoy this recent visual which I will further discuss. It took me about two hours to draw. You can still see the physical drawing notes, labels left behind. But, I knew what I was drawing in this case, how to execute the concept, unify the two drawn concepts. Yes, there are two drawn concepts, combined here seeing on intention drawn of two different elements. You might see one before, or instead of the other being the Camera with the lens of eye and/or the eye through the lens itself, basically the eye and the lens altogether, the drawn concept of Photographic Memory. Also, I even drew a certain person’s eye-notice the round-wide, egg shape?

In addition, if you want to figure out whose eye that is check out the egg face shapes gallery in the face shapes gallery and see if you can figure out who’s eye’s drawn this is. Also, I always thought there was something familiar about the person’s eye-it looked round-wide, like a lens and I always thought it had round-wide quality of shape, just like the lens did, reason being why I had to draw the lens, using that person’s eye, contouring the lens. Just a hint, this person was wearing a framed shaped, round-wide unit around the shape of the eye, or lens, glasses, emphasizing the fact, making it even more so, but just looking at the shape of eye alone, looked like a camera lens contouring the eye shape, vice versa, as I drew the eye contouring the frame,  in both circumstances, being round-flat as well, the eye shape and camera lens.Thanks for visiting and enjoy the visual. I had real fun, drawing this one. In my personal opinion, this is my best example of own signature. Anyway, thanks again for visiting and will be back for the start of this week, hopefully done with the post soon.

7/17/15  2:00 pm:

Sorry, to hit you with all at once unexpectedly.

Updates might be released all at once. Getting there…

For one of the videos, might be split into three, still in editing, but close to finished. Also, the featured preview to post above will probably take another good week. I was working on that along with another post (more about that below)…

Just  a quick preview for the new update for the A-Z combination page. That page should be available bottom page menu or, in this, previous newsletters. Here is the quick preview…


Aviator, The Lovechild (Jude Law & Kate Beckinsale)– The two never had a scene together, but both interacted with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Howard Hughes in the Film the Aviator. Jude Law was in the scene with his first love interest, Katherine Hepburn and then the other, being Howard’s other love interest, Ava, in another scene. But, who would their kid look like, even if the same movie, never had filmed a scene together?…

The link, poll previous on the page it is listed on, is now available, while the other more in depth one, previously mentioned above should take a good week.

It would’ve been available but I felt like this, had to ditch doing updates, run in the process to keep from getting stung by the biggest wasp (think it was a wasp), I ever saw, that was flying around in the room I was working in. Left computer on and couldn’t go back until it was gone which was about a whole night-this morning-ugh!

I can’t even think about it.

I apologize, those posts would’ve been done last night, at least one. But, you can’t fight mother nature, and all her living creatures.

So, now that it’s done visiting, I am currently backing up some data, working from another computer on one of these updates and I think it’s safe to go back in now, will be back online, from my computer shortly.

If you were as mad as I was

 because of delay in updates promised. So, sorry about the holdup and at least one mentioned (right above) or both mentioned previewed posts should be done for tonight.  Also, I am considering putting comments of the week on hold for the next week or two and pick about 5-10 after that. I love the feedback, thanks for your kinds words, all of  you but now.

I hope you aren’t too disappointed, but thanks to my surprise visit from an unwanted guest, I am playing catch up on updates on brief, one more in-depth. So, thanks for reading and for visiting and will be back later in the day.

7/19/15: Here was the interesting query I found for today/this week…


The bottom one that says, “Emma Watson and Christina Ricci”… They both showed up at some movie awards event. I am not sure they ever met and there were also no photos of them together. But, someone did not put, and simply, they put Emma Watson, Christina Ricci, as in one for the other…


You can start to see certain similarities. For starters, they both have a long, somewhat round shape. Christina’s is longer, flatter and Emma’s is much more round, almost more egg shaped. Also, they are both somewhat similar to Jennifer Jason Leigh, Reese Witherspoon,  and Mena Suvari, with a much flatter longer shape. Also, I figured out who else Christina resembles just as much, 50/50 in face shape-it might surprise you. More about that here…

So, that one was very interesting. Thanks for typing the query, whoever did. Helped out a bunch. I will be back later. Two more posts, more in-depth are pending and are getting closer to release, still have to edit the order of it. I will be back later, would lover further feedback on polls and thanks for visiting.

5:00 pm

Here are some new lookalikes…


Faye Dunaway younger and older


Kate Winslet Unknown 2

and Somewhat-alikes…


Michael Aranagnaro-Drake Bell

Hope you enjoy and will see if I can get one post done soon. Will let you know of brief updates by tonight-Monday night. Thanks for visiting.

10:00 pm

Getting closer to finishing this post below:

Photographic Memory -Does it or does it not exist?… 


Just need to do some quick editing and linking. Can you believe the drawing only took me about 2 hours while the writing of the post has taken me over a week?! The outcome….

LOL! Some concepts just come to you, and some leave and come back after a while, take longer to come together and finish. So, when released I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting and will be back the beginning of this week.

7/22/15  4:00 am: Here is one new brief update. The two main, longer posts are still being edited, pending…

But, here is a quick preview for the newest, more brief one done below. I will provide the link by this week. Also, this i for the portion of the combinations a-z page. The link can be found above in more than one place.

Anyone remember the best of the DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies), being Cadet Kelly? Personally, one of my favorite DCOMs, like a PG Private Benjamin, meets Lizzie McGuire.

There were three stars being Hilary Duff, Christy Romano and Shawn Ashmore. The two’s characters didn’t get along and seeing there was only one guy castmate being a guy, they both had a crush on, on-screen might be one good reason they didn’t get along too well, their characters’ didn’t get along too well. Anyway, what if one of them had a lovechild? Who would he or she look like? More about that below…


Cadet Kelly Lovechild: (Christy Romano & Shawn Ashmore)

Who would he or she look like? I will provide the answer, the post, yet to be released. The link will be loaded soon asap. For now, enjoy the visuals I haven’t checked to see, but I think this HQ promo image of the film is rare, I will keep you posted and thank for visiting!


4:00 am: I also made a brief update for the Michelle Pfeiffer-Amanda Seyfried post, which the same new visual below on it will be featured on a new post, yet to be released. More about that here…


4:00 pm: Slept in and trying to finish post above. I just added to new other briefer ones on the Drawn In Detail page of


Joanna Garcia

and of


Kate Beckinsale…

More about the two if clicked on. I haven’t drawn in a while and just drew, scanned them for the gallery. I will be back later, hopefully done with one of 2 of more of the in-depth posts. I would looove feedback on the polls, especially for the a-z combinations page. Some are yet to be taken, I would love others’ perspective of resemblance. Thanks for the comments, once I finish one of two posts, I will post a few for the week on the Comments Page. I will be back tonight and thanks for visiting.

7/23/15 12:30 am: Working on one post, the other is finished. The one that is finished is the one mentioned above the newsletter about Photographic memory…


Does it or does it not exist, in relation to the concept of faces more about that here. I will space it out, create more links but, it is finally done!One and done, I will be back later. Thanks for visiting. One more post to go, and I will pick comments for the week, probably for the following week seeing the other post, unpublished is taking longer to edit. Thanks for visiting, for commenting. Love the support!

3:00 pm Here is a brief new update…

Someone somewhat similar to…


Jim Carrey/Riddler-Aaron Eckart/Harvey-Two Face

I will be back later in the day. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

7/25/15 6:00 pm: 

I have one draft pending and several new somewhat alikes and combination/lovechild posts, inspired from the somewhat-alikes post. Apparently, now I have been spotting 50/50 resemblances in someone similar to one other at first, then I look into that later. Basically, I have been picking up observing on two different kinds of observations of similarity at the same time one 2 different being somewhat similar to each other, the 2nd being 50/50 resemblance-phew, get ready for more posts, more observations-more inspiration=more posts.

First, I have some somewhat similar drafts pending, but here is a quick preview of each…


Bonnie Wright-Laura Linney (Coming Soon)


Hilary-Haylie Duff (Coming Soon)


Kathy Bates Gillian Anderson (Coming Soon)


Sandra Oh-Brenda Song (Coming Soon)


Tom Cruise Matthew Lawrence (Coming Soon)

and one Animated Lookalike…


Elizabeth Michell from Santa Clause 2’s carcicature/Jodi Lynn O Keefe (Coming Soon)

For the second part, there were two posts created, which inspired me to write two new posts showing the other resemblance just as much, 50/50, a lovechild, and also, the other person they resemble just as much, the person has worked with in that very film…

Here are the two that sparked the inspiration…


Elizabeth Michell from Santa Clause 2’s carcicature/Jodi Lynn O Keefe- You can see a little bit of Elizabeth Michell, in Jodi Lynn O Keefe-but who could pass for the father just as much 50/50?… (Post Coming Soon).


Kathy Bates Gillian Anderson (Post coming soon)- You can see they could pass for older-younger versions, mother, daughter versions of each other-but at the same time, who could be the father? There is a possibility you could have seen him in the film and never even realized it at first-like I did!-LOL!

But, basically, I found the other 1/2 of these two examples being Jodi and Gillian, their resemblances, who has also worked with that person in the very same film.


First, for Elizabeth’s possible lovechild, Jodi Lynn O Keefe, in Santa Clause 2.


Second, for Kathy’s possible lovechild Gillian Anderson in Fried Green Tomatoes.

Normally, I’d reveal who the lovechild would look like later in the post, but this time in reverse, I will reveal who could be the possible father in the post since it has most frequently occurred in that time frame of sequence, of noticing combined similarities, in that way.

I will be back later, taking a break from updating and I admit, my favorite part is reading feedback-love the input! Would love further, feedback on polls. I have made even more new ones of combinations, involving myself, will look them over, submit them.

But, until I do would love feedback on the lovechildren/a-z combination posts, before I release more new ones. I will release these two above, the newer, personal ones are pending until I at least finish a few more posts yet to be finished. So, a few posts are yet to be finished being one main one, the several pending you see above with visuals, no link, being  a little preview and the ones I am finalizing involving myself, also going to be posted on the combinations page, yet to be released.

Basically, I have several-a little over ten new, for the most part brief posts and one more in-depth. I will be back later and thanks for visiting. Thanks again and can I just say-



comments have been pouring in and I will pick favorites as soon as some updates are done. Enjoy the previews!

7/26/15 3:00 pm

Here are a few new combination pages available while I am working on the other links previewed here.

It’s A Boy Girl Thing Lovechild (Samarie Armstrong & Kevin Zegers)


Winona Ryder & Christian Slater’ Lovechild (Newer one)


Some older posts, day older and the links are available now…


So who could be the father of this could-be mother daughter pair from Fried Green Tomatoes?… For more click here


and who could be the mother and father of Jodi Lynn O Keefe?… For more click here

I will be busy trying to finish more, newer posts yet to be relased being about several more like these including myself and the finished links for the lookalikes listed above.  I will be back later and thanks for reading!

7/27/15: 9:15 pm

Here are some new brief updates, The links for the new posts and the more in-depth one

is still in progress, not getting that far yet.

I will be back later this week and thanks for visiting.


Bonnie Wright-Laura Linney


Elizabeth Mitchell’s caricature Jodi Lynn O’ Keefe


Sandra Oh-Brenda Song


Tom Cruise Matthew Lawrence

7/29/15 2:00 am: Here is a new release, featuring me of a new addition to the combination a-z pages. Here is the official link below. After clicking back, there is a poll available. Please let me know your perspective, who you think this person resembles more. Who is it by curiosity? For more, if interested click the full article…


Me & Josh Hutcherson=?

3:30 pm: Working on the rest of the ones, like the one you see above featuring me. In addition, have found some new ones and am making those posts as well.  Also, the most-in-depth, last post to update is taking a while and will release it when it is ready, still pending. Some more new brief updates: here are quick previews of new lookalikes discovered just from yesterday, the newest posts…

Two of them are animated:

One from the timeless classic, the original, Disney’s Peter Pan from 1953…


and the other being Elsa from a more recent film, frozen.


The posted links will be available shortly…

4:00 pm:

The link is now available for the Elsa lookalike.

Also, for the Peter Pan lookalike

and another somewhat-alike, of Amy Adams-Zooey DesChanel

7/30/15 1:00 am

Here is a new addition to the combinations page. A little more about it:

What if Chase Meridian from the earlier Batman franchise


and the Joker from the later Batman franchise,  had a love child?…

Heath Leger

If interested, click on the top link for more.

I have more like this, but including me along the way along with a few more lookalikes and still pending that one, big, more in-depth draft. I will be back tomorrow and thanks for visiting.

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