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WIll Ferell & Tina Fey=Sam Huntington

Remember that wild kid of Tim Allen’s in the Disney movie Jungle2Jungle? Funny he played him because he looks like the character Mowgli to begin with, in similar face shape, not just the way he acted and dressed. Here is the link to the lookalike if more interested…

But, I noticed he looks more like 3 other different comedians, all who have been on SNL. First, Martin Short who actually was in Jungle2Jungle and played friend/co-worker of Tim Allen’s and Will Ferrell. Also, he starts to look like Tina Fey as well. He looks like all of the following three having a wide-round, heart shaped face. But, in more specifics relating to Will, Tina, he looks like the both of them. In fact, if Will and Tina did another movie together besides the Megamind movie, he could be their son. First, he looks like Will Ferell with a similar length of noticeably long shape. But also at the same time, with a similar width of her practically oval shape, more like Tina.

In fact, Every time I start to see So who do you think resembles who more? There is a poll if interested and you can take it by clicking back. I really value my reader’s input in form of comments, especially look forward to feedback in form of polls, would love to see your personal perspective and discuss it further on the newsletter. So, let me know what you think, enjoy the visual. I will elaborate if necessary and thanks for reading.



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