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Brandon Baker & Kirsten Storms=Ralph Macchio


Brandon Baker Kirsten Storms Ralph DiMachio

If anyone remembers the old Disney Channel movies, when were written well and starred either people who were really good in them and disappeared over the years or led them to a more successful career in Hollywood on the A-B list, Johnny Tsunami was one of them. It starred Brandon Baker who starred in a few other Disney movies and Kirsten Storms who went on to be a soap opera star, guest starring on other shows as well, Kirsten Storms. She was the girl he had a crush on and he was new in town, in school and it was pretty good from there, don’t want to spoil it. Anyway, I always saw a little Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid in Brandon. But, not too long after I noticed he starts to look like Kirsten Storms.

First, Ralph has Brandon’s length of somewhat rounder, longer appearing shaped face. Then, he has the width, slightly wider than Brandon’s of Kirsten’s hard shaped face. Altogether, with the length of Brandon’s almost egg shaped face, and with the width of a much wider heart-square shaped face, his face shape is semi-long: Somewhat round and long like Brandon’s but also heart shaped and slightly more heart-square, flatter & narrower or Round & somewhat long (App. Egg  Heart shape & heart shape=Semi-Long heart shape). He also has a medium skin tone in between the two, lighter than Brandon’s and darker than Kirsten’s. Also, it might be cut and his picture is flipped in perspective, but the hairline is shown near the far left like Kirsten’s, but almost closer to the middle like Brandon’s. The eyes are also squinted, being black out, not being able to tell. But, in My Cousin Vinny they are referred to as, “Hazel brown”, being lighter than Brandon’s darker eyes and slightly darker than Kirsten’s very light, bright blue eyes. Also, goes to show expression can be an additional feature. They all aren’t wearing the same expression, but you can still see a likeness of similarity in Ralph of both Brandon and Kirsten with a similar shape of features as well, being shaped to his face being: eyebrows, eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape (somewhat long, curved and slightly rounder).




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