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Brendan Fraiser & Maria Bello=Josh Hutcherson/Kate Beckinsale

First, when I was watching the Mummy 3, with his new costar replacing Rachel Weisz being Maria Bello, their son in the film looked a lot and sounds like…

Brendan Frasier Josh Harnett

Josh Harnett (right). But, I noticed that the son in the film like Harnett, starts to look more like him than Maria. So, I found a closer match myself.

I took the combined length of Brendan and width of Maria’s shape and got somewhat with a long straight line, but also very wide line, forming a square unit of square-shaped face being…

Josh Hutcherson.

Then I looked back. At first, you can see a little Brendan Fraiser in Josh Hutcherson. They both have a similar length of shape being much flatter-wider than Andrew Lawrence’s shape…

Andrew Lawrence egg

Who doesn’t look like Maria Bello, but more like Heather Locklear at the same time as Brendan.

Brendan Fraiser Maria Bello Josh Hutcherson

So, they both are somewhat similar in shape to begin with. Josh played his nephew in Journey to the Center of the Earth before his big break on Hunger Games. But, I noticed they looked a little more similar, I could actually picture him being his son. But could never picture who would look like his mother until after I saw the Mummy 3.  Altogether, he has a long length, flatness  of heart shape like Brendan’s almost more rectangular. But, much wider like Maria Bellos’. Altogether, long & quadrilateral, flat & wide, almost somewhat rounder, heart shaped on the bottom= his square shape. In addition, his eyes are lighter than Brendan’s, but darker then Maria’s. Also, his skin tone  is much fairer than Brendan’s, but not as fair as Maria’s. Just when I start to see one I see the other. Also, you might notice Kate Beckinsale resembles the two at the same time, giving the implication they could be correlated. They are both somewhat similar in shape to Asa Butterfield…


I did a poll asking who do you think Asa resembles more being Mark Walberg or Kate Beckinsale. Saying, that he could be their son in Contraband and got 50/50 results. So in Asa you can see a little Mark Walberg and Kate Beckinsale-just like Josh…

Josh Hutcherson square

The difference is his shape is much wider, almost more heart shaped like Mark Walberg’s than Kate’s…



while Asa looks like Mark, but a little more like Kate and not as vast, with a slightly longer, rounder shape…


Besides the fact seeing Josh and Kate are similar to two different people at the same time, the reason why they might be similar in shape, to one same person, correlating them would be Asa Butterfield. You might juse see him a little bit in both Kate and Josh, but not 50/50. So, Asa is somewhat similar to both in shape being Josh with a wide square-almost heart shape, somewhat to Mark and slightly longer, more rounder to Kate Beckinsale. So basically, Josh and Kate could be correlated in shape to the same to people, because they correlate somewhat in shape, to one same other being Asa. They could both be son and daughter of the both below from Mummy 3.

Here’s more about the second half, more about Kate below…

Brendan Fraiser Maria Bello Kate Beckinslae

I always saw a little Sharon Stone and Marisa Tomei in the both of them being Maria Bello and Kate Beckinsale, who have starred in Adam Sandler movies in the past. So, I looked at the two of them together and it wasn’t just both playing a similar character being the love interest of Adam Sandler and his friends from SNL. So, I looked at the two up close and noticed they both have a similar shape somewhat round appearing like Maria Tomei’s, but more heart shaped and flatter like Sharon Stone. However, one is closer to Marisa in shape and the other is closer to Sharon in shape.

First, Maria Bello is closer to Sharon Stone with a much wider, heart shape…

and Kate is much closer to Marisa’ shape slightly round but more elongated.

So, they are alike yet somewhat different. Also, after seeing the Mummy 3 with the son, I wondered what their daughter would look like if they had a daughter in the third movie instead of just continuing the legacy with a son followed from the second one. Then I noticed, not only did Kate look somewhat like Maria but more like Brendan at the same time too with a slightly longer, narrower shape. Looking back at Kate, I see Brendan’s long length of shape, then somewhat wider and rounder like Maria’s shape. Also, the eye color is even between the both lighter like Maria’s, but also like Brendan’s. Even her demeanor in addition is like both having a funny bone like Brendan Frasier, but serious like Maria Bello.

Also, thinking back to the Mummy 3, maybe Kate would’ve been a good alternate. Like Maria, I see a little Rachel Weisz in her, also British and brunette, but like Maria, much different in shape. Then again, you do see Brendan in her so it could be kind of creepy and I think she was doing Van Helsing, Underworld about the time The Mummy 3 , Click came out, being more successful So, you could say things worked out for the best. Also, she is a little old to play their daughter. However, everytime I look at her and start to see one, I start to see the other.


In addition, more about the resemblance of Asa Butterfield. I mentioned previously he doesn’t have a 50/50 resemblance to Kate Beckinsale, & Josh Hutcherson, but of Kate Beckinsale & Mark Walberg, somewhat Josh somewhat having a heart-wider face shape. However, I did figure out the 50/50 resemblance, who else he resembles just as much as Josh.

For more, if interested click here…

So, thanks for reading and I will elaborate if necessary. Also, if interested, there is a poll previous this page and I would love to know who you think resembles who more. Enjoy the visual.



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