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Queen in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)



I saw at first, this unknown lookalike…


on the bottom left, and noticed she looked just like Malificent, wicked but nonetheless still beautiful. Before, that I always thought besides the same wicked character, the queen from Snow White and Malificent were both somewhat similar, not in just character, but of shape of face. They both have an almost longer, somewhat round face, dark eyes and mysterious, wickedness as well. But, notice they are more distant, somewhat similar, then vastly alike. These two characters drawn, formation of drawn face shape is portrayed much differently. First, Malificent, and her lookalike I made on the bottom, right both have a long, somewhat round shape, much flatter. While, the unknown Snow White lookalike above, has the inversed, equal opposite quality of formation of shape of face being round, somewhat long (almost longer), more oval appearing, almost more heart shaped.

What lead to this discovery? Not only my own, but the one below, next to Malificent, was also entered in and the match that came up was this unknown face, who I noticed looked exactly like the queen. Even though these two villains are noticably different, they are somewhat alike in long-round face shape,  the Snow White Queen’s  and her real-life lookalike’s being much rounder and Malifcent’s face shape being much longer.



Phew! That was a mouthful. I hope that wasn’t too much to take in being a comparison of a comparison, going more in depth how. So, I will elaborate if necessary, thanks for visting, enjoy the visual and let me know what you think…



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