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Nicole Kidman-Michelle Pfeiffer


I always thought, especially when Nicole Kidman had blonde, shorter hair in Golden Compass, that she looked somewhat like Michelle Pfeiffer, with a somewhat round face, somewhat flatter. Also, I always thought vice versa, for Michelle, when she had shorter, blonde hair, Velma in Hairspray, her character, shape of face reminded me of Mrs. Coulter in the Golden Compass, played by Nicole Kidman. Also, another character likeness, they both have a very distinct shape, somewhat round appearing more quadrilateral being rectangular-square like these two animated characters off the same show the Hercules series…


Here is the character goddess Aphrodite, with a similar round heart shape, much more wider appearing, more like Michelle..


and her they both have a face shape somewhat like the cartoon goddess, more mysterious in demeanor and closer in facial shape. Nicole’s face shape in this case is much longer, almost more rectangular. Maybe the original artist for the show used them both for inspiration, of the Greek’s methods/style used to model Greek Goddesses, by using approximate, close facial symmetry and also making the shape more long, more rectangular like Nicole’s or more wide like Michelle’s.Food for thought?  Either way, more about the two below…


The two are obviously, noticeably different in face shape. Nicole’s shape is much longer, almost more quadrilateral and Michelle’s is much wider, almost more square. So, they both have a somewhat round shape whether longer, wider, appearing almost more quadrilateral whether appearing more rectangular like Nicole’s or more square, like Michelle’s. In addition, emphasizing the likeness of shape, the skin tone, eye color, hair color gradually start to change, as well as face shape.

In addition, Nicole has a long heart shape, is not completely flat and Michelle’s shape is wide, but is actually much rounder, almost completely round…

nkMichelle Pfeiffer round heart

Notice how they vary, in length and width of shape?… Nicole is left and Michelle is right.

Also, the two have a somewhat long-wide, round face shape are both somewhat similar to Christina Ricci, Sarah Michelle Gellar, but with a shape much flatter or wider appearing as shown above…

SMG (5)Christina Ricci

Also, Nicole’s face shape is much longer, flatter like Christina Ricci’s and Michelle’s face shape is slightly rounder, wider, somewhat closer than Nicole to Sarah Michelle Gellar, more like Calista Flockhart, (below and in the next diagram below, far right)

smg ricci lookalike


who also has the same round-wide, round heart shaped face.

So, I will elaborate if necessary. For now, enjoy the visuals, let me know what you think and thanks for visiting.



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