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June Newsletter-2015

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6/1/15 2:11 pm: Back from my first visit to a chiropractor. So, can only sit for limited time. But still updating as much as I can.

I also found an interesting typed query today…

more about that here in my newest post…

Here are some new posts pending. I will be done with the posts by the time I provide links for the previews and replace them with the links for the new posts. So, to save time, the links below will be provided by later-tonight.  Here are the new future links listed below…

Also, the polls each are now available, after clicking back, after clicking on each one of these links. Thanks for visiting.


Bad Teacher Lovechild


Changling Lovechild (John Malcovich & Angelina Jolie)


Frankie & Johnny/Scarface Lovechild (Michelle Pfeiffer & Al Pacino)


Hangover, The Lovechild (Heather Graham & Ed Helms)

Jesse McCartney & Katie Cassidy


Nashville Lovechild (Sam Pallidido & Clare Bowen)

Police Academy Lovechild 2 (Kim Catrell & Steve Guttenburg

Richard Dreyfus & Lacey Chabert 


Smokey & The Bandit Lovechild (Sally Field & Burt Reynolds)


Wolf Lovechild (Michelle Pfeiffer & Jack Nicholson)

6/3/15 12:00 am:I will be making adjustments for this site as much as I can before my next adjustment at the chirapractor-don’t know if I’ll be able to sit for a long time after that, like today. So, I went ahead and found, shed light on the searched queries for today.

Also, an interesting affirmation…


Referring to the top highlighted query, someone actually searched for a certain item on the web for this site. I think it was done here once before this year. But, this was great, because this certain topic had to do for searching people somewhat alike, noticeably different, rather than vastly alike or, “Look-alike(s).” It was searched of Harrison and Jeff. Probably because the movie Morning Glory was on recently featuring them both. Anyway, they are both somewhat similar, yet different and here is the link for more if interested…

So, basically (if clicked on), they are alike and different in those ways, of face shape.

Also, there are a lot of new additions for the combinations page. I have less than 20 total more  (and counting future new ones configured). There are links for four new ones and I have fixed most of the broken links of the a-z page if interested…


Bird On A Wire’s Lovechild (Goldie Hawn & Mel Gibson)


Jerry MacGuire Lovechild (Tom Cruise & Kelly Preston)

Proud Family Lovechild (Trudy & Oscar Proud Animated Characters’ Lovechild)

SNL Lovechild (Will Ferell & Tina Fey)


Wedding Crasher’s Lovechild (Vince Vaughn & Isla Fischer)

1:00 am (6/4/15)


A Few Good Men (Kevin Pollack & Demi Moore’s lovechild)


Bad Teacher Lovechild 2 (Lucy Punch & Justin Timberlake’s lovechild)


Cheers (Kirsty Alley & Woody Harrelson’s lovechild)


Fraiser (Bulldog and Roz’s lovechild)


Ghost Lovechild (Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore’s lovechild)


Hook Lovechild (Robin Williams & Caroline Goodall’s Lovechild)


Message In A Bottle (Kevin Costner & Robin Wright’s Lovechild)

6:00 pm


Confessions of a Shopaholic Lovechild (Isla Fischer & Hugh Dancy)

Helen Mirren & Stanley Tucci’s Lovechild


Legally Blonde Lovechild (Reese Witherspoon & Luke Wilson)


Made of Honor Lovechild (Patrick Dempsey & Michelle Monhagon)


Miss Potter Lovechild (Ewan McGregor & Rene Zelleweger)


The Notebook Lovechild (Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling)


Now You See Me 1 & 2 Lovechild (Isla Fisher & Daniel Radcliffe)


Pacifier, The Lovechild (Vin Diesel & Lauren Graham)

Wedding Crashers Lovechild (Isla Fisher & Bradley Cooper)

A lot of them were pending completion for a long time and I have finally released them and new ones counting. I have just about released all of them, so I am beginning to make adjustments, update other parts of the site.


Also, I noticed people have been taking the face shapes quiz-thank you so much. Would love that participation on the polls, the feedback, love to hear from my readers. Speaking of, half the week is over, I am reading and picking the top favorite comments for this week and am heading over there now to read them. After that, will be turning in. Thanks for visiting and reading!

6/5/15: 12:00 pm


Hope I haven’t left you hanging too long. Back with new updates, and overall brief update of the whole site, of each section below including the combinations/lovechildren page and the lookalikes, face shape galleries.

Here are two new combinations if interested, or “Lovechildren”…


Daniel Radcliffe & Vanessa Hudgens Lovechild…

Ryder and girlfriend’s lovechild on Melissa and Joey…

Also, some new animated, and regular look, somewhat-alikes are in the works. I plan to have them done by this week. I will be browsing the comments area shortly and thanks for visiting.

Animated Lookalikes:


American Dragon Jake Long Unknown

Penny Proud from the Proud Family Kyla Pratt Lookalike

Roger from 101 Dalmations Ryan Gosling

Sykes from Oliver & Company


Ashley Drane Unknown Skater


Charlotte Church Unknown


Freddie Prinze Jr. Ben from Baby Daddy


Shane West’s Girlfriend Miley Cyrus


Amanda Bynes-Charlotte Church 

Charlotte Church-Mila Kunis


Jonathon Jackson-Shane West


Black Swan Lookalike-Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis


Natalie Portman-Diana Agron


Nicole Kidman-Daryl Hannah


Randy Quaid-Chevy Chase


Villain Somewhatalikes

11:00 pm: Wow! I am almost to the end of the road with updating, the combinations part anyway. I might have a few new to add here and there and will make sure everything is in order for that page as well as the many others. Also, I have been lacking doing lookalikes, have been getting the combinations part finished. Also, so far I have found over 90% results have been 50/50 and waiting for more results from the polls taken. The links for them below are available if interested…

Also, I have noticed the most visited ones commented on are

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci and

Clayton Snyder Ashlie Brilault Ralph Machio

Ashlie Brilault & Clayton Snyder=Ralph Macchio.

Thanks for visiting those pages. I would greaty appreciate, further interest by taking the polls for each one so I can display the results. Also, I will watch to see which ones change on occasion.


Also, more about the updates of lookalikes… There are many lookalikes to come. Judging by the different kinds, the big amount I find days-weeks at a time, that page I will always be adding to. But, I am organizing those posts as well. Also, when the lookalikes are released in all forms, I release many at once to make room for new ones spotted right after. Sometimes I have ones pending and cannot find the yet visual, so the lookalike is pending. But, I plan to release as many as I can, spotted at a time, as soon as I can. 

Also, there is a new page, the link is available on the previous,  May post if interested, now taking requests if interested in finding your lookalike which ever desired whether animated, real, somewhat-alike etc; (They are listed on the main lookalikes page of what type of lookalikes I have listed). 

rounded off

As for the Face Shape Gallery listing examples the newest ones are being organized and links for them are pending release.I still have to make a main gallery for each that I am in the process of organizing and I am trying to making linking, navigating easier with pending written of disovery, observation of shape for each. The Trilateral one is done with the links and I will be finishing the Elipse/Round, Eliptic, Extended-Foreshortened/Belated, Quadrilateral ones as soon as I can.


Also, I have made brief updates of the Drawn Analyzations, drawn exact of person intended. The Drawing Gallery


and Drawn in Detail pages are now available, pending organization…


As for the Interactive part the quiz and exercises are available.


For videos many have inquired about, they are pending release until further notice.

I have the plans made, the visuals I made put together and even found some songs for them and will plan to release them as soon as I can, working on another computer, having the software. One is now available on the very bottom of the page.Also, thanks for visiting and tune in Sunday on the comment page-your name just might appear there. The link is available at the at the very bottom Menu, where it says, Comments/Sidenotes. Thanks for visiting and will be back later/tomorrow.

6/7/15 12:00 am

I will be checking Polldaddy on another computer. I can’t access most external sites on my browser even though the internet works, for some odd reason. So, if I can I will be checking on another system to see the most recent updates on polls for the combinations page. I believe there is an alternative way to check without leaving the blog. But, I would love to hear your thoughts on the polls for the combinations and am eager to see the percentages of new results, yet to come, for each one.

Also, most recent news of updates of overall site…

I just finished for the most part with the new additions to the face shape galleries. There are about 80 examples total out of less than all 24 different face shapes-a lot of work. But, got it done quicker by multitasking in the process, getting them done quicker, too much to do at once. For the previous day, all other updates are still the same status for all of the combinations, drawing links, face shape galleries, all lookalikes, quizzes/activities, videos.  Thanks for visiting and tune in to see if your comment makes it one the comments/sidenotes page. I will be back tomorrow and will not be on a clock this week-yey! So, no-very little interruptions, leaving room for more updates. I am to excited to sleep, knowing I have my own, long deserved break by myself. Thanks for vising and will be back tomorrow.


Love the input and thanks again for visiting.

6/7/15 12:00 pm: Here is most recent news on updates of polls-results, yey! The results are in for one of the more recent polls. It was the one based on this page: Calista Flockhart & son from Birdcage=Shayna Fox. The results are were 100% both, 50/50. Thank you for your input whoever voted. Love it!


Also, comments will be posted by tonight and I will be organizing and posting about 80 new diagrams for the face shape galleries including…

Very Round appearing: Roundish-Round

Trilateral/Heart Shaped-More Square shaped   This link will be relocated to each, individual gallery

I will be back later and thanks for visiting. Look forward to more feedback, especially on polls. Thanks again!

6/7/15 5:00 pm The comments for this week are now available. I noticed it was getting a little crowded, so I made a separate page for them. I really enjoyed reading them and I love it when my readers leave such a positive, uplifting note. Thanks for visiting and I will be back later this evening/Monday.

Here are a few new additions for the combinations page…


Burlesque Lovechild (2)


Journey 2 Lovechild


Life As We Know It Lovechild


Also, some interesting searches, found here for today…


The third and fourth search was most interesting…

First, James Garner and Jack Nicholson are somewhat similar in face shape…

Michael J Fox James Garner Jack Nicholson

This is an old visual and will be edited, but the other two are closer in shape, more elongated somewhat round of a heart shape. It was interesting someone searched that because they are noticably different and not as close-great eye for detail whoever searched. Normally, vastly alike people are searched and found here according to the most of the queries posted on the newsletter. Great query!

Also, the Phil Collins and Daniel Radcliffe one, was interesting as well. They are alike in face shape and somewhat different and I haven’t checked if there are any new sites showing this, but I myself queried to see if they were alike and there were no visuals available yet. Therre there is one other site having one, after the creation of mine. So, I am glad I inspired other sites to make lookalikes of the two and the person searched this, affirming they really do look alike.

Here is the lookalike below…

They are alike in face shape. If Daniel’s shape were much wider than round, it wood look more like Phil’s, but it is inversed, more round-long. Daniel has an egg shaped face and Phil has a wide heart shape. They both are somewhat similar to Robin Williams, Bill Pullman, with a more rounder shape. Whoever searched this, thanks I am surprised someone didn’t sooner. Again, great query and thanks for visiting.

Also, Here is a video for the Somewhat Similar page. I hope it stays on youtube. I have mentioned that Disney owns the original song and is copyrighted. But, I have made the diagrams using the song on video. It was the perfect song for the concept. The link is located below…

and I hope you enjoy it and will be the first of many videos to come that have been pending for the a while. Thanks or visiting and I will be back later.

7:00 pm

Here is one of the newest combinations I made…


Broken City Lovechild (Catherine Zeta Jones & Russell Crowe)

I will be back later-enjoy! The poll is now available as well…

6/10/15 4:30 am:

Here was the query of the day… “Katie McGrath, Kate Winslet”, 


Here is the pic below and the link here


They are very alike and the person queried definitely noticed that. They both have a very oval formed face shape. But, one is longer than the other, which is explained more in depth in the link above…

Also, thank you very much  to whoever searched this being, the affirmation of individual others’ search. showing that these specific similar people really are similar, in face shape, elaborated more in depth here, rather than a plain, lookalike, not elaborated on, whether or not found on an image query.

The site is not the only thing I have been taking a while to organize better, my room, reason being why I haven’t logged on today. I am enjoying the comments and enormous response since yesterday. I also notice that people are responding and based on comments that there is something for everyone on this site, which is great! I am glad people have been responding on their own personal favorites and with such great feedback! As for most recent news on updates…

I am still awaiting some results for polls on the combinations page, still pending and organizing bit by bit. Also, I plan to make a few more videos before the end of the week and I hope you enjoy the somewhatalikes one (There is a link provided above). Also, thanks for visiting and I have already picked my favorite comments of the week, am considering of adding more, to mark the occasion being more responses than the usual. So, take a look around if interested, hope there is something informative, as well within your interest and I will be back with more updates-thanks for visiting!

6/10/15 8:00 pm

Most recent updates today, I have a new video pending, for the lookalikes page. It only took me an hour to make and I am just waiting on it to save so I can upload it. Also, I found an interesting query for today and will elaborate more on that tomorrow and possibly the one for that day as well. Also, I am in the middle of making new additions for the combinations page and will release them by tomorrow as well. But, the video should be ready by tonight! Thanks for visiting and will be back later with the link to the video, if ready by then. Also, stats are soaring and comments are pouring in. Love the feedback and I will try to answer, approve them as quick as possible. Thanks again for visiting.

Here are two new additions below to the combination page…


Hunger Games Lovechild 2 (Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth)


Younger Lovechild

Also, the video is now available on youtube. It is available below…

Or, if you would like to visit the full lookalikes site, is available here on this link…

I will be back later and thanks for visiting.

6/11/15 6:00 pm

Here is the interesting stat from yesterday…


There were two interesting queries for today…

First, the one that says, “Elizabeth Perkins, Nicole Kidman”, they are somewhat alike with a long face shape. I don’t have the diagram of the two. But, Elizabeth’s is more long angular and Nicole’s is slightly rounder on the bottom, almost more diamond-oval shaped.

Also, Emma Watson and Brittany Raymond are both somewhat similar in shape.More about that here. I will be checking comments and be back as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!

Also, here is a new Kevin Bacon lookalike…

I will be back later and thanks for visiting.

6/13/15 2:30 pm


Found and interesting search being the second one.


They are both very similar in shape. But, Tea’s shape is more flat, elongated and Christina’s shape is more oval. I have also just come up with who else resembles the other half of her at the same time, now available below where it says, “Tower Heist Lovechild”. But, thanks for this search! This is the first time someone googled that. Also, someone actually googled the name of the site because my site name has no spaces when normally someone would google with spaces, “Face shapes 101”.

More about the two below…

These two are both somewhat similar to Sharon Stone, with a longer, rounder shape.

Also, Christina has much lighter eyes and Tea has much darker eyes. Also, Christina is closer to Rachel McAdams, Katie Cassidy, Bridget Wilson, Julie Gonazalo, Vinessa Shaw with a long-round shape. For more click here…


Tower Heist Lovechild

So, thanks to my visitors for making the visible queries more lucid, possible by being searched. Also, I will be checking comments and posting the few of them for Sunday-Monday. Thanks for visiting.

4:00 pm

Here are some more combinations or, “Lovechildren”…


Once Bitten (Lauren Hutton & Jim Carrey)


Margot at the Wedding Lovechild (Jack Black & Jennifer Jason Leigh)


Broken City Lovechild 2 (Mark Walberg & Catherine Zeta-Jones)

6/14/15-Very interesting query, searched affirmed…


James Marsden Warren Beautty

Someone actually googled, “James Marsden looks like Warren Beatty”. This is a new one! They are similar in face shape and more about that here. So, thanks whoever searched that, has provided visual support, of showing evidence of the likeness of the same people can be seen from more than one different pair of eyes, of perspective, not just one, just by means of a search, this one being just one example.

Therefore altogether, has affirmed the apparent seen likeness,Or, as I like to refer to it as, “Affirmation(s)”. The more those affirmations occur, the more transparent the concept can become, not just because someone googles it, but from more than one person’s perspective, showing the same result, the likeness of people very similar can be traced starting from one’s first glance, to more in depth observations, done here.

To elaborate, it can be traced at first at a glance from one person’s eyes, leading to this site, where the concept is more elaborated on, in more depth of observation,by looking even closer at face shape which is what is done here, for the “Affirmations or, Affirmed searches”, done here almost daily on the newsletter. For other examples of addressing these Affirmed searches of, “Affirmations,” there are others done on the newsletter listed below, which you can find above, on this monthly newsletter.

Phil Collins vs. Daniel Radcliffe

(Visual is provided above)

Emma Watson vs. Brittany Raymond 


Christina Moore vs. Tea Leoni

I have gone over more in depth how they are alike, with the searches affirmed shown above or, “Affirmations”, shown above them, with a visual and link provided. Thank you readers for providing this support and thanks for visiting. I will be back later, working on plans for videos and two are now available for the lookalikes and somewhat-alikes. Thanks again for visiting!

5:30 pm

Another update! Just finished a main page, pending a long time being the Face Shapes Gallery Main page: They give a preview, brief description of each face shape, then if the link is clicked on, will lead to the face shapes galleries giving multiple real life examples, diagrammed for that specific shape whethere more Geometric or Semi-Geomtetric. Here is the link. The links on it should be working and I should be done building that page by tonight.

Still have a few videos along the way, just need to make the videos. The plans are made, now the execution of-pending…

Almost all of the updates are finished. Just need to organize basically which is why I give a future apology due to relocating if any links do not work properly. Enjoy! Will be back later and your comment will be posted asap. Thanks for visiting!

6/14/15:  OMG! What is really spooky about the two below is that both of these results, I saw in Dan first, in both of them. Then much later when he worked in scenes with both of these actresses, I saw them being the other half. It seems like almost every person, from this page, next to him someone else who he has worked with in the past, present-even future, before even seeing them, these people so far have 50/50 resemblance of both examples below…


Almost like he took the time-turner from Hermionie and had a lovechild with every person he worked with except for Emma Watson-it’s like it was almost like, fate-almost meant to be so! Maybe I ought to go back on that very page here and see who else, the other half, resembles that person besides Dan on the linked page above-if that is true, chances are people he has, or will work, or someone very familiar, looks like the other half of the person, next to him on that very page. Still, very spooky! You’ll see what I mean if clicking on the linked pages highlighted this/here, above and after, clicking on the two examples below

Basically, I figured out who else the result of these two, this person looked like 50/50 at the same time, in more depth. Also, these two have worked on film together. For about that below, click on the newest one with the poll available if interested…


Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood’s Lovechild (Daniel Radcliffe & Evanna Lynch)

another one…


What If’s Lovechild (Daniel Radcliffe & Zoe Kazan)

snipp (2)

6/15/15 4:00 pm The second one was a very interesting search. They both are somewhat similar in shape and have worked with Chevy Chase more than once from the 80’s-90’s.

Also, they both have a somewhat long shape. But, Goldie’s is more long angular and Beverly’s shape is slightly rounder and wider, Semi-Long Heart shape. I don’t have a diagram of both, but here is a picture of each of them….

Goldie Hawn long angular Beverly D Angelo

Also, looking at Beverly you can see a little Goldie and Chevy-more about that here…

They are alike, yet somewhat different with similar shape, blonde hair, blue eyes and have worked with Chevy Chase-just a few reasons why someone might query that. They are somewhat similar to each other in shape. So, thanks for that query and I will be back later.

11:00 pm I have the plans for the videos, just have to finish making them and upload them here. Also, Ihave displayed comments for the week here.I will see you this coming morning-night. Thanks for visiting!

6/16 2:00 am

OMG! I apologize for skipping one update in particular. My expression right now matches the people in this picture below-LOL! I can’t believed I missed this one. It is now available and more about it below…


Mark Ballas Lookalikes

I am working on pending drafts and found this one under Animated Lookalikes, which I forgot to publish. So now this one, and the other under the same page being Animated Lookalikes…


Jason Bateman one of the Three Caballeros-Notice the similar shape of face? Also, another character from the same movie, looks like one of Jason’s castmates from Horrible Bosses, also available under Animated Lookalikes as well. For more click on the link.

I am also closer to releasing a new exercise for lookalikes and I will be back later today. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

6/16 3:00 pm Most recent of updates…

One video is almost done and working on others. It is now available below…

also another video is now available below…

6/17/15 12:20 am I made a new post for the activities section today. It is like a Look and Find Puzzle, comparing similarities. More about that here…

Also, here is the main page for cognitive exercises and I will possibly add more in the future to the page. For more click here.

and a new post here…

I will be back tomorrow and I am off to check comments-love the input and thanks for visiting!

6/17/15 2:00 pm

Here is a link below, a list of all, “Affirmations”, from every newsletter. Just to make it a little easier if wanting to read just about that on the newsletter. I may relocate the discussion of just that topic to that post and I am also working on a video as we speak. It is shortest of all I believe and will be up sooner than the others. I should have three up today while I have access to the movie making software. Also, there is a new post available above. A lot of comments-wow! Love the input! I will be back later to check and pick favorites for the week. and will be back later with the links to the new videos below. I plan to have at least one, for each link on the bottom menu. Thanks for visiting!

5:30 pm

6:00 pm Two videos are being processed…

One is ready for upload and the other is being finalized. Here is the link for the one available below while the other is finishing up…

the other one is now available…

6/18/15 2:00 pm One video, in the making. I plan to have two other ones after that up. Good news is the more I do, the faster, more progressive it gets done being made. So, the videos are coming quicker and quicker, asap.

I am also working on a few pending drafts and viewing comments. I will be back later and thanks for visiting!…

4:30 pm

6:30 pm

Here is are two more videos available for today…

6/19/15 1:30 am

Wow! I didn’t get a chance to check the activity of the site today with the busy uploads, but this is a new record…


All thanks to my readers for making this happen, therefore possible. This is one of the highest stats I have had in a while being 243. A little more effort is all the more worth it. I figured out why the stats were so high. Today, I published 3 videos and this week, about 10- I don’t think it’s coincidence, because the highest viewed pages, were links or visuals, featured on one or more of the videos I put up.

So, thank you readers for making this all possible. I am definitely looking forward to putting up more videos, to know that it is very beneficial for the site, as well as my readers and it is such an uplifting feeling, to know I am helping, beneifting my readers. I am glad my readers like the videos and also it can sometimes be a good alternative to black and white text. I will see if I can squeeze in three videos later. After that, I have a few more. Also, about 2 or 3 drafts are pending and one is almost ready for release. So, thanks for visiting.

6/19/15 3:30 pm


Someone actually queried Bulldog’s character for Ed Harris. Not only do they have lack of hair, but they both have a very similar wide shape. Here is the visual…


These three all have a very wide shape. Ed Harris is far right, Matt Reidy from the Judge is in the middle and Bulldog from Fraiser is far right. Notice how the shape is most square on the left, then it starts to get slightly rounder more heart shaped? These two are very similar in shape, to the one in the middle, specifically all three. Personally, I almost mistook Ed for Bulldog myself and then I noticed Bulldog might look like a younger version of him, but he looks a little more like Susan Sarandon at the same time and could pass for a much older version of Ed Harris and Susan Sarandon’s son in Stepmom. So, whoever searched this-thanks. I have been waiting for this one a long time. In addition, notice also how even the eye color gets darker and darker?

Here is the newest video now available…

I will be picking personal favorite comments of the week and will be back later. Thanks for visiting!

10:00 pm: The comments for the week are available on the page. It is featured, linked on the menu. Also, there are some new combinations, or lovechildren for the combinations a-z page. Also, featured, linked on newsletter, bottom menu of page. I came up with three new ones. FIrst…

Lazarus Project Lovechild (Paul Walker & Piper Perabo)


She’s All That Lovechild (Freddie Prinze Jr. & Rachel Leigh Cook)


What’s Your Number Lovechild (Anna Faris & Chris Evans)

I hope you enjoy these and I will be back later tomarrow. Thanks for visiting.

Here are two new additions for the lookalikes page…

One for the Lookalikes page. For more click here…


and one in more depth, for the Somewhat similar page, For more click here


Thanks for visiting and I will be back later.

6/24/15 I have 1:30 pm Sorry about the wait, I have been editing 5 posts and 2 are close to ready-they are much more in depth. Also, comments have been pouring in, thanks to my readers. I will also be posting honorable mentions at the end of the week-Monday next week. I will be back later and thanks for visiting.

10:30 pm: I will be releasing posts the same time as the videos, seeing they relate, go hand-in-hand together. I have about 3-5 of them coming and will release them all at once asap. I have found new lookalikes and have not made them yet, but have the original visuals of the people. The new posts are really in depth so, it will take me a good week-two weeks until they are released. Also, thanks for the comments and I am heading over there now. Then, I will be signing off tonight. Thanks for visiting and see you in about 8-10 hours…

5:00 pm Sorry about the wait, been catching on Spring or should I say-Summer Cleaning? Anyway, thank you so much for taking some of the new polls. I think the newest ones are  about 2 weeks old. Most of them are 50/50. This one, most recently taken, of results was most interesting…


This one actually was 3 different results equally, 1/3, instead of 1/2. First, it was 50/50 both resemblance. Then, it recently changed to 33.33 % for Brie, Dave and both. I guess people see slight more of one that the other being Brie or Dave-very strange. I’m thinking this one was so close, people noticed the slightest difference, based on being similar to one gender or the other being more male, female. This one was the most interesting one since the Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, Maggie Smith & Alan Rickman ones, also close to, but not 50/50.

Whether or not, in terms of seeing one slightly more than the other, this was very interesting. Also, I posted a video on that page, as well as several others and would love to know if it help. I have been receiving requests of videos, which were already in the making, yet to be released, now, finally released-yey! I hope you enjoyed them and let me know what you think. I am working on a few new lookalikes for the lookalikes page and am in the process of seeing if I need to add some new additions for the combinations page or not- I always seem to be adding new ones there, as well as the lookalikes page.

Also, I noticed the most active pages are the interactive ones-thanks for getting involved. I love the input! I plan to make more activities-as soon as I came come up with some more. For the most part, am done with updates for the entire blog and am editing, elaborating posts and organizing the pages, navigation of, while taking breaks reading your great feedback. I need to finish cleaning and will be back later. Thanks for visiting.

6/27/15 I have a few new drafts pending (quick ones) and I am also reading comments, and enjoying them. Also, heading over to the polls. Thanks everyone, for the input and for visiting. Will be back later in the day and tune in Sunday-Monday to see if your comment is under the honorable mentions known as the Comments/Sidenotes page. Thanks for visiting!

2:00 pm Some new posts…


Bradley Cooper Unknown


Maleficent in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty


T.J. from Recess Michael J. Fox

6/29/15 1:30 pm

More updates for the combinations and lookalikes page (including:Animated, Vast, Somewhat. Also, in the process of finishing 2 videos. Only time for one being ready possibly by the end of the week, if lucky two. But, there are only a few more that will be posted. So, almost all of the videos are done. Also, I am posting comments of the week today. I enjoyed reading them, as well as the results on the combinations page-keep em’ coming, would love to see your perspective, especially on the newest polls. If enough, I will display the results. There will also be one update for the Drawn Analyzations shortly.

All of the following below are pending, finishing up and being uploaded. They are not available yet and will be available as soon as possible… Thanks for reading, your input and will be back as soon as I can today. Thanks again for visiting.

Here are the new updates for lookalikes…


Jack Frost 


The Wicked Queen from Disney’s Snow White (1937)– This is located on the page, most viewed for today, of animated lookalikes, below near the bottom menu of page, just in case the link doesn’t work, one more to add, for my readers’ top favorites…

Some Look-Alikes (Vastly alike, in this case)…

of Elizabeth Perkins…


and somewhat, in more depth of Elizabeth Perkins-Emma Watson…


and another somewhat-alike of Nicole Kidman-Michelle Pfeiffer


Also here is the link for the new drawing added…

…and the video is almost finished, will be uploaded as soon as I can by the end of the week.

Thanks for visiting!

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I am going to Greenville Tech, majoring in Design, have thought and studied technical, analytical, full-proof methods/techniques for 20 years on the subject and consider every angle before publishing my posts. Then, utilize them in a fun, personal way using engaging activities critical thinking, up close and personal level on the subject-even using my own pictures for a comparison, on the subject of faces. Face it-when it comes to drawing the people, study compare and draw or utilize in a different way. Hey, use it or lose it right? Also, you can contact me via comment or the tumblr page available on the bottom menu. Thanks for visiting.

I will approve or respond to your comment as soon as I can. I appreciate the input. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment and for visiting. Love the input!

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